Wine Rack GIVEAWAY + a book to help you stock it!

Sadly the close to our blogaversary month is coming to and end…*sigh*You knew it would happen. But not before one last GIVEAWAY! Yes, I hope you’ve been enjoying this (because I can’t keep it up forever tee hee) So to end the month on a high note, I thought you might like this…


So what goes perfectly with pasta you ask? VINO! Yes, wine! & that’s what this giveaway is all about.

I received a complimentary copy of the book ”Wine Secrets – Advice from Winemakers, Sommeliers, and Connoisseurs” by Marnie Old recently to review. I was intrigued. I am a wine drinker but I must admit I don’t know much about wines. I do know what I like, preferably white & not too sweet not too dry! I will drink Reds on occasion & preferably in Italy LOL But then again I drink fizzy water there too (something about when in Rome ; ) My favorite wine is a Tocai Friulano by Borgo San Daniele (yes it’s Italian, I know you’re not surprised) or Prosecco (preferably pink) but when it comes to pairings or picking out bottles in a store I am at a loss…

Now I don’t have to be thanks to the help of this book. Marnie calls on forty of the world’s most renowned wine experts to share their inside tips, techniques, and wisdom from their years of experience. The book covers such topics as:

  • White vs. Red: Differences run more than skin deep
  • How to taste wines like a pro
  • How to guesstimate wine style from packaging clues
  • How, when, & why to send back a bottle of wine
  • How to preserve open wine (Yes, you can freeze it) **worth the admission price alone ; ) **
  • How to use leftover wine in the kitchen **my kinda post**
  • and oh so much more…

You know you want a copy of this book & guess what? We’re GIVING ONE copy away! & well because we love you so much, *crowd gasps* we’re ALSO throwing in an oh so snappy Le Rustiq 6 Bottle WINE RACK compliments of the lovely and talented Barbara from Vino Luci! *crowd roars* (note: wine is NOT included ; ) good try though!) so you can use the book to stock your rack *wink wink*


How gaw-geous is that? Come on, it’s pretty fab! In my best announcer voice & hands pointing to item, *ehem* Vintage View has designed this rack while keeping elegant design in mind. This rustic black Vintage View 6 bottle wine rack features scroll work on the top to finish off their most popular size with a touch of grace. This innovative racking system stores bottles with the labels facing out for a dynamic presentation and easy accessibility to the wine you want. Exceptionally flexible, easy to install and surprisingly affordable, stores from as few as 6 bottles to many thousands when used as a system. It also provides the perfect airflow between bottles. Size: 27″H x 8-1/2″W Bottle capacities are maximums when storing standard Bordeaux 750mL bottles. This wine rack is a small unit version of the systems used by Whole Foods for their wine store racking systems. is a fantastic site for all things VINO! They have beautiful wine accessories (I am in LURVE with the knobstoppers, & the Theirs wine bottle opener among MANY other items) & that’s not all folks, they have food and entertaining items as well! Don’t take my word for it, go ahead & click on over ; ) You’ll be happy you did!

Oh yeah, So I bet you want to know how to enter..Just leave a comment as to what your favorite wine is. Only one comment allowed per person (duplicates will be flogged, okay I meant disqualified) & is limited to US ADDRESSES only! Giveaway is open until 12pm MONDAY FEBRUARY 1st! Winner will be drawn by a random number generator!

Good Luck!



  1. 1

    Sounds like a great book! Love the wine rack, too.

  2. 2

    Oh that book. 1) i am a sucker for books. B&N is my kryptonite. and 2) To get some more wine education is always a good thing. But the rack means I have to save my wine and not drink it… sigh…;-)

  3. 3
    Kimberly Hamilton Holt /

    My favorite wine is Cabernet …and Pinot noir, well then there’s merlot, and Syrah, and Champagne and ok, I just love wine. Seriously, my absolute fav is Carmel Road Pinot Noir.

