Jamie Oliver’s Cheat’s Sponge Cake w/Summer Berries & Cream

Are you drooling? Isn’t she beauty-full? *swoon* If I told you this took all of about 15 to make would you believe me? I might not have either if I didn’t make it myself. This is a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie’s Food Revolution” cookbook. I received a review copy this week and I haven’t been able to put it down. I am in LURVE! Okay so I’ve been following Jamie since his “Naked Chef” days & no it’s no ne-kid like you think ; ) I think he’s brilliant and this book is no exception.     

Jamie is on a MISSION. He has started a FOOD REVOLUTION & I am proud to say that I am a part of it. He refers to us as members of the Food Revolution Army (although I’m going to secretly call it the Food Revolution Air Force bc well you know I’m a GO BLUE girl ; ) *saluting*

This book is a call to action! Jamie declares it’s time for a revolution and the revolution will start in the kitchen. This book (his 9th btw) was written to teach new and not so new cooks a repertoire of  dishes they can feel comfortable about cooking for not only themselves but for their family and friends. Jamie says “I believe if you learn to cook 10 recipes you can change your life.”  So true! Oh so true. This cookbook will teach you to “rediscover how to cook simple, delicious affordable meals” REALLY!  The book is gawgeous. There are easy instructions and step by step photos (almost like Jamie is your sous chef ; ) Wouldn’t that be awesome! Jamie if you’re ever in NC you let me know 😉

I had THE hardest time choosing what to make first (and I say first because I KNOW I’m going to be pulling out this book often) and I settled on this one…Cheat’s Sponge Cake with Summer Berries and Cream *drool*

Although Cheat is such a harsh word, I kinda like SHORTCUT a little bettah LOL. Either way it’s DELICIOUS. Plus when I saw it was made with Panettone I was all over it. You just whipped up a little homemade whip cream with of course vanilla extract, added in a little sweet dessert wine, some fresh berries and toasted almonds and we can’t forget about the shaved dark chocolate on top. *swoon* Are you going to get your fork now?


If you’re not familiar with Jamie’s Food Revolution you can read more about it on his website. I hope the information will shock you and move you to participate. This cookbook after all is part of a much bigger picture. It’s a step in the right direction and you can help too! You can start by signing Jamie’s  Food PETITION. It’s painless and takes 30 seconds! Jamie is on a mission to get ONE MILLION signatures (virtual as they may be) to present to the President. We’re only 1/4 of the way there. Every signature helps!

What’s next you ask? Because I know you’re over the moon excited *woo hoo*…Well go ahead & start that Food Revolution rolling in your own home! Cook something, make it fun and enjoy it with those you love! You might even start off with this incredible little tasty number…


Cheat’s Sponge Cake with Summer Berries and Cream
from “Jamie’s Food Revolution” by Jamie Oliver. Re-printed with permission.

Jamie Oliver’s Cheat’s Sponge Cake w/Summer Berries & Cream

Total Time 0:00


  • 1 cup sliced almonds, toasted
  • Vin Santo or sweet dessert wine
  • 2 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons superfine sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean OR 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
  • 16 ounces strawberries
  • 1 medium or large Panettone
  • 6 ounces raspberries
  • 4 ounce bar of good quality dark chocolate


  1. To prepare cake:
  2. Pour 1/3 cup of Vin Santo or sweet dessert wine into a wineglass. Pour cream into a mixing bowl and add sugar. If using the vanilla bean, halve it lengthways and drag the blade of your knife along the inside of the bean to scrape all the vanilla seeds out. Add the seeds or the vanilla extract to the bowl, and whisk until the cream is thick and forms peaks. Slice the strawberries, removing any stalks.
  3. To make cake:
  4. Peel any paper off your Panettone and carefully cut it across into 3 round slices, each about 3/4 inch thick. Put a slice on a serving plate and spoon a few tablespoons of the Vin Santo or sweet dessert wine over it (there's no need to soak the panettone: you just need enough to flavor it). Spoon a good dollop of the cream on to the panettone slice and smooth it out to the edges, using a metal spatula or similar. Lay over half sliced strawberries and top with a second slice of panettone. Repeat the wine, cream and berry steps until you get to the top layer. Pat this down gently, spoon over the remaining wine, and top it off with the rest of the cream, smoothing it over the top and sides of the cake so it's completely covered - don't worry about getting it all perfect, as it c an look messy and still taste delicious! Squeeze a handful of your toasted nuts to crumble them up, then gently pat them against the side of the cake until all the sides are covered.
  5. To serve cake:
  6. Pile raspberries on top of the cake and sprinkle with some chocolate shavings (simply use a vegetable peeler or a knife and drag it across the bar of the chocolate)


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Edited to ADD: Contest has ended. Thank you for your entries. Winner announced HERE:

And now for the GIVEAWAY...

Because I KNOW you would like to WIN A COPY of this incredible book. Of course you would so here’s what to do:

1. Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite meal is to make for your family (or if you’re new to cooking the meal that you would MOST like to learn to make for your family). Then I’m going to give you BONUS entries too. Yes, I do lurve you.

2. BONUS ENTRY sign Jamie’s Food PETITION, come back and leave me a separate comment telling me you’ve done so!


3. BONUS ENTRY RT this post and leave a separate comment telling me you’ve done so! You must have @bellalimento in your RT in order for me to see it. In fact, you might just want to copy this and paste it in twitter:

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Yes, that’s THREE chances to win! Contest will be open until Saturday 12:00 pm EST and is limited (SORRY) to US addresses only. Winner will be chosen by lucky eight ball ehem Random.Org.

Good Luck & Happy Cooking!


  1. 1

    That cake looks fabulous!!! My most favorite meal to make (since they love it) is chicken enchiladas!

  2. 2

    My favorite meal to make for my family has been stuffed pasta shells in the past. For my boyfriend, any type of burger or mexican. Or pizza (homemade of course!). My latest favorite is pumpkin mac and cheese. Okay, too many favorites.

  3. 3

    I signed the petition a few weeks ago, when I first watched his show. Does it still count as an entry?

  4. 4

    Your cake is gorgeous! I love to make homemade pasta with my hubs. It is so fun!

