Bertolli’s “Into the heart of Italy” EXCLUSIVE + {GIVEAWAY}


{Photo credit, Lisa Leone}

Have you been following along with Bertolli’s “Into the heart of Italy” Web series? I hope so! So far there have been three webisodes. Each one more exciting than the last! The entire series is beautifully done and everytime I see one, it makes me long for bella Italia! I’m secretly hoping to win Bertolli’s contest for a Ultimate Culinary Vacation to ITALY! Yes, you can enter too, but if you win, you’ll need to take me with you OKAY ; ) tee hee

I’m over the moon excited to share with YOU that Bertolli has graciously given US some EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes fotos & VIDEO from the Carnevale celebration, which will be featured in the next episode of “Into the Heart of Italy: The Secret of the Mediterranean”. It’s scheduled to premiere April 26. In this upcoming episode, Rocco, Marisa and Dan attend the Carnevale celebration and make a delicious garlic shrimp, penne and cherry tomatoes dish. That means WE’RE seeing this before anyone else ; )  How cool are we ; )


{Photo Credit, Lisa Leone}

Carnevale is one of my favorite celebrations in Italy! You may recall I did a post on Crostoli a while back to celebrate Carnevale! I might just have to make some more now that I’m seeing these fantastic images!


{Photo Credit, Lisa Leone}

And now the piece de resistance…The VIDEO… Take a peek  & pay attention ; ) There’s a special giveaway below!

AND as if the EXCLUSIVE footage wasn’t enough the nice people over at Bertolli have also graciously donated THREE VIP Coupons good for ONE Bertolli Frozen Meal a piece! That means THREE lucky winners will be chosen by my magic eight ball to taste these meals that were inspired by this amazing series “Into the heart of Italy”!

How to Enter:

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In bocca al lupo {Good Luck}

Edited to Add:

The contest has ended & the lucky winners are…


Comment #38 Brit Linstrom “Oh and yes, I’ve been following you FOREVER on RSS ”
Comment #7 Tasha R. “I am already signed up for your RSS feed”
Comment #12 Frieda “I would have loved to be at that parade. I agree, the Superman at the end made me smile!”

Congratulations to Brit, Tasha & Frieda! Please email your mailing addresses to me at & we’ll get those coupons right out to you.

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered! Keep your eyes open we’ll be having more BERTOLLI fun next week ; )


  1. 1
    miss_ellie /

    my favorite parts were the baby in the lotus flower and the giant obama bobbleheads

  2. 2
    Lindsay /

    My Favorite part of the video was the random Superman hot air balloon shot at the end!

  3. 3
    Lindsay /

    I RT’d!

  4. 4
    Lindsay /

    I use Google Reader to stay updated!

  5. 5

    The parade is so cool. I love the guys glasses, but my favorite part was all of the masks and makeup worn in the parade. Thanks for showing this. I want to win the trip too! If I win, I will take you.

  6. 6
    Tasha R. /

    I love all the beautiful costumes! They’re stunning.

  7. 7
    Tasha R. /

    I am already signed up for your RSS feed.

  8. 8
    Faith /

    I love the vibrant colors of the costumes and makeup. So cool!

  9. 9

    My favorite part of the video was the Superman balloon 🙂 I lived in Italy for four years, but never made it to Carnevale. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  10. 11

    Subscribed to bell’ alimento in reader

  11. 12

    I would have loved to be at that parade. I agree, the Superman at the end made me smile!

  12. 13

    I love that Carnevale started because people didn’t want to pay taxes!

  13. 14

    I tweeted!

  14. 15

    And I already subscribe!

  15. 16
    Erin from Long Island /

    I was tickled to learn Carnivale was a tax protest, not a religiouis thing that I thought it was

  16. 18
    Erin from Long Island /

    google reader subscriber

  17. 19
    Lee /

    The Superman at the end was the best! LOVE your site!

  18. 20
    Lisa /

    love the superman balloon!

  19. 21
    Lisa /

    I subscrived via Google Reader

  20. 22
    R. Luce /

    I love to hear about the history of events—to listen to the story of the origins of Carnivale, protesting taxes and wearing masks to avoid recognition…pretty clever…beats throwing tea in a harbor, no? Guess we’ll have to work on that revolution for next year as tax day is behind us 😉

  21. 23
    R. Luce /

    I’ve enjoyed the RSS feed…makes me yearn for Italian food and storytelling each time I see my special bell’ alimento delivery!

  22. 24

    I’ve been to Italy before, and the colorful costumes and masks from Carnevale are always something to look at! (And let’s not forget that cannoli are my favorite part about Carnevale, although not in the video). I subscribe via Google Reader and I’ll be sure to let everyone who just started reading my new food blog (with some Italian inspiration as well) to jump on over here before 12 p.m. tomorrow!

  23. 25


  24. 26

    I have to agree with most everyone else about learning about the history of Carnivale…I also lived in Italy for two years, just outside of Venice and never made it to Carnivale…someday we hope to go back 😀

  25. 27

    Already a subscriber and follower of your blog in Google Reader 😀

  26. 28
    gina florencia /

    love the make up and the story behind the carnivale!!..ginaf

  27. 29
    Laurel H. /

    I think the Obama bobbleheads are hilarious, and how they timed them to match up with the discussion about not wanting to pay taxes. Don’t get me started…. LOL Thanks for running this contest. I’ve been a reader for a long time. Going to become a “follower” now.

  28. 30
    Laurel H. /

    I also added you to my Google Reader.

  29. 31

    great viedo..loved all of the costumes

  30. 32
    Anne /

    I love the parade, it’s so festive. The costumes are beautiful and so colorful. It is great to learn about the history of Carnevale. Thanks for the sneak peek of the video and the giveaway!

  31. 33
    Andrew /

    Great video. Liked the costumes and the Superman at the end.

  32. 34

    I liked the Makeup work

  33. 36

    Oh man. I LOVE THE HOT BOYS, duh 🙂

  34. 37

    I tweeeeeted! @brittty !

  35. 38

    Oh and yes, I’ve been following you FOREVER on RSS 🙂

  36. 39
    Anastacia /

    Oh my word…I would love to travel to Italia the home to my Soul 🙂

  37. 40

    Drool….SO WANT TO BE IN ITALY FOR CARNEVALE NOW!!!! Oops, was I just shouting? 😉

  38. 41
    Lethea /

    The costumes are amazing!

  39. 42

    haha I love the Superman!!

  40. 43

    Thank you! I got the coupon yesterday! Can’t wait to dive into a complete Bertolli meal…yum!

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