  4. 4
    Anna Eisele Shingleton /

    Cakebread Merlot comes to mind right off hand, but there are so many good wines to choose from, this one is hard, Miss Paula! Of course a bottle of Cristal would look pretty dang snazzy on this precious wine rack, so I just may have to make a trip to Napa Valley and get back to

  5. 5
    Vicki Chester /

    My current favorite is Malbec. A while ago it was Oregon & Washington Pinot Noir. Before that it was Valpolicella. Oh, wait, I had a really good Nebbiolo a couple weeks ago…

  6. 6
    Serene Snow /

    My very fav wine happens to be Merlot, or cab/melot blends. I don’t have a favorite lable to date.

  7. 7
    Amie Trapp Kanengeiser /

    Oh I am a Zinfandel girl through and through- and not the blush! I like the full body, super heady with lots of zip red. The spicier the better! I don’t like my wines to have any sweetness to them, and I am drown to the more full bodied ones. Preferably red.

  8. 8
    Caity Johnson /

    My favorite reds are zins from Sonoma County. If I’m drinking whites I like oakey chardonnays.

  9. 9
    Mylynka Kilgore /

    I am generally a fan of reds, BUT I recently had a sample of this white at Whole Foods and really really REALLY like it! It is the CMS White by Hedges which is a blend of Chardonnay, Marsanne, and Sauvignon Blanc (hence the name). It is a good wine for $10.

  10. 10

    Pick me, pick me, pick me! Pretty please, random # generator, pick me! πŸ˜€

    I’ve been tasting and experimenting with pairings, etc. for about 3 years now on my own. I’ve learned a lot about my own preferences and I’ve started getting a sense of how to describe my taste of the wine. I talk to makers and small store owners, etc just to increase knowledge and understanding. I love the learning and even if I don’t like something, I never feel it was a waste of money (except 1x but I won’t go there) it was another “learning note”. πŸ˜€

    So, what is my favorite? Depends on time of year but overall, I like the Thomas Jefferson Viogner. (VA wine) In winter months, I love the Claret by Coppola.

  11. 11

    Is this where I comment to enter? I like reds (hello! look at my last name!) though I do like whites with cheese. I’m generally a syrah girl.

  12. 12
    Adina Pierce /

    I love Chardonnay (I try a new brand every time, and don’t have a favorite yet), and as far as red wine goes, my new favorite is Malbec.

  13. 13
    Liz Brown /

    Good way to get us to be fans πŸ™‚

    I perfer California Pinot Noirs and Tuscan Rosso di Montepulciano. And as for whites, things I have been liking lately are like Malvasia and Pignoletto.

  14. 14
    Lisa Peters Bailey /

    Choosing a favorite wine is extremely hard for me. I’d have to say Lehman’s Clancy’s is probably my favorite wine that I can afford on a regular basis. It’s a blend that is strong on the Cabernet side. It’s smooth and very full bodied.

  15. 15
    Shawna Mertens /

    My favorite right now is a malbec Merlot combination. Very good balance, and they sell it at Trader Joes so it is pretty inexpensive πŸ™‚

  16. 16
    Elocin Oco /

    I’ve NEVER met a Gerwurztraminer I didn’t like!!! But Hugel Gerwurztraminer is very reliably great.

  17. 17
    Jen Pegher /

    Kim Crawford – Sauvignon Blanc. ANYTHING from New Zealand is fabulous.

  18. 18
    Jackie Muto /

    ZD Chardonnay
    It’s Great! Check it out!

  19. 19
    Heather Rammage Egolf /

    gewurztraminer for sure. but i also do love a good pinot noir

  20. 20
    Alison Parsells /

    I love Vernaccia di San Gimignano. White wine – not too sweet or too try and the town is absolutely stunning (and quaint).

  21. 21

    A nice bottle of Chianti serves me well, thank you! Congrats on the blogaversary, great celebration!

  22. 22

    My favorite are red wines, preferrably Spanish πŸ˜‰ Rioja or Tempranillo, however, Spanish Sherry from Jerez… Perfecto!! Awesome Giveaway Paula!!

  23. 23

    My favorite wine of all time is Menage a Trois’s red table wine blend. Delicious!