  5. 5

    I signed the petition! Love Jamie and his revolution! I am on board for sure!

  6. 6

    Great Post Paula…my favorite meal would have to be Baby Back Ribs, Grilled Potatoes in Packets and Grilled Corn on the Cob…because my family can’t get enough of any of it 😀

  7. 7
    Mylynka /

    My fave thing to make for us is breakfast tacos. I know it sounds simple, but there is something so good in the simplest of foods. Fresh flour tortillas, bacon (or sausage), eggs, possibly potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese, and some salsa… mmm good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

  8. 8

    I love Jamie and what he is doing for the school lunch programs here and in the UK and have already signed his petition…just wish we could get more people to watch and sign! I’m off to put his on my facebook page 😀

  9. 9

    Well hopefully we can help Jamie reach his goal…I sure hope so 😀
    Just added your post link to my facebook page,

    We’ve also followed Jamie since his “Naked Chef” days on the BBC and have loved watching him grow up from a single chap pulling herbs out of his kitchen window garden to a married man and father who has gone on to make big changes in his community and around the world…lovely, lovely human being!

  10. 10

    I subscribe by rss. My favorite meal would be a dark charbroiled burger with grilled onions on whole wheat bun. Fries in the oven on the side but crispy.

  11. 11

    petition signed..favorite time to cook with family would surely be any holiday meal when we are all together, yakking, complaining about all the calories and trying to lower calories on some of the items we are cooking.

    Love Jamie Oliver, ya know why, he’s very real.

  12. 12
    Mylynka /


  13. 13
    Mylynka /

    I don’t Twitter, but I DO Facebook, so I re-posted your post on FB!

  14. 14

    I already signed Jamiie’s petition since it’s a great thing. People are very stubborn though about their food. Most will eat what they want no matter what the cost. Maybe though he can make it som everyone at least knows as I didn’t all my life & now I’m diabetic. BTW,my burger is on the george foreman grill to make it a bit healthier.

  15. 15

    I guess Chicken and Dumplings is my fam’s favorite meal. Very comforting.

  16. 16

    I signed his petition ages ago.

  17. 17

    Retweeted. Need to get those signatures in.

  18. 18
    Melissa /

    I LOVE Jamie’s Food Revolution! Have you watched the show? Awesome!

    It’s hard to choose ONE favorite meal! Lately, I have been loving white bean salad with fried garlic & tomatoes–cheap, easy, & delish!

  19. 19
    Melissa /

    I tweeted, too!

  20. 21
    Melissa /

    I signed the petition last week . . . hope that counts, too! 🙂

  21. 22

    By the way, this recipe and pictures are to swoon over you are right on!! I already digned the petition and am on board!

  22. 23
    Amy /

    I like to make chicken parm or my family. Considering I have picky 22 month old twins girls that will actually eat it and ask for more, I would say it’s their favorite dish so far.

  23. 24
    Amy /

    I just signed the petition! 🙂

  24. 25

    I already signed the petition!

  25. 26

    One of our favorite meals, especially in the hot summer, is Chicken Tortellini Caesar Salad. But, I have many recipes in my arsenal that I love, love, LOVE to cook!

  26. 27

    I don’t tweet but I posted on FB!

  27. 28

    My favorite is a Pasta Primavera with Smoked Gouda. Loaded with good stuff and very tasty. http://fightthefatfoodie.blogspot.com/2010/01/get-all-your-veggies-pasta-primavera.html

  28. 29

    My favorite meal to make is grilled chicken over brown rice with fresh pineapple, steamed broccoli and peanut sauce. BUT, my family’s favorite meal (or rather, my BF’s) is pot roast. 🙂

  29. 30

    I have signed the petition.

  30. 31

    My family (including in-laws!) loves the guacamole I make…Vegetarian chili is a hit in colder weather…and roast chicken is a staple.

  31. 32

    I tweeted your RT.

  32. 33

    I signed the petition!!

  33. 34

    P.S. – I signed Jamie’s food revolution petition!! I love his show!

  34. 35
    Heather /

    Favorite meal to make is grilled fish with grilled vegetables … No dishes to wash!! So glad it’s warm so I can grill to my heart’s content.

  35. 36
    Sarah Morris /

    I love making lemon risotto – stirring the rice is such a great stress reliever, and there are few things better than a big, warm bowl of risotto with a glass of wine.

  36. 37
    Katie /

    My favorite meal to make for my family is quinoa with black beans and avocado. Delish!

  37. 38
    Sarah Morris /

    Also, signed the petition! Love Jamie Oliver!

  38. 39

    gorgeous indeed!! this seems a very British thing to do. Using buttercream frosting with Panettone. I saw this on another British blog too!

  39. 40
    Sarah Morris /

    And retweeted!! Thanks Paula!

  40. 41
    Katie /

    I signed the petition!

  41. 42

    My favourite ever meal is, ironically, Jamie’s spaghetti bolognaise. It is just delicious and super low fat which makes it all the better. I serve it with wholewheat linguine and my day is complete!

  42. 43
    Wendy /

    I don’t have a family, so cooking just for me lately has been learning new ways to cook pork chops and chicken breast, and more interesting sides. Your cake pics are incredible! Looks so delicious! Also signed the petition!

  43. 44

    And I signed the petition. Glad he made one for non-US too 🙂

  44. 45
    Taylor /

    I am new to cooking, but my favorite easy meal to cook is chicken marsala. That and pasta with homemade sauce are the first recipes I learned how to cook with any real success 🙂

  45. 46
    amy cook /

    my new fave is jamie’s chicken leek stroganoff over brown basmati rice. yum.

  46. 47
    Taylor /

    The Food Revolution looks like a great idea. I signed the petition!

  47. 48
    amy cook /

    I signed the petition! And linked on my FB!

  48. 49
    amy cook /

    Did you see my retweet? I REALLY WANT THIS COOKBOOK! 🙂

  49. 50

    My most favorite meal to make is probably broiled terryaki chicken.

    Or broiled salmon



    well i LOVE to cook ya know!!! Its hard to choose!

  50. 51

    I’m all about the spaghetti and meatballs!!!

