The Nutella Challenge – Nutella Gelato!


I am NUTTY for NUTELLA! Seriously people, Nutella makes me nutty & I’m not ashamed to admit it. LOL!

I have been eating Nutella for over 20 years and never ever get tired of it and don’t imagine I ever will. Last month I posted my Strawberry Nutella Panino and was overwhelmed with the amount of love it received! So many of you commented, emailed & twitted with me about your love for Nutella! Hard to believe a little jar like that could contain such incredible, finger licking goodness (oh yes, you know you dip your finger in the jar too! LOL) isn’t it. All that love got me thinking.

So, I came up with an idea for a monthly Nutella posting to feed my Nutella habit & hopefully yours and The Nutella Challenge was born!


I’m simply thrilled that there are so many Nutella-ites out there that share my love for this chocolaty, hazelnut goodness! So without further adieu I give you (drumroll please…) my NUTELLA GELATO…. I know, I know! This one is going to be hardย for me toย beat but I’m up for the challenge. LOL. After your breathing returns to normal I hope you’ll give this Nutella Gelato a try & let me know what you think. I’m already dreaming about next month’s Nutella posting!

We have so many talented foodies participating in The Nutella Challenge. Be sure to show them some love & check out all of their postings as well! We hope toย overwhelm you (tee hee) with an unlimited amount of Nutella choices! As if it wasn’t enough, don’t forget we’re doing this once a month so you might want to go ahead & stock up on your Nutella! I KNOW you’re going to want to re-create each & every one of these Nutella originals!


What you’ll need:
6 egg yolks
1 capful of pure vanilla extra (yeah, yeah you know by now I like Madagascar Vanilla)
1 cup + 2 tbsps of granulated sugar
3 1/2 cups of whole milk
2 – 0.32 oz (9g) packets of vanilla sugar – I use Dr. Oetker Original Vanilla Sugar
1 13oz jar of NUTELLA!

What to do:
In a large saucepan over low – medium heat, add your milk & vanilla sugar. Stir. Add in your vanilla extract. Continue to stir until milk is warmed completely through. You don’t want to boil the milk mixture. In a mixer, combine the sugar & egg yolks & beat with the paddle attachment until mixture is creamy. Slowly temper the egg mixture with the milk mixture (SLOWLY, you don’t want to end up with scrambled eggs). Once you have combined the mixtures, return combined mixture to sauce pan and continue to stir over low heat until mixture thickens. This could take a few minutes. Slowly add in your Nutella, stirring through completely with each spoonful.

Once the mixture thoroughly coats the back of your wooden spoon, it is ready. Remove from heat and move pan into refrigerator to cool completely. This could take a few hours. Place mixture into your ice cream/gelato maker and follow the instructions per your machine.

Buon Appetito!

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  1. 1

    I am almost ashamed to admit this, but would you believe I have never tasted Nutella? I have no idea why because I have been exposed to it, just never have taken the plunge. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll get as addicted as everyone else is!

    • 1.1

      Oh Kristen! We are staging an intervention! You HAVE to get yourself a jar of Nutella! You simply must ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 2

    Kristen, *gasp* It is simply the most addicting and amazing thing since… Sliced bread. Get a jar and just eat it with a spoon. Super yum!

  3. 3

    As it just to happens that I have a jar of nutella in the cupboard. I had a craving, so full filled that craving. LOL. Nicely done with the gelato. I want some right now!!!

    • 3.1

      Hi Jenn! Thanks so much! I ALWAYS have a jar in my cabinet, some might say I have a Nutella problem LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 4

    Since I bought my baby Cuisinart ice cream maker two months ago, I’ve kept that thing whirring every week. I can’t WAIT to make this!

    • 4.1

      Hi Ellise! I have the same baby Cuisinart! I’ve put it to REALLY good use this summer as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 5

    Yummy, Yummy, Yummy… Nutella Gelato is heaven!

    • 5.1

      Ciao Mathilde! Ah, Nutella in general is heaven but when combined with another of my favorite things GELATO I’m a happy happy girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 6

    Your gelato looks wonderful! I made one nutella recipe over the weekend, but I’m not sure that I’m pleased with it. I will have a post up for the challenge sometime this week, though!

    • 6.1

      Hi Jen! Thanks a bunch. I’m sure it was delicious & I can’t wait to see your post (be sure to stop back by and put your link in the participants section below so we can share it with everyone else too) ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 7

    This looks so good!! I’ll definitely be trying this out.

    • 7.1

      Hi Page! Yay! I’m glad you’re going to give it a whirl! I hope you love it!

  8. 8

    Its ON! I can’t wait to try something hazelnuttty and chocolatey. Thanks for getting this going. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and hazelnut gelato also happens to be my most favorite gelato flavor.

    • 8.1

      Ah thanks Rachel! Nutella and Gelato, it’s a perfect marriage ๐Ÿ™‚ (at least I think so tee hee)

  9. 9

    OH YUM!!!! I loveeee nutella and I love gelato, what a perfect combo!!

  10. 10

    Mmmm, I will definitely be trying your gelato recipe–it looks divine (how could it not, it has Nutella in it)!!! Thank you for coming up with such a fun challenge!

    • 10.1

      Thanks Rachael! I’ll all about some Nutella! Excited to see how many different new ways we come up to enjoy it!

  11. 11

    Nutella is a staple in my house. Nutella Gelato, looks fabulous! Only a true Nutella lover would think of that one!

  12. 12

    Nutella gelato sounds awesome. I’ll be posting my nutella recipe later in the month.

    • 12.1

      Thanks Wendy! Looking forward to seeing your Nutella recipe later in the month!

  13. 13

    Nutella gelato sounds fantastic! A great combination!

  14. 14

    Wow, your gelato looks amazing. I can almost feel the cool! Great idea.

  15. 15

    wow what a great idea looks divine

  16. 16

    Wow, that looks amazing!

  17. 17

    Wow! Nutella Gelato!!!! That sounds wonderful. I love nutella I have to make a recipe for this challenge.

  18. 18

    Well, today I tried making a version of my hazelnut flour cookie but with nutella and making it crispier. Unfortunately, it didn’t work! Back to the drawing board. It’s okay though, nutella is a constant muse:)

  19. 19

    Wait a minute…big smile, I got it to work and it’s delicious! Gluten free hazelnut sandwich cookies with oat flour and hazelnut meal. Yummy!!! I hope I get around to posting it soon:)

  20. 20

    i saw nutella gelato at a restaurant we ate at the other week, this post makes me want to run over there and get me some!

  21. 21

    That sounds fantastic!! Great job!

  22. 22

    Get ready – I am posting my Nutella semifreddo next Wednesday! and Nutella S’mores next Friday! The entries so far look amazing – bravo everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. 23

    This is something I’ll have to try. Thanks for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. 24

    Just love Nutella!! Thanks for sharing:)

  25. 25

    Thank you Paula for sharing Delicious Recipes with our Favorite ingredient -NUTELLA-


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