Capellini ai Funghi e Caviale {Angel Hair w/Mushrooms & Caviar} + GIVEAWAY !

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Yes, that’s right, honey are you listening ; ) For me, it’s a day when all I really want is peace & quiet in the house {Miss Priss, Middle Man & Bruiser you listening} & for someone else to cook for me. And if there happens to be a little something extra well then that’s just icing on the cake! Okay maybe a nice bottle of wine too ; ) 


And just in time for Mother’s Day, I was recently sent a complimentary review copy of “The Silver Spoon PASTA“. It’s about yes you guessed it ; ) PASTA! Hundreds of perfect pasta recipes! Everything from dried pasta to fresh pastas. Short pastas to long pastas. Cut pasta to filled pastas. Lots of PASTA! So much so you’ll never get bored. After flipping through this massive book & drooling all over it, I chose to make what I call a special occasion dish. I picked Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Caviar! Yes, caviar! It doesn’t get more special occasion that that! I did use Angel Hair Nests instead of Spaghetti because I thought it would make a fancy schmany presentation but feel free to use Spaghetti. For the mushrooms, I used a combination of Shitake, Oyster, Crimini & Portobellos for an extra special touch. I think it’s the perfect dish for Mother’s Day & one that would knock the socks off any Mom!


Here’s the recipe…

Adapted from “The Silver Spoon PASTA”
What you’ll need:
1 lb of angel hair pasta
2 sprigs fresh flat leaf parsley
2 garlic cloves – minced
2 tbsp extra virgin NUDO olive oil
5 2/3 cups mushrooms – chopped
1 cup dry white wine
2 tbsp caviar or lumpfish roe
1 tbsp tomato paste

What to do:
Chop the parsley & garlic, set aside. Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Add all mushrooms, and HALF of the garlic & parsley and cook over low heat for approx 20 mins. Stirring constantly & gradually add the wine. Add the reserved parsley & garlic & caviar into a small bowl & set aside.

WHILE the mushrooms are cooking, place a large pot of water on to boil. Lightly salt (caviar is quite salty so not too much) Add pasta when boiling and cook until al dente. Approx 2 mins prior to the pasta being ready, add the tomato paste so that the pasta becomes slightly pink.

When pasta is al dente, drain and place into your serving dish. Pour the mushroom sauce over and toss to combine. Sprinkle with the parsley, caviar mixture and serve immediately!

Buon Appetito!

It’s GIVEAWAY time…


And so you can make this recipe & many more we’re GIVING AWAY one copy of “The Silver Spoon PASTA“! & because it’s Mother’s Day after all, we’re going to ALSO include ONE tin of NUDO OLIVE OIL {Winner gets to choose between: Extra Virgine Olive Oil w/chili, lemon, mandarin or thyme} and if that wasn’t enough we’re also throwing in a copy of the book “Wine Secrets“.


So you want to enter? OF COURSE you do, here’s what to do: {BE SURE to leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry!}

1. Leave a comment here telling me what dish you’d make for your Mother for Mother’s Day.
2. RT this post on Twitter, come back & leave a separate comment telling me you’ve done so {we’re making it easy for you, just copy & paste this:

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Legal Schmegal: Contest is open to US addresses only {sorry I don’t make the shipping rules} Contest will be open until Wednesday May 5th at 12:00 pm EST. Winner will be drawn by our pet okay not really, by

Baci e’ in Bocca al lupo!


Psst…Nudo is an amazing company where you can also adopt an olive tree in ITALY & receive the olive oil from your tree. How cool is that? You’ll get updates, and information on the actual farmers themselves. Something I know I would LOVE, or a trip to the actual grove. Either one ; ) You don’t have to adopt you can also just purchase their fantastic oils. You can read all about Nudo and place orders HERE


  1. 1

    Fettucine alfredo! It is actually her favorite pasta dish. 🙂

  2. 2

    My mother always enjoyed pasta, so I would prepare some type of lasagna!

  3. 3

    Count me out of comp (Irish person) but just wanted to say recipe looks fab! Have the silver spoon cookbook- It’s my love.

  4. 4
    Hila /

    My mom loves brunch, so I would make her Eggs Benedict!

  5. 5

    I would make my mom this light dish that we both love–portabello stuffed with ground turkery and rosemary, topped with Gruyere.

  6. 6

    I would make my mom egg-sausage casserole because it’s her favorite! 🙂

  7. 7

    …and I tweeted!

  8. 8

    OOh I would make some lovely chicken piccata for my mom, complete with extra capers and lots of sauce, along wiith an arugula, fennel and grapefruit salad.

  9. 10
    JUDITH /

    I would make her eggplant parm , a mixed green salad on the side and lemon cheesecake for desert. Love you Mom!

  10. 11
    JUDITH /

    Already a facebook fan.

  11. 12

    well, my mom is always in Germany during Mothers Day 🙁 but if she were ever in the States, I’d make her pasta with my famous arrabiata sauce 🙂 She loves spice!

  12. 13

    Also retweeted! (anrapa is me!)

  13. 14

    I’m making bucatini pasta with shrimp in a garlic and butter sauce

  14. 15
    Kellie /

    I will make pasta with Shrimp and sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts, A family favorite. Good luck to all, what a special treat for the winner.
    Happy Early Mothers Day to All.

  15. 16
    Angela Napolitano /

    I’m making my mother Lasagna Bolognese for Mother’s Day.

  16. 17
    Angela Napolitano /

    I retweeted your Mother’s Day post!

  17. 18
    Jessica /

    I would probably make her a dessert with dark chocolate in it. My mom is a chocoholic big time!

  18. 19
    Taylor /

    I would make my mom butter chicken or chicken marsala since she likes them and I can cook them both really well!

  19. 20
    Taylor /

    I’m your fan on Facebook!

  20. 21

    My mom likes to try new things. So, I’ll probably have to search to find something perfect.

  21. 22
    Taylor /

    I am a fan of Nudo Italia on Facebook!

  22. 23

    I “like” nudo on FB! (and in real life…I need to adopt an olive tree…)

  23. 24

    Does it count if I’m already a fan/liker on FB?

  24. 25

    I’d make crab cakes, yum!

  25. 27

    I’m a fan of yours on Facebook!

  26. 28

    I am loving this pasta dish. I