    This cake looks divine…drooool…

  51. 52
    Faye /

    It’s difficult to pick-I’m a foodie and generally enjoy cooking. A general menu I make at least once a week is a crock pot full of soup (beans, lentil, minestrone) and a loaf of homemade bread.
    I signed Jaime’s petition
    I retweeted this

  52. 53

    Wow! I didn’t know the book was so amazing. I thought it was more for beginner cooks. I will have to check it out for sure!
    The meal I most often make in my house is whole wheat pasta with a quick bechemel sauce and some green veggies thrown in. Whatever I have on hand, really.

  53. 54

    I retweeted but I’m such a dork and don’t know how to show you that I did…

  54. 55

    I’ve been wanted to get the book 🙂
    My favorite meal to make for my husband and I is our vegetarian spaghetti and meatballs on spaghetti squash.

  55. 56

    I tweeted about the giveaway http://tinyurl.com/y7t3dce 🙂

  56. 57

    I also signed the petition a couple weeks ago 🙂

  57. 58

    I signed the petition! Woo!

  58. 59

    Pizza from scratch. Love it with goat’s cheese, smoked scarmozza, artichoke hearts and green olives, with or without tomatoes! Yum…

  59. 60
    Kayla /

    I love making teriyaki chicken with veggies for my boyfriend, he loves it!

  60. 61

    My favorite meal to make for my family is hummus with fresh veggies and fresh, warm pita bread. Simple, light, delicious!

  61. 62
    Kayla /

    I signed the petition!

  62. 63

    I’ve tweeted and signed the petition :))

  63. 64

    That cake looks amazing and I love Jamie! My favorite quick weeknight meal is shrimp scampi linguine from Barefoot Contessa. Lemony, garlicy goodness 🙂

  64. 65

    he is a cutie for sure!

  65. 66

    Tweeted your giveaway 🙂

  66. 67

    Signed the petition last week!

  67. 68

    My favorite thing to make for myself is seafood chowder. My families favorite thing that I make is lasagna.

  68. 69
    ambrosia /

    My favorite meal to make my family is anything we haven’t tried before! I just love to experiment in the kitchen!

  69. 70
    ambrosia /

    I had already signed the petition! 😀

  70. 71

    I signed the petition a while ago…does that still count?

  71. 72

    I tweeted your post, too. 🙂

  72. 73

    for my family, i like making a filipino dish, adobo chicken. yes, i love jamie and would love a copy of his latest book. thanks for sharing the delish cake!

  73. 74

    Chicken Spaghetti is my favorite meal to make for my family! I love Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. My kids and I have been watching the show every Friday. It is such an eye opener!

  74. 75

    This looks fantastic! I love Jamie’s show and didn’t realize he had a coookbook!

  75. 76

    Love this recipe! I like to make my family pasta dishes like homemade marinara with mushrooms and spaghetti.

  76. 77

    I already signed Jamie’s petition. I love his passion for good, wholesome food! Great post!

  77. 78

    I tweeted you – luv, the stepfordchild!

  78. 79

    My favorite meal to cook for my family is really simple baked chicken, potatoes, and a veggie. Boring, but simple.

  79. 80

    I have signed the petition

  80. 81

    I tweeted, too!

  81. 82

    I am very excited about the Food Revolution and I think Jamie is doing a terrific job! We eat a lot of chicken in my house so breaded cutlets or roasted chicken are a main stay!

  82. 83
    Hila /

    My favorite meal to cook for my family is a veggie lasagna! So yummy and has alot of veggies in it!

  83. 84
    Hila /

    I signed it! 🙂

  84. 85

    This is truly an incredible dessert…..and so easy!!! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!!

  85. 86
    kari /

    We love bbq-ed chicken skewers.

  86. 87

    My favorite meal to cook for my family is roast chicken.

  87. 88
    Marianne /

    I love him, I love his show and that dessert looks ridiculously delicious! Thanks to Jamie I have banned chicken nuggets from my house (*shudder*). I truly hope that his revolution is a success. I signed his petition.

  88. 89
    Schmidty /

    That cake is massively drool-worthy! Gorgeous!

    My favorite meal for the family is gumbo. 🙂

  89. 90
    Jessica /

    I love making curry for my family or arroz con pollo.

  90. 91
    Jessica /

    I signed the petition

  91. 93

    I am so into Jamie and his food revolution. I would just love a copy of this book. My favorite meal to cook pasta with roasted veggies and a drizzle of olive oil.

  92. 94
    Molomatic /

    This book looks fabulous! My favorite family meal to make is lasagna, yum!

  93. 95
    Molomatic /

    I signed Jamie’s Food PETITION!

  94. 97
    Dina /

    I love to make shrimp alfredo.

  95. 98
    Dina /

    I signed the petition!

  96. 99

    My favorite thing to cook my boyfriend is macaroni & cheese, or sandwiches. He’s loves those more than anything fancy I make!

  97. 100

    I signed the petition last week!

  98. 101
    Kirsten H. /

    My favorite meal to make for my family is salmon cakes. The base is just cooked salmon, shredded bread, bread crumbs or even saltines, chopped onion, and egg to bind it all into patties, which are then quickly fried. Served with steamed broccoli and brown rice. It’s easy to make and the kids love it.

  99. 102

    And I tweeted about this (@brittty) before I even saw it was an extra chance to win! I’m awesome today!

  100. 103
    Kirsten H. /

    I have signed Jamie’s Petition!

  101. 105

    My favorite meal to make for my family (that means me since my kids are grown and out of the house) is whatever I’m inspired by from reading cookbooks, the paper, magazines, watching TV, surfing the food blogosphere and what looks fresh in the market.

    Today it’s pork chops from Saveur, mushroom salad from Giada’s show last night and patatas bravas from Jaleo restaurant in DC.

    Shew! The only way I get a break from this awesome variety is if I’m away. My senses just don’t let me go with the boring or mediocre, but I’d like the book to get inspired to make things that may be a little more simple and quicker to get onto the table.

    I need an intervention!

  102. 106

    Oh yeah … and I signed the petition weeks ago when I put the badge on my site. It’s such a great cause!

  103. 107

    My favorite thing to make my family would have to be Tilipia roasted in foil packets with veggies. Even my daughter, who dislikes anything seafood, loves it!

