Tuscan Frittata & a GIVEAWAY!


I WISH you could smell these products! I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am about these! Okay I guess I’m going to have to try to contain my giddiness & put some words to screen (tee hee). I recently received some amazing products from The Scrumptious Pantry.

The Scrumptious Pantry is a fantastic company. They only source from small artisan producers, whenever possible right at the source of the primary ingredient – the farmer. The artisans of THE SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY are dedicated to natural food making. They do not believe in artificial flavors, conserving agents or other artificial ingredients interfering with their work. So what you get is real food from real people!

In most cases, the products are organically grown and prepared, because they care for sustainable agriculture and eating. It is essential for the future of farming and the health of both nature and people. Therefore they commit to only bringing those products to the US that are unique and cannot be produced in a similar quality in the US. Pretty nice, eh? These are products that are right up my alley! I really can’t say enough how INCREDIBLE these products smelled, even before opening the jars. They’re lovingly packaged and have fotos of the actual farmers right on the label. How’s that for cozy!

I received FULL size samples of the Roasting and Grilling Salt: (here’s what the label says) “Sunny herbs from Roberta and Giulio’s farm have been blended with fine sea salt for an intensely flavorful spice rub for fish, roasts or other meat dishes.”

I also received a jar of the Sundried Tomato Spread (here’s what the label says) “A classic Italian treat, Roberta and Giulio lay out the freshly picked tomatoes to dry, before they are chopped up and mixed with estate grown chili peppers, oregano and olive oil for this tasty spread.” My mouth is watering this is so GOOD! BUONISSIMO!

I was so excited and knew I wanted to make the Tuscan Frittata recipe on the jar of the Roasting and Grilling Salt right away! I’ll def be making this again & again! It was so easy to throw together and oh yeah, SCRUMPTIOUS! Do you see how scrumptious that looks? Recipe for the Frittata is below…

Adapted from The Scrumptious Pantry Roasting and Grilling Salt Jar
What you’ll need:
1/2 small onion – Chopped
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 large potato – peeled & sliced into thin rounds (I used my mandolin)
4 eggs – beaten
Sprinkling of Roasting and Grilling Salt

What to do:
For a classic Tuscan Frittata fry the chopped onion and sliced potatoes in olive oil over medium heat until potatoes are mostly cooked through. Sprinkle with this roasting and grilling salt and let cool off awhile. In a separate bowl, beat eggs. Spray an ovenproof pan with cooking spray. Let potatoes and onions slide into egg mixture and combine well. Pour mixture in coated frying pan and bake at 350 degrees till done.

Buon Appetito!

I feel like I know Roberta & Giulio at this point. So much so, that I think that I would feel right at home visiting them on their farm and helping them harvest their goods, then sit down and enjoy a meal together along with some amazing wine! So what do you think Roberta and Giulio? How about June? Fammi sapere ; )

Edited to add: Contest has ended. Thank you for your entries. Winners announced HERE

Okay so you saw GIVEAWAY in the title right…well The incredible generous people behind The Scrumptious Pantry want to share with YOU TOO! See how good it is to be my friend LOL… so *drumroll please* we’re GIVING AWAY 5 SETS of the Grilling & Roasting Salt & the Sun Dried Tomato Spread! Yes, you heard right FIVE SETS! That means FIVE LUCKY winners!

untitled1 untitled

You want a set? Of course you do! All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me what you would do with these products (how you’d put them to good use) Contest is limited to US addresses only (so sorry to all my out of the states friends). Contest will end on SAT MAR 6 at 12pm EST. Winners will be drawn by a snappy dappy random number generator.

And if you can’t wait and want some right now (and who could blame ya) you can purchase these yourself here: http://www.piazzaitalianmarket.com/store/

Play nice & good Luck!



  1. 151

    Cool Paula! I know it’s strange, but I like to sprinkle salts (any kind!) on the ops of my Chocolate Chip Cookies before I bake them. It makes them so rich!
    Of course, if the salt is a flavored salt, it’d go well with Jon’s addiction to grilling and the smoker!

  2. 152
    Paula /

    Now I would certainly have to make that frittata! It looks DELICIOUS. My pregnant mouth is watering 🙂

  3. 153

    They would be great for grilling, salads, sweet potato fries…I use this sort of seasoning as salt with a kick!

  4. 154
    JenH /

    Well I’d cook with them silly! 🙂 I’m very known in my family to make what we call “guinea pig” recipes, so I love trying out new stuff.