  24. 24

    My favorite red is a Tempranillo. My favorite white is Prosecco!! It’s Italian, so do I get bonus points for that? πŸ™‚

  25. 25
    Carmen Lester-Williams /

    Champagne all the way …..x

  26. 26

    It’s so hard to pick just one, but my very favorite would have to be icewine.

  27. 27
    Kimberly Condit /

    I like white zins, but my favorite is Barefoot Moscato!!

  28. 28
    Joseph Hayes /

    I’ve grown surprisingly fond of white bordeaux. Nice, light all-purpose table wine, and you can pick up a Mouton Cadet for about 5 bucks.

  29. 29

    Love pretty much any good wine from all regions of the world!! Very interested in learning more wine “secrets” πŸ™‚

  30. 30

    What a cool looking wine rack…my favorite is 7 deadly zins

  31. 31
    Megan /

    I’m still learning more and more about wine every day, but after visiting Tuscany two years ago, I learned that I adore Sangiovese wine and am continually trying new ones to find new go-to bottles!

    My recent favorite is a Sonoma, CA sangiovese actually – Seghesio Venom. It’s definitely a special occasion wine but sooo delicious!

  32. 32

    Paula, thanks for the message. I always like a nice white Burgundy. That is my favorite!

  33. 33
    Sandra /

    Just starting to learn about and enjoy different wines. Really love white prosecco.

  34. 34
    Wendy Smith /

    Hello fellow wine drinking friend… we shared many a nights drinking bottles of wine, my favorite is defintely Syrah, or Pinot!!

  35. 35

    I love Oregon Pinots and my current favorite is Maysara Delara

  36. 36
    Annabell /

    Well, I live in The Great North West (Oregon) so my favorite wine, naturally, is Pinot Noir! My favorite Pinot is from a winery called Cristom, delicious!

  37. 37
    Rhonda /

    Pinot Grigio is my fave! And Preseco!

  38. 38
    roberta /

    Ciao. If you like strong white wine: Angimbè from Cusumano and La Segreta from Planeta. Both from Sicily.
    From my region (Piedmont) I suggest Coppo Wines: Pomorosso (Barbera) for red and Riserva Coppo (80% Pinot 20% Chardonnay) for white.
    I love wine. This evening I’ll have dinner in a Vineria: taste of food and delicious wine.

  39. 39
    Audra Love Edwards /

    tawse pinot noir

  40. 40
    Tasha /

    Riondo Prosecco!

  41. 41

    While I enjoy a good Chardonnay, I have had some strange (possible) allergic reactions the last couple of times. So, I stick to Reisling, since I know I can drink and drink and drink it without issue. πŸ™‚

  42. 43

    I love Tassel Ridge Cranberry wine! It is so good, especially with dessert. Also Tassel Ridge Iowa Prairie Snow. Believe it or not, Iowa produces some pretty decent wines πŸ™‚

  43. 44
    Gina Florencia /

    Love proseco and White wine (Pinot) Thanks Gina F

  44. 45

    I never have chosen a favorite. I’m always trying something new. And, to be honest, it’s usually in the discount section. (Thank you Trader Joe’s!) I do enjoy bubbles when I get them though.

  45. 46

    I love carmeneres! Perfect flavor for any dish. Delish!

  46. 47

    Sancerre. White or red (yes, red sancerre does exist!). Any time!

  47. 48
    Tara /

    I absolutely LOVE Late Harvest Reisling from Chataeu Chantel here in MI! I am lucky I can find it at my local grocery so I do not have to travel the 3 hours to get more when I run out!

  48. 49

    Oh my. My favorite wine? Hard to choose! Favorite on a budget though – I love Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir. Only $8/bottle and YUMMY!

  49. 50
    Vickie /

    I love a good Prosecco!

  50. 51
    Margie /

    Love that rack, I like Zinfadel.

  51. 52

    Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon is one of my favs. I prefer reds but there are a few whites that I will drink.