  104. 108

    I signed the petition & put a badge on my site. I love Jamie’s show, and I love what he’s doing! His cookbook looks like it would be fun to cook from. I’m trying to cook more healthy, but still have my family want to eat what I make.

  105. 109

    My favorite dish to make my family is chicken parmesan…yum, yum, yum!

  106. 110

    I signed the petition a while back – we love his show and the work he is doing!

  107. 112

    So glad that Jamie has started this revolution, it’s overdue! I myself have begun to purge the prepackaged foods for freshly made and natural products instead. There are too many chemicals and garbage in our foods and drinks.

  108. 113
    Mary C /

    Your cake looks yummy! Just signed up on the petition.

  109. 114
    Gloriana /

    i love baking more than anything! Cookies, cupcakes, pies you name it. This cake looks amazing and would such an easy short cut for me too.

  110. 115
    Gloriana /

    I also signed the petition 🙂 yay!

  111. 116

    I love left overs for lunch, so on Sundays I sometimes cook a casserole of chicken, rice, mushrooms and cream of mushroom soup. Simple yet satisfying. Sometimes I also throw in a green vegetable like asparagus or peas. It makes it look a little gray (HAHA!) but even more healthy.

  112. 117

    Leave it to Jamie Oliver — that’s brilliant! And you’re right — it’s positively mouthwateringly gorgeous.

    One of our favorite meals to make has got to be fish tacos… so bright and fresh! In fact, I think we’ll probably make up a batch tonight!

  113. 118

    Totally signed the petition too. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  114. 119

    I just signed the petition.. and left a comment about corporate America.

  115. 120

    That looks insanely good! I could totally go for a big slice of that cake right now!

  116. 121
    Mary C. /

    That is a hard question. I am one of those types that is always looking for new recipes to make! One thing I find myself making fairly often now are stir-frys with lots of sugar peas!

  117. 122
    Phong /

    The thing I want to try to make for my family would probably have to be tiramisu. It’s such a classy dessert!

  118. 123
    Phong /

    And I’ve just signed the petition. 🙂

  119. 124

    My favorite meal after looking at this post would be this dessert with a couple of forks! 😉 Beautiful can be simple!

  120. 125

    I signed the petition the other day!

  121. 126

    I signed his petition awhile ago. And watch the show religiously. Great giveaway again Paula!

  122. 127

    My family’s current favorite… hmm.. Chicken enchiladas… Sweet and spicy Salmon.

    And I tweeted. ( that sounds soo bad) http://twitter.com/faychilde

  123. 128

    delicious signed awhile ago!

  124. 129

    I’m a big panettone lover so this cake says it all for me. delicious and beautiful and easy too!

  125. 130

    i love making anything that people love to eat preferably w/ lots of flavors coming together like ottolenghi, skye gyngell & momofuku style. then again, my family likes good korean home cooking too. getting myself hungry!

  126. 131

    signed the petition! just love what he’s doing!

  127. 132
    Tiffany /

    My favorite meal is usually dessert – I love to bake, especially cakes/cheesecake. But I also love making breakfast! Pancakes… 😀

  128. 133
    Tiffany /

    I signed Jamie’s petition!

  129. 134
    Laura /

    I love to make comfort foods- mac & cheese, spaghetti & meatballs, scalloped potatoes

  130. 135

    Thanks for letting me know about Jamie’s petition. I love that show!

  131. 136
    Betsy /

    My family loves when I make tacos.

  132. 137
    Betsy /

    I signed the petition.

  133. 138

    The meal I like making for most of the family is pasta made any way I can find to make it. I say most of the family because the hubby is not necessarily a big pasta fan but the girls of the household outvote him and we eat pasta lots! In fact, I made your recipe, Farfalle al Mascarpone, this evening and it was fantastic!

  134. 139

    wow! 15 minutes to make this?? no way! i wish i could eat it now!

  135. 140

    I AM “over the moon” excited about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. My hubs and I have started the Revolution in our house and we’re trying to find ways to get it going in our community. This weekend I made Hawaiian Roasted Pork with Rice and Roasted Broccoli for my family. Fresh, simple and tasty!

  136. 141

    I signed the petition, but long before I read this post. Don’t know if you’ll accept that as an entry. 😀

  137. 142

    that is so awesome. I am baking cake this weekend too. Can’t resist

  138. 143

    RT’d – @LynnATL
    RT @bellalimento Win a copy of @Jamie_Oliver cookbook. Join the #foodrevolution http://bit.ly/cpZPdD

  139. 144

    Signed up for the revolution!

  140. 145

    My favorite meal to cook for family and friends is: Moroccan Chicken with Seven Vegetable Couscous – http://mamasays.us/blog/2009/02/15/seven-vegetable-couscous-and-moroccan-chicken/ – YUM.

  141. 146
    Loren /

    I’m in college, so I don’t do a whole lot of cooking for my family right now, but there’s a “kitchenette” on my floor in my dorm. Whenever I get tired of college food, I like to whip up a rice noodle stir fry using soy sauce packets and veggies stolen from the dining hall salad bar. It’s like ramen, but way better! 🙂

  142. 147
    Loren /

    I signed! I love Jamie Oliver!

    (And of course I share the stir fry mentioned above with my dormmates. They’re kind of like my family when I’m away at college.)

  143. 148
    Carole /

    I signed Jamie’s petition last week. 🙂

  144. 149
    Carole /

    As for what I like to prepare, I am over the moon that Spring is here and each day there is something fresh and new at the local (think sustainable) farmstand. Tonight I made wraps with spring asparagus, greens, and a drizzle of vinaigrette with chopped egg.

  145. 150
    Wendy /

    My favorite meal to make my family is spaghetti alla cabenero you recipe, love it, quick easy and delicisious. I signed the petition also.

  146. 151
    Christine Cowen /

    My favorite meal to make is Spaghetti – although I also love to roast/bake broccoli. My husband’s favorite meal is peanut chicken (although that’s cheating because the sauce comes from the store).

  147. 152

    Fajitas – interactive and since you have to assemble – it slows everyone down – no snarfing!

  148. 153

    This cake looks amazing – I need to pick up the new Jamie Oliver book. My favorite meal to make is Asian marinaded chilean sea bass with papaya salsa, a caesar salad, green apple risotto and chocolate coconut bread pudding made with homemade challah.