  5. 155

    I’m thinking some kind of skin-on fish fillet for the grilling salt. The sun-dried tomato spread would be great on some nice crusty bread, or turned into some kind of crostini.

  6. 156
    Michelle S /

    Wow…first off, thanks for the giveaway! I would like to season either fish or steak with the salt & with the tomato spread, I’ll probably spread them onto a freshly-baked herb focaccia…woah, I’m getting hungry! haha 😀

  7. 157

    yay another giveaway (im also giving away some calamansi– a filipino citrus)
    i would love to use the grilling salt as a rub for my roasted chicken and i will use the sun dried tomatoes to top my baked mussels with olive oil and lots of garlic…yum!

  8. 158

    OK 1st it was really great to meet you yesterday and I love you site.
    So what would I do with these amazing looking products? Well I love sundried tomatoes so I’d probably use it in some sort of chicken pasta dish. As for the salt I’d probably make the above recipe!

  9. 159

    I would use them to season some chicken for grilling. I would definately use the sundried tomato one in a pasta dish of some sorts…there are so many possibilities. 🙂

  10. 160

    The salt would be yuummmy on Salmon! and the spread could be used with almost anything! I loove Sundried tomatoes…pitas, paninis, crostini, spread in with pasta, crackers…

  11. 161

    I <3 ITALY

  12. 162
    Veronica Durnell /

    Since my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and we’re both attending nutriton classes and trying to eat more nutritious and healthy foods, these spices would be great for putting on grilled fish and chicken and in the wheat berry salads we’re learning to make. Can’t wait to try the sun dried tomatoes with our low fat egg dishes.

  13. 163

    I <3 Italy!

  14. 164

    Oh my heavens, I’m so excited to have found your blog via foodbuzz! Your recipes are gorgeous… and such a generous giveaway! I would definitely use the salt in some lovely turkey burgers, for starters! The tomato spread would be destined for paninis and a springy pasta salad!:-) I’m happily dreaming of more possibilities already… 🙂

  15. 165
    Kathie Sweeney /

    I would use it for many of the dishes I currently add salt and pepper to.

  16. 166
    Holly /

    The salt blend would be wonderful with any pan seared fish and a brown butter sauce. I’d love to try the sun dried tomato spread on a flatbread pizza with anchovies or goat cheese. So many possibilites!

  17. 167
    cara /

    bread…. fresh bread… both of them could be used on warm fresh bread! And fish! Either one would be wonderful to me!

  18. 168
    Chris /

    I would make a sun-dried tomato roll – like a cinnamon roll, but substitute the sun-dried tomato for cinnamon sugar to make a savory side to a hearty meal. Yum!

  19. 169
    Polly /

    I would probably make the the recipe you have given us and I will experiment with the new ingredients. My kitchen is like a lab at times. You never know what I will come up with next.

  20. 170
    Kelly Ann T. /

    I would use the sun-dried tomatoes in my cybisco pasta dish. I would use the Roasting and Grilling Salt for my ribs.

  21. 171
    Sam /

    The herbed salt I would use simply on some grilled boneless pork chops to accompany the lasagna I would make with the sun dried tomato spread. I would make a tomato – ricotta filling with the spread and a spinach, basil pesto, ricotta filling then an Italian cheese sauce. the layers would be red, white and green – how appropriate!

  22. 172
    sherry thrasher /

    The sundried tomato spread screams bruchetta! The grilling salt would serve as an excellent rub for a spinach stuffed pork loin.

    Now I am seriously hungry! Great website!

  23. 173

    Wow, these items sound amazing. Well I have always been big on seasonings so I would use this in just about anything. Sprinkled on oven baked sweet potatoes, in simple scrambled eggs or on toast rubbed with a little garlic then lightly sprinkled with the seasoning. But of course on some grilled salmon it would be perfect.

    For the spread, A fresh made pizza comes to mind, use it lightly as the sauce then sprinkle the crust with a little cornmeal. Oh so Amazing. As a topping to simple sautee of shrimp over pasta.

    Love your blog. Thanks 🙂

  24. 174
    Tanya Metaksa /

    I would use them to flavor osso bucco; these ingredients sound like they would jazz that inexpensive yet delicious dish.

  25. 175
    Emily /

    I’d add some of the tomato spread to my pasta sauce to give it a boost. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. 176
    Athena /

    The salts would be good on everything. The sun dried tomato spread would be delicious on some focaccia or pizza. YUM!

  27. 177
    Athena /

    As mentioned above, the salt would be great on fish or any meat for that matter. The sun dried tomato spread would be delicious on some bread or as a pizza topping.

  28. 178

    I <3 Italy!!

