Vanilla Extract

It’s that time of year when you’re baking A LOT. And MANY recipes call for Vanilla Extract. I’m pretty particular about my Vanilla Extract. I like the Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract (PLEASE PLEASE don’t evah use imitation, it’s so pshew ~ well just please don’t use it) and well it’s not cheap. Depending on where you get it, it can run $10/for a 4 ounce bottles. I know right! So when I found out how EASY it was to make my own, I thought I’d give it a go! 

You’re seriously NOT going to believe how simple it is to make your own Vanilla Extract! Ready? You need whole vanilla beans & Vodka! THAT’S IT! I’m sayin…. Well you’ll also need some jars to put it in, but hey.

Now, since it ONLY has two ingredients you need to buy THE BEST quality you can find. It will make a difference. I ordered my Madagascar Vanilla beans online & was quite pleased with their quality. Nice and plump & supple. You don’t want hard dried up beans people. Secondly the Vodka. Don’t skimp here either. Buy a nice grade extra smooth Vodka, kay? I bought the cute little 4ounce Mason Jars to put them in & I think they’re perfect.

So perfect in fact, that I’m giving these away as Christmas gifts this year! Just adding a cute little ribbo, label and voila! Merry Christmas! Okay, I know, they’re going to have to wait 8 weeks to use them but hey, it’s still a great gift! (maybe next year I’ll start sooner LOL ) Imagine how fabulous they’re going to look 8 weeks from now! Ah, I can just smell oooh I mean see it! Schweet!

Baci e’ Buon Natale!

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Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

What You Will Need:

  • Vanilla Beans – 3 per jar
  • good quality Vodka
  • small jars w/tight fitting lids- I used 4oz Mason Jars

What To Do:

  1. For each 4 ounce jar of vanilla extract you would like to make: slice three vanilla beans down the center careful not to cut through them so that they will release their seeds.
  2. Place all 3 vanilla beans into each jar. Pour vodka over beans until beans are completely covered.
  3. Place lids on tightly. Store jars in a dark, cool place. Give the jars a good shake once a week. Vanilla extract will be ready to use in approximately 8 weeks.


If you want the link for the vanilla beans you can find them here.


  1. 43

    I started making my own vanilla about a year ago. I use brandy instead of vanilla as I like the way the two pair together.

  2. 44
    Beth /

    Even easier, I take a new bottle of vodka, make myself a vodka cooler (well, hey, you can’t waste it!) and put the whole pod in the vodka bottle.
    I leave the beans in the bottle until the vanilla is almost used up, then remove them, allow them to dry and put them in a container of sugar.
    Shake daily and in a couple of weeks, you have vanilla sugar to use in place of regular sugar.

  3. 45
    Connie /

    I use vodka for my vanilla and would recommend using a touch of a good dark rum to add a bit of flavor to the vanilla and it adds to the color too. I have been making vanilla for years too and usually let my bottles sit for about 6 months before using, it has a much stronger flavor this way.

  4. 46
    Rosella /

    I was wondering one of the persons on here listed a burdon that he used. I am not a person who drinks and to not know of vodka, so which brand do you recommend? Or is there one that is better to use over the other. I know you said to use a good quality Vodka, but I don’t know which one that would be. Please help?
    I have ordered my vanilla beans from your site you recommended and can’t wait to try. Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks again

  5. 47
    MommaMary /

    How many times can you reuse the vanilla bean? And you say approximately 8 weeks, how do you tell if it needs to sit longer?

  6. 48
    Nabila /

    any alternative for vodka?

  7. 49

    What a fantastic idea. Love the thought of doing this and putting them into my home-made Christmas gift packs with lots of nice little special home-made jammy things! Thanks for posting.

  8. 50
    Sikanda /

    Gracias por la receta, pero si realmente quieres el mejor extracto, te recomiendo que utilices la mejor vainilla en el mundo, la de Veracruz, México.

    Thanks for the recipe, but if you really want the best extract I recommend you use the best vanilla on the world, the one from Veracruz, Mexico.

  9. 51
    Deanime /

    Love the idea! and when you are done with the extract, dry the vanilla beans really well and add them to sugar to make vanilla sugar or slit open, scrape the seeds and add them to other stuff too (ice cream, creme brulee, etc)… unless they are no longer potent? I will have to try and see ^__^


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