  149. 154
    Patricia /

    Homemade Chicken A La King over rice. We love it!

  150. 155
    Patricia /

    I Signed Jamie’s Food Petition.

  151. 156
    Carmen /

    I love making beef stroganoff and chicken fried rice. I would really like to make other Chinese-style dishes or Tex-Mex dishes.

  152. 157

    My favorite family meal: Rack of lamb with wild mushroom risotto! or BBQ is nice too – ribs, corn on the cob and a nice salad.

  153. 158

    Hi – I signed the petition a couple of weeks ago! Yay!

  154. 159
    Randall Nelson /

    I love cooking anything for anybody but my favorites are: chicken picatta and pastor ryan’s cajun meatloaf. The biggest hit is my cookie recipe that I created combining about 4 different recipes.

  155. 160
    Randall Nelson /

    I signed Jamie’s petition when the first episode aired. I love what he is trying to do and I hope this show really can start a revolution in this country We desperately need it.

  156. 161

    My favorite meal to make for my family is chili. My fiance loves it!

  157. 162

    Also, I have signed the petition! Rock on, Jamie Oliver!

  158. 163
    nina /

    My go-to recipe is super simple – lightly sauteed zucchini with penne, a touch of oil, lemon and parmesean cheese. yum!

  159. 164
    Erin from Long Island /

    It’s hard to say what my fav thing is to cook for my family, I get pleasure out of anything they enjoy. Most recently it was quesadillas made with laftover roasted chicken and grilled veggies

  160. 165
    Erin from Long Island /

    signed the petition weeks ago!

  161. 167

    My favorite meal to cook is chicken and dumplings. This is our favorite dish and it always brings us together and gets us laughing together as a family.

  162. 168

    I signed the petition for the revolution!

  163. 169

    I tweeted about this giveaway – http://twitter.com/BLeGrandFromage

  164. 170
    Jessica /

    I lvoe cooking anything for people i love. i really enjoy cooking new things and learning. This will be one of them!!!

  165. 171
    Dawn /

    I signed the petition. AND, my favorite meal to cook my family is . . .

    how can I choose just one?

    Oh, alright, “chorizo/eggs/and homemade tortillas”

  166. 172

    I have a super yummy braciole recipe that gets requested all the time…it’s soooo delicious and everything tastes better braised in wine and tomatoes, right?!

  167. 173
    Rachel Smith /

    I signed the petition…my baby will actually be in Kindergarten this fall so hopefully he’ll get some great healthy choices in the lunch line!

  168. 174
    Kate /

    I like making fettuccine alfredo with chicken but it’s a once in a while meal

  169. 175
    Clara /

    cool idea for a summer cake!

    I am really looking forward to the time when I will celebrate Christmas with my future-children and now-boyfriend/future-husband because then I will finally be able to prepare our traditional Christmas food for them:

    For Lunch: a delicious lentil soup with balsamico vinegar
    For Dinner: Bread Dumplings with a mixed-mushrooms sauce

    Oh so delicious and traditional!

  170. 176
    Clara /

    I also signed the petition!

  171. 177

    You’re right, I can’t belive that only took 15 minutes to prepare. Look at it! it’s glorious!

  172. 178

    My favorite is pasta amatriciana with extra pepper. 🙂 Yum!

  173. 180

    Decadent version of one of my favorite cakes. I had already signed the petition, does that count?

  174. 181
    Angela Napolitano /

    I love to make pasta dishes for my family. Fortunately, whole wheat pasta is easy to find in stores now. Love it! And, we always have a salad with it. In the summer vegetables rule. We have a vegetable garden and love the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli rabe, and peppers!

  175. 182
    Lourdes Montes /

    My favorite food to cook for my family is roasted chicken.

  176. 183

    Now that’s a true Italian cake — will definitely be giving it a try for a special someday! When my darling family comes to my house for dinner, I love to serve rosemary roast pork with my dad’s favorite Italian potato salad — new potatoes with a white wine vinegar, sprinkled with salt and pepper and chopped chives and parsley from the garden. With it, green beans dressed in olive oil and vinegar. We keep to the Italian tradition, and ALWAYS serve a green salad after the main course. And then there’s fruit — served before dessert, and beautifully sliced at that table.

  177. 184

    A proud resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts just signed Jamie’s petition — avanti!

  178. 185
    Michele /

    Thanks for the chance to win this great book! I really like cooking for my family, so this is difficult…My daughter’s birthday supper is my favorite meal to cook – it is a time for family to get together for a joyous occasion. The meal usually varies, and I always make the traditional birthday cake: multilayered lemon cake filled with homemade lemon curd and whipped cream. Strawberries on top. Berry cheesecake this year as well, and probably barbequed octopus, barbequed Portuguese chicken, lots of salads and veggies, good Italian bread and wine, and lots of love and laughter!

  179. 186
    Michele /

    I signed the petition!

  180. 187

    I signed! Any meal with friends and family around. LOve

  181. 188

    Flank Steak Salad with Homemade Fries and Fresh Veggies on top!

  182. 189

    Signed the petition and posted it on FB for others to sign 🙂

  183. 190

    Awesome giveaway, thanks!! I am addicted to the show!

    My favorite thing to make for my family is my chicken gumbo 🙂

  184. 191

    Just signed the petition!!

  185. 192

    I will be back for that recipe when I have more time. That looks so good!
    It seems like you had fun making it, and his shows are always great.

    I came from SITS to say hi. Canadian so can’t even enter the contest but good luck to all who did

  186. 193

    One of my favorite meals to make is Salsa Chicken. Its nothing REALLY exciting, but its super easy and has a lot of flavor. I put frozen chicken in a crockpot with a jar of any kind of salsa!!!! Or I put the frozen chicken a baking dish with a jar of salsa and cook it at 450 degrees for 45 minutes. I think I like it too b/c its easy. I usually cook with a lot more ingredients and really enjoy cooking more complex dishes. This is just my go-to meal when we’ve had a long day and are ready to eat! 🙂

  187. 194

    My husband is half Armenian so I love making Armenian specialties for him like lahmahjoon (Armenian pizza) and lash kebabs! (marinated and grilled lamb kebabs) Oh, and paklava (Armenian version of baklava) but I guess that doesn’t count as a meal, does it?