  29. 179

    I’d probably use the sun dried tomato spread on some flatbreat w/ some veggies and cheese…. not sure about the salt, I guess I’ll have to check it out for some recipe ideas!

  30. 180

    Mmmmm. Sounds great. I think I would rub thick-cut porterhouse steaks with the grilling salt, then cook them over an open flame to create a crust. I would serve it, topped with a generous dollop of butter which had been creamed with the sun dried tomato spread. I can just picture it now, with side of roasted asparagus and a thick, crusty, grilled bread. My mouth is watering! LOL

  31. 181

    My Weber grill and I are also longing for the end of winter! I would rub the grilling salt on a rack of pork back ribs, and then grill them slowly until tender and juicy. I love making pizza on the grill, so I would use the sun dried tomato spread on a pizza with blue cheese and walnuts–yummy! Reading all of these suggestions has made me very hungry….

  32. 182
    Addie /

    mmm, those look fabulous! i think i’d bake up some homemade bread, brush melted butter over the top and sprinkle on some of that salt. then, i’d cut me a slice and SLATHER it with that spread! mmmmmmm

  33. 183
    DebbieKL /

    Yum! I’d love to try the Roasting & Grilling Salt on some grilled fish which I usually put with rice. Grilling season is almost here!

  34. 184

    I would try them on veggies.

  35. 185

    Using the salt on my Flintstone Ribs and the tomatoes on focaccia bread 🙂

  36. 186
    Sherri /

    The grilling salt would be wonderful on roasted veggies tossed with just a little extra virgin olive oil – and the sun dried tomato spread I would mix with some goat cheese and sauteed wild mushrooms with angel hair pasta. I would love to try both of these – please enter me in the giveaway.

  37. 187
    Susan in AZ /

    I’m just learning to cook, so I don’t know exactly what I’d do with these, but I’m reading through everyone else’s suggestions and seeing lots of inspiration!

  38. 188
    Julie Marklein /

    Oh the possiblities! But I would start by using the salt on a big piece of meat. I have a 16 year old football player son that loves his steak!

  39. 189
    Chris M. /

    I think I’d definitely use them on Baked or even Grilled Chicken. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. 190

    Thanks, Paula! :>)

    Roasting & Grilling Salt: I would drizzle a little garlic infused olive oil over cod or salmon filets, sprinkle with the grilling salt and broil.

    Sun-dried Tomato Spread: I would mix a few tablespoons of the spread with 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt for a nice veggie dip or chip dip.

    Omg, now I’m hungry…lol.

  41. 191
    Christy B /

    Oh dear lord those look awesome ~
    I’d steal a whole bunch of ideas here, of course. :o)
    I’m sure the roasting and grilling salt would wind up on all sorts of meats and the Tomato spread would find its way onto crostini. :o)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  42. 192
    Anne G /

    I think these would be perfect for using on chicken or pork.

  43. 193
    susitravl /

    My husband is a crazy good griller and would use the salts on steaks, chops, chicken…..

    And the tomato spread on his fabulous grilled bread. WAY better than toast!

  44. 194
    Wanda /

    Normally I season meats and poultry with salt & pepper before cooking anyway, indoors or out, so the Roasting & Grilling Salt would simply be the Platinum version of my standbys. I’m sure I’d go through it very fast and have to buy more! The Sun-Dried Tomato Spread would go exceptionally well here in So Cal with many of our favorite snacks and appetizers; for instance, I’d make little mini-pizzas by spreading the mix on crackers and adding a little cheese topper, then broiling. I’d also make my own version of focaccia by spreading some on buttered Italian bread, and I can even see myself spreading a little over scrambled eggs or, perhaps, the toast I serve with them. Oh, heavens, the uses are endless! YUM!
    wandapanda at live dot com

  45. 195

    I know it’s somewhat ‘boring’ but I see the salts on perfectly grilled porterhouse steaks then on dauphine potatoes. How great would that be!?

  46. 196
    Michelle AP /

    The spred would be perfect on fresh baked crusty bread and might even try it on a homemade pizza. The spice blend would make my hubby super happy on a nice big steak:)

  47. 197
    Michelle AP /

    “I <3 ITALY"

  48. 198
    Tasha Robertson /

    I would put the salt on my steaks & I think I’d probably just eat the sundried tomato spread out of the jar ; )

  49. 199
    Tasha Robertson /

    “I <3 ITALY”

  50. 200

    OMG – that sundried tomato spread would be amazing on the rosemary ciabatta we bake at work…with some goat cheese and balsamic vinegar?


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