  52. 53
    Melissa Staie /

    While I will drink almost ANY wine, I love White Merlot !! Any bottle of wine shared with loved ones and friends is awesome !!

  53. 54
    anastacia leigh /

    Wow this would rock my world to win both these sweet gifts….so a wine a wine I like there are a few that rate highly on my list….Aquila Sean Thackery 2003…local guy from Bolinas,California renaissance wine maker for sure.

  54. 55
    Anthony /

    I love all wine but Ill go with Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah. Almost as good as his $100 Royal City Syrah but for only $15!

  55. 56
    Lisa /

    Navarro Pinor Noir

  56. 57
    Shauna /

    I’m a beginner wine snob… I like sweeter white wines, like Rieslings and Pinot Grigio. The wine rack would look STELLAH in my kitchen so the beautiful wine bottles will be on display, instead of hiding in the dungeon… er, pantry! Please pick me, Paula! πŸ™‚

  57. 58

    A couple of year ago I was trying terrible hard to get into wines. I mean everyone drinks them! Why couldn’t I find one that made go crazy in anticipation? Then a good friend bought me the beginning of my love affair with wine; a bottle of Rancho Sisquoc Riesling. It was sweet but not too sweet that I needed a straw. After that I slowly made my way to the reds and now I love it all. But that first wine, will always hold a special place in my heart.

  58. 59
    Sara /

    Oh so many to choose from. And so many I like. I am generally very happy with a lovely glass of pinot noir. Ahh.

    What a fun giveaway. Thanks!

  59. 60
    ann /

    really enjoy whites, however LayerCake Primitivo (zin) is a current fave. Love the wine rack!

  60. 61
    Caity /

    For red wines I love zins from Sonoma County, and for whites I like oakey chardonnays.

  61. 62

    Although I am currently drinking a lot of red with the wintry weather outside, I have to say my absolute favorite kind of wine is probably a sav blanc from the Loire valley- Sancerre, perhaps?

  62. 63
    Heather S /

    My favorite is Ravenswoods!

  63. 64

    My favorite alternates between a Prosecco and a Lambrusca – guess maybe I enjoy the fizziness because I also love mineral water that way too?!!

  64. 65
  65. 66

    I used to love pinot noir, but these days the bigger and bolder the better!

  66. 67
    Amy B.- Portland, OR /

    Bishop Creek’s Pinot Gris for a hot summer afternoon, most Nebbiolos for a wintery dinner. Mille grazie Paula!

  67. 68
    Justin V. /

    My new favorite red is the Santa Rita Medalla Real Single Estate Carmenere. It’s a grape mainly found in Chile that looks, grows, ripens, even tastes like a Merlot, but it has subtle differences. It’s smoother & has hints of dark chocolate on the finish! Guarantee you will love it if you like red wine!

  68. 69
    Nancy N /

    Sterling Merlot for red, Vouvray for white. Mmmm hmmm.

  69. 70
    Sandy /

    Opolo’s Rhapsody for red or just about any of their other reds, tempranillos, Mountain Zin, etc.

  70. 71

    For reds, its pretty hard for me to narrow it down to a specific label, but I love full bodied reds – especially Zinfandels & Petit Syrahs. As for white, I’m partial to Chardonnay (love Cakebread) and Sauvignon Blanc in the summer.

  71. 72
    Sarah /

    Revealing my completely plebian tastes, my favorite wine is the Petit Sirah from Crane Lake that I can get for $3 a bottle at the local Italian food store.

    Well, that and the red wine we drank in the courtyard of the winery in Montepulciano 20 years ago. Sigh.

  72. 73
    Patricia /

    We have a local winery (Pheasant Hollow Winery) here in southern Illinois that has a wine I really like, (And, it’s award winning!) It’s called Black and Blue, and is made with blackberries and blueberries.
    Would love to win the book and wine rack

  73. 74
    Whitney S /

    There is a great winery near my home that has a wonderful malbec. My favorite store-bought wine is a red named Prodigal Sun. I picked it out because I liked the name/label and ended up loving it!

  74. 75
    Jenn /

    I have yet to narrow down a specific favorite, but I do like chardonnays.

  75. 76

    book and wine rack look great! Although I love love love me some Italian house wines, I’ve recently been drinkin Malbec. yum!

  76. 77

    I can’t resist a good German Riesling (or any slightly-sweet white)

  77. 78

    I love Reislings!

    And I’ve been wanting to learn more about wine…this book/rack would be perfect!

  78. 79
    Laura G /

    Cabernet Sauvignon- rich, deep and perfect for cold nights…

  79. 80
    Shelli B /

    V. Sattui, Gammay Rouge is Great!! You cant buy it in stores I have to order it by the case, therefore I need a wine rack to display it!! Great Site, love your recipes!!!

  80. 81
    Jenn /

    I generally love all reds- Shiraz is a favorite!

  81. 82
    Julie Feld /

    LOVE Reislings! Also, this wine rack is cute!

  82. 83
    Shelbel /

    My new fav is Summerland’s Odyssey Pinot Noir. It’s a must try! We bought 3 cases of it when we were last in Santa Barbara! πŸ™‚

  83. 84
    Roni Dudley /

    My favorite wine is Santa Margarita Pino Grigio, crisp and fruity and just right with my spicy dishes. I also love Pinot Noir and almost any other great tasting wines from South Africa and Chille. (I think I just love wine). The wine rack is adorable!

  84. 85
    Penny /

    David Bruce, Petite Syrah

  85. 86
    Perry Rankin /

    My favorite wine for this time of year(winter) is the Stags Leap “Ne Cede Malis” Napa Valley Proprietary Red Wine. It’s made from the oldest block of Petite Sirah planted on the Stags Leap property. There are also a few other varieties (mixed blacks) that are inter planted in this vineyard that was planted before prohibition. Imagine you are picking and eating blackberries on a warm summers day right from a thicket somewhere in the middle of a field. Those warm blackberries with touches of brown sugar and smoky vanilla are what you will taste in this wine. PS: Ne Cede Malis means don’t give in to misfortune.

  86. 87

    It’s so hard for me to choose a favorite wine because I have come across so many I love. I tend to lean towards sweet wines, and I would say that Dolce Rosso is my current favorite (although that could change next week, lol).

  87. 88

    I love prosecco! I don’t have too much experience with wine, but I do know I prefer red wine over white wine πŸ™‚

  88. 89
    Michelle AP /

    Pinot Grigio is my fave all around go to wine. Riesling would be a fave sweet wine. For very special occasions I choose Ice Wine…so far my fave is made in Canada at Inniskillin Winery – super sweet and a very cool process to make it. Wine rack is great. Thanks for the givaway!! And congrats again on your blogaversary.

  89. 90

    What a fab giveaway, especially when it involves wine accessories! My fav is Red Diamond Merlot, at the moment πŸ˜‰ Congrats on the blogiversary!

  90. 91
    Tracy /

    California pinot noirs – one of my favorites is by Ceja Winery in Napa.

  91. 92
    Annie Ritter /

    My husband and I are making an effort to visit as many of the wineries here in Michigan as possible so we can learn more about wine. And, drink free wine…. My favorite at the moment is the Shady Lane Cellars dry Reisling.

  92. 93
    Amber C /

    i do not know the names but i like either red or white, not too dry. i prefer something more sweet, a resling? i do however, absolutely love sparkling wine/champange

  93. 94
    Christina /

    My favorite wine has to be the cab that my friend and her husband make in Mendocino County. Oster.

  94. 95
    Sharon H. /

    I love all different kinds, but Chianti is my absolute favorite.

  95. 96
    Sue A. /

    I do love a good Riesling. The wine rack it sweet!! Thanks.

  96. 97
    TallieAnn /

    Zinfandel is my favorite type of wine. The red stuff in a bottle not the pink stuff in a box!

  97. 98

    My favorite wine right now is a tempranillo/syrah blend called Care…but I LOVE New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs!!

  98. 99

    I am not a wine drinker, but I have to say that this is SUCH a cool giveaway!


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