  188. 195

    I already signed the petition! Go Jamie!

  189. 196

    I tweeted! And I just started following you – can’t believe I wasn’t already. 🙂

  190. 197
    jan /

    we LOVE anything grilled. Lemon chicken is especially easy and super tasty!

  191. 198
    jan /

    I just signed the petition!

  192. 199

    And RT is done’d 🙂

  193. 200

    i’m a fan of making simple salads right now, anything that doesn’t require me to turn on the stove or oven. in the winter, i like the make it and then ignore it method of stews or anything in the crockpot. my dinner meals are seasonal based really.

  194. 201

    One of the dishes I enjoy making for my family and friends is chicken enchilads. Who doesn’t love something gooey, cheesey, and wonderfully delicious?! Yuuuumm!!

  195. 202
    NeilW2 /

    Actually family is celebrating son’s birthday Sunday and making as a group various pizza’s with all different toppings, especially Marguerita

  196. 203

    Oh, and I already signed Jamie’s petition about a week or so ago 😉 Now send that lovely cookbook my way!

  197. 204

    My family’s favorite is actually Capoanata from Jamie’s Italy Book!
    I signed Jamies Petition last week along with a $100 donation! 🙂

  198. 205

    I’ve had my eye on the book and I just love the show. My favorite meal to make for the family is roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, or maybe spaghetti and meatballs – would love to learn to make the oriental noodle dish on Food Revolution last week. Yum!

  199. 206
  200. 207

    And I signed the food revolution petition (2 weeks ago)..

  201. 208

    I love grilling anything and eating together outside. I really like to do this with marinated chicken and grilled veggies.

  202. 209

    I signed the petition last week. I love the show and think that Jamie is doing great things. I wish he would come to Arkansas next!

  203. 210
    Brandi /

    My favorite meal to cook is anything they love! My husband loves sweet potatoes, my son loves brussels sprouts and my daughter loves oysters. I just love to cook and put a smile on their faces!

  204. 211

    Ok, Paula, I signed the petition. And I’m stoked about this revolution!! I love to cook my family anything Italian. No, I’m not Italian but I love the food!! And with your help, I’m getting better at it. 🙂 Really enjoy your panko herb chicken!! Man, that chicken is soooo good. 😉
    Love your food. Keep it coming.

  205. 212
    Tiffany /

    I signed the petition!!! 🙂 <3 ya xo

  206. 213

    my favorite is caprese salad, greek burgers and fresh fruit salad (in the warm months), spaghetti bolognase (in the cold months)

  207. 214

    I RTd: @plowlady

  208. 215

    I signed the petition

  209. 216

    and on a side note…good gravy this cakes looks BEYOND delicious!!

  210. 217
    Ali /

    my favorite thing to make for my family is a tofu and veggie stir fry

  211. 218
    Ali /

    oh and i signed the petition and made sure everyone in my fam did too!

  212. 219

    I signed his petition days ago!

  213. 220

    Favorite meal, anything on the grill and fresh!

  214. 221

    This cake is absolutely gorgeous!

    My favorite meal to make for my family is Sweet Potato Noodle spring rolls.

  215. 222

    I signed the petition a couple of weeks ago. It’s great to see the numbers growing.

  216. 223

    Although I already have the book, I just had to comment and shout out my “Amen!” to everything you said! Such an important cause. And that cake? Drool! I’m going to have to get my hands on a panettone, because I HAVE to make that soon! XOXO

  217. 224
    Lisa /

    I like to make Hummus pitas with Greek Salad. Everyone in the family loves it! Yum!

  218. 225

    I signed the petition too, Paula!!! LOL
    Thanks. 😀

  219. 226
    Leslie /

    Pasta with tomatoes and spinach, or grilled salmon. Or…

  220. 227
    Leslie /

    Petition signed, book reserved at library a while ago…many are in line for it!

  221. 228
    miss ellie /

    i’m not much of a cook yet but what i like to make is homemade bread but i would love to be able to cook a whole meal entirely on my own… i’m thinking pot roast gravy and mashed potatoes… that just sounds so good because i can’t get that here at school

  222. 229
    miss ellie /

    and i just signed the petiton

  223. 230
    Marie /

    I’m hooked on Jamie’s Food Revolution show & I’d love to test out his book too! My favorite meal to make my family is veggie pizza with eggplant & spinach.

  224. 231
    Marie /

    I signed the petition!

  225. 232
    Lucy /

    I love Jaime!! I love cooking and baking, my favorite is to watch their expression when its something they have not tried before.

  226. 233
    Lucy /

    Signed Petition as well!

  227. 234
    CC in NJ /

    I love making sauteed escarole, my kids love it. I also love making bananna, chocolate chip, walnut bread. So good !

  228. 235

    I signed the petition…

  229. 236

    Hi Paula =) I’ve RT your post – hope this helps get more ppl to sign the petition! Yay!

  230. 237
    Audra /

    Petition signed 😀

  231. 238
    Audra /

    Favorite meal to make is Rosemary Crusted Roasted Chicken ( sooo easy)!!!

  232. 239
    Michelle AP /

    Love to make pizza from scratch. Homemade whole grain crust with my own sauce, whatever veggies and meat are hanging out in the fridge and fresh soft moz. cheese. Laying it all on there is like working on an art project.

  233. 240
    Mary A /

    My favorite thing to make for my family is spaghetti with tomato sauce with steamed broccoli on the side. It is my favorite to make because it is my son’s favorite to eat. Thanks for the giveaway. This looks like a great book.

  234. 241
    Michelle AP /


  235. 242
    Michelle AP /

    Tried to sign petitiion – it said my email was not a valid email – craziness – so I sent them a question on it and hopefully it will be resolved. If they can straighten out the email thing I will sign.

  236. 243
    Cheri /

    My favorite thing right now is chicken provencal very slightly adapted from the cook’s illustrated recipe–everyone who tastes it thinks it’s the best they’ve ever tried, and no one can quite figure out why (I think it’s the bay leaf, anchovy paste and lemon peel).

  237. 244
    Cheri /

    I signed, and forwarded to several friends.

  238. 245

    The fav food i Like to cook is Indian sloppy joes… my husband just loves them.
    A close second would be pasta. Any type of pasta with any type of sauce is a hit in my house!

  239. 246
    Hannah B. /

    My favorite food to make for the family is baked macaroni and cheese with tomatoes, because I know that every last crumb will be eaten!

  240. 247
    Hannah B. /

    I joined Jamie’s Food Revolution!

  241. 249
    Beth /

    My favorite food to cook is homemade Chicken Cordon Bleu! YUMMY!!!!!

  242. 251
    Beth /

    I signed the petition…. I love Jamie and his food revolution!

  243. 252
    Amber /

    Pasta Bean, my family loves it and it’s healthy.

  244. 253
    Amber /

    Signed it! how cool.

  245. 254
    ann /

    I signed the petition! My family loves my sauce w/linguine – especially the leftovers (when there are any!)

  246. 255
    JenH /

    You don’t need to put me in for the contest because I already got a copy of the cookbook. I hadn’t seen this recipe though. I’m going to look it up and give it a shot. It looks delicious! I love what he’s doing and think it’s such an awesome idea.

  247. 256

    Ok, I’ve signed the petition and I retweeted.

  248. 257

    My favorite meal would have to be Chicken Marsala and polenta cakes. Do I get bonus points for sucking up? 🙂

  249. 258

    I love making grilled salmon with roasted asparagus (chilled) over green salad wit a side of crusty bread. Oh great, now I’m hungry.

  250. 259
    Anna /

    My favorite recipe to make is mac n cheese w/ chicken.

  251. 260

    Nicoise salad

  252. 261
    Margie /

    My favorite recipe is Coco & Chili rubbed porkchops with Paprika Parsely potatoes. I would really love to win that book, crossing my fingers 8)

  253. 262

    My favorite dinner is shrimp succotash.

  254. 263

    I’ve signed the petition, plus I have his badge on my site.

  255. 264
    Margie /

    I signed the petition too

  256. 265

    That cake looks beyond amazing. I’m going to have to try and make it soon! My favorite meal to cook for my husband is Artichoke Spinach Lasagna. It’s delicious and healthier than the standard American lasagna.

  257. 266

    I signed the petition.

  258. 267

    I retweeted!

  259. 268


  260. 269


  261. 270
    Jessica /


  262. 271


    Sneaky heh heh

  263. 272
  264. 273

    I don’t have a family, but my favorite thing to cook is pasta, spaghetti with meatballs or fettucine alfredo with ham, it’s the best comfort food in the universe =)

  265. 274

    Petition signed!

  266. 275


  267. 276


  268. 277


  269. 278
    Jessica /

    Its too tough to pick just one! I think its seasonal: fall is gumbo weather, winter is chili weather or any kind of soup, spring is a great time for salads oh and coconut cake, and summer is anything on the grill!

  270. 279


  271. 280

    My husband and I love to grill because it’s something fun we can do together. He’s the grill-master, and I whip up all the sides inside. 🙂

  272. 281

    I tweeted the giveaway, but I’m private, so you may not be able to see it. @mrssmith909

  273. 282

    And I signed the petition!

  274. 284
    karen /

    My favorite meal to make is a wonderful chicken salad. I use fresh chicken breasts that I bake in the oven. I add some wonderful sliced strawberries, blueberries, green grapes and some chopped walnuts. I make my own dressing of honey, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a little bit of lemon juice. It is a very nice meal with a flavor that satisfies everyone’s hunger

  275. 285
    Mylynka /


  276. 286

    Passiton 🙂

  277. 287
    Coco /

    Passiton! 😉

  278. 288
    Coco /

    Signed his petition a while back!

  279. 289
    Coco /

    With summer here and living if FL, I love grilling almost everything! Asparagus, buffalo steaks, and my favorite dessert, grilled pineapple with fresh cream.

  280. 290
    Coco /

    Just Tweeted (Piece ‘O Coconut)

  281. 291

    OOO I’ve been eying the book!!

    I love to make hamburger/greenbean/rice – quick, simple, easy, not too bad for the waistline!

  282. 292

    My favorite meal to mak is a good hearty beef pot roast. So delcious and comforting.

  283. 293

    Retweeted too!

  284. 294

    I love to make tacos with all the fixings!

  285. 295
    Michele /

    My daugher’s birthday supper is my favorite family meal to prepare! The meal varies, but I always make her tradiotional lemon cake with homemade lemon curd and whipped cream. Thanks for the chance to win the book! Michele

  286. 296
    Michele /

    I signed Jamie’s petition!

  287. 297
    Melody /

    PASSITON ~ One of my fav’s in a time pinch is good ol’ spaghetti with fresh garlic and onions with garlic bread and steamed broccoli on the side!

  288. 298
    Melody /

    (sorry had to redo, hit enter too soon, mistyped email)

    PASSITON ~ One of my fav’s in a time pinch is good ol’ spaghetti with fresh garlic and onions with garlic bread and steamed broccoli on the side!

  289. 299
    Greg /


  290. 300
    Angie /

    We love making pizza from scratch (well all except the dough its a package), sometimes we make mini pizza’s, sometimes we do one big one but its our families favorite!

  291. 301

    My favorite dish to make is chicken curry. Stir-fry’s are so fun- what veggies look best at the market today? What proteins happen to be in my fridge at the moment…. now take all of that and throw it with some fabulous Indian spices. Yummm!

  292. 302
    Lee /

    Our favorite meal is smothered pork loin & mushrooms cooked in the crockpot.

  293. 303

    I excitedly signed the petition!

  294. 304
    Laurel H. /

    I have signed Jamie’s petition. Also… I have a million favorite meals, but if I had to pick just one, it would probably be pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions and celery, and a side of oven roasted broccoli and cauliflower, or crushed red pepper on fresh green beans sauteed in olive oil. Or lasagna. Or chicken fajitas. Or ribeye with garlic mashed potatoes from Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. Or pizza. Oh, man… I can’t choose!

  295. 305


  296. 306
    Eyrie /


  297. 307
    Jasmine /

    My favorite meal to make is a beef stir fry. Super easy and very good!

