Piselli alla Pancetta {Peas w/Pancetta}

Peas and Pancetta

With all of these sweet posts lately (Crostoli, Chocolate Nutella Molten Lava Cakes, Panna Cotta *drool*) I have been craving some veggies. I know, you might want to check my temperature. I thought the same thing. But you know before I know it, it’s going to spring (dare to dream – I am ovah all this snow) and wiggly jiggly is only good in jello if you know what I mean. 

Peas and Pancetta

This is a side dish that you can whip up in no time flat. I always try to have frozen peas in my freezer. They run those 10/10 specials ALL the time at the grocery & it’s a great time to load up. And this is the perfect recipe for them! There are only 4 ingredients in here (okay 5 but I don’t count s/p evah! You should always have those, always) & are things that you probably have in your fridge/pantry. If you don’t have Pancetta you can substitute bacon, just don’t use the fatty pieces, you want the meat sections for this! Don’t get me wrong, I do lurve the fat but for this, you’ll want the meat portions.

Peas and Pancetta

You can whip this dish up in about 10 mins & it’s the perfect compliment to just about any meal! So the next time you’re making something and need a veggie to go with, give this a try! Even my bambini like it. Although I think they’d eat anything with Pancetta in it, and well who could blame them ; ) It is after all the Ferrari of bacon ; ) tee hee


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Piselli alla Pancetta {Peas with Pancetta}

What you’ll need:
3-4 strips of Pancetta (bacon can be substituted)
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 onion – minced
1 pound frozen peas

What to do:
1. Cut your Pancetta into small strips.

2. Add olive oil to saute pan, over medium-high heat cook Pancetta until crispy. Remove pancetta, set aside.

3. Add butter, and saute onions until translucent. Once translucent, add  peas and approx 1/4 cup of lukewarm water, season with salt, mix well. Simmer until peas are tender. Sprinkle Pancetta on top. Gently mix through.

Buon Appetito!



  1. 1

    Oh very nice! you might want to enter it here – http://bit.ly/dfhJ6W

  2. 2

    YUMMY! Simple and looks delicious.

  3. 3

    Mm mm, this is a comfort food family favorite in the Festa family! We make our p&p into a pasta dish with farafelle and a ricotta/parmesan quick cheese sauce. I really love it as a veg side too, Molte Ben!

  4. 4

    Awesome, finally a pea dish that me and my girlfriend can agree on! Heh.

  5. 5

    Cured ham makes any dish AMAZING! Love this Paula, super easy and yummy!

  6. 6

    Ok, Bob, your comment is CRACKING ME UP TO NO END! My kids would LOVE this. Plus, you totally can’t go wrong with pancetta included in anything… Piselli sounds SO chic.

  7. 7

    This looks amazing. I LOVE the combo of peas and ham. Also love quick and tasty side dishes! (Who doesn’t?) How long do you usually simmer the peas with water?

  8. 8

    This looks good, and I’m not usually a big fan of peas. A little pancetta makes everything taste great, though!


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