  298. 308
    Jasmine /

    I have signed the petition.

  299. 309
    Karen /

    love what Jamie’s doing…love to make flank steak w/grilled veggies on the barbecue!

  300. 311
    Karen /

    I signed Jamie’s Petition…

  301. 312
    andrea /

    I love making chowmein for my family

  302. 313

    Current obsession is Deep Dish Chicago Pizza ever since I found a recipe that makes a really passable crust! No one is tired of it on Friday night yet! (PS-luv ur site!)

  303. 314
    Leslie LMP /

    That’s a hard one as I really enjoy cooking. I guess making bread is high up on the list, though. I love the smell of bread baking. Irresistible!

  304. 315
    Sammi /

    quesadillas – because they’re super easy and everyone loves them

  305. 316
    Shaunda /

    I posted info on my FB wall and I also signed the petition!! The cake looks sooooo good! I love Jamie!!!

  306. 317

    Great giveaway! I actually didn’t know about this campaign–very cool. My fave thing to make for my family is good old spaghetti & meatballs.

  307. 318

    I signed the petition!

  308. 319
    Erin R. /

    My favorite meal to make is tortilla soup. Yum.

  309. 320
    Erin R. /

    I signed the petition!

  310. 321

    I love Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I am a soldier! Love to cook, so it’s hard to choose a favorite. I think it all depends on the season and what;s available. Right now I am into Meyer Lemons since they are coming in- going to make Meyer Lemon tartes this week, have been roasting a lot of aspragus and broccoli and caulifloer with a little olive oil and fresh herbs or green onions. Yum! I could eat them like candy!

    Yes, I signed the petition!!!

  311. 322
    Erin from Long Island /


    = )

  312. 323
    Ashley H. /

    I would like to learn how to make homemade lasagna.

  313. 324
    Adele /

    My favorite meal to make for my family and it is one of their favorites also, is a Pork and Artichoke Stew.

    Love Jaimie and what he is trying to accomplish

  314. 325
    Adele /

    I voted on Jaimie’s petition. Great cause!

  315. 326

    Wow, I love your site! I could hang out here all day!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello 😀

  316. 327

    As you may have noticed my tweets these days have had something to do with eating better….so what I would MOST like to cook for my family are some meatless alternatives….some new tofu recipes….etc…

    And as a total other end of the spectrum of that I also want to learn how to make Cuban Pork….LOL

  317. 328

    My favorite meal to fix for the family: grilled steak, roasted sliced potatoes w/ butter & onions, green salad. Or artichokes, if they’re in season.

    Signed the petition a while back but hopefully that will still count as a second entry!

  318. 329

    Retweeted!! @LoveBigBake….

  319. 330
    Matt /

    Jamie is great. Really impressed with what he’s doing. His presentation at TED was amazing, won him $100,000 for his Revolution.

    Favorite meal to make is Tilapia Francese with sauted green beans. Everyone loves it.

  320. 331
    Matt /

    Ah, and I signed up on Jamie’s site yesterday 🙂

  321. 333

    I don’t have a favorite meal, but I love to make artichoke dip. The family goes crazy for it!

  322. 334
    Faith /

    I love to make homemade pizza for my family. It’s easy and delicious! Thanks!

  323. 335
    Kristen /

    My favorite to make is eggplant rolls filled with spinach and ricotta topped with a roasted red pepper tomato sauce. They <3 it!

  324. 336

    I do love to roast a good chicken!

  325. 337

    And I signed the petition!

  326. 338

    I just love raspberries chocolate and the cream….what a slice of heaven. I had already signed.. will tweet again….thanks

  327. 339
    geri /

    i signed the petition

  328. 340
    geri /

    I like to cook scalopped potatoes lately. the kids love em.

  329. 341

    The sponge cake looks gorgeous! I don’t need to win the book, as I already have it and have been cooking from it for 8 months now. I think the one recipe I fall back on most often is the chicken chow mein, although I tend to vary the veggies depending on what I have on hand.

    I was glad to see that non-US people could also sign the petition now!

  330. 342

    I love cooking turkey pesto sandwiches for my family. They love them!

  331. 343
    Juila /

    I guess the most favourite meal I like to cook is the meal my family loves the most. It’s chicken parmesan with casear salad to go with it…so yummy!!!

  332. 345
    KimberlyDi /

    My favorite meal to make is any of my mother’s recipes. She passed away a few years ago and her recipes remind me of her and better times.

  333. 346
    Anna Boycott /

    My favorite meal to make is crispy bottomed salmon with roasted redskins and cranberry-garlic string beans. DELICIOUS!

  334. 347
    Anna Boycott /

    Signed the petition in early march

  335. 348
    Sharon H. /

    I love to make crab stuffed flounder!

  336. 349
    Sharon H. /

    I’ve signed the petition!

  337. 350

    This cake looks delicious!!

  338. 351
    Vanessa /

    My favorite meal to make is a barbeque grilled chicken salad with feta cheese! Yum!

  339. 352
    Kendyl /

    This time of year, my favorite meal to prepare for my family is BBQ salmon with corn on the cob.

  340. 353
    Kendyl /

    Signed the petition!

  341. 354
    Nancy /

    My favorite meal to make for my family is meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

  342. 355
    Nancy /

    I signed Jamie’s Food petition.

  343. 356

    I like to make a spinach stuffed meatloaf for my family!

  344. 357

    I signed the petition.

  345. 358
    tina reynolds /

    I like making grilled chicken, chive potatoes, and homemade baked mac and cheese for my family thanks for the chance

  346. 359
    tina reynolds /

    i signed the petition

  347. 360

    My families favorite dish is Barbequed Chicken and Barbequed Asperagus. We usually enjoy this with a fresh fruit salad.

  348. 362

    i signed the petition

  349. 363
    Brittany /

    This was great & so easy ! I made it for my graduation party and my only complaint is that it was eaten way too quickly. Never stop posting, I live off of your recipes 🙂

  350. 364
    Camilla /

    This is a teaching recipe? I shouldn’t have to google an ingredient in a first timers recipe…panettone!? Not only did I have to look it up but I am sure no one local is going to carry it. It would be easier just to make a cake.

  351. 365

    Now this is a heavenly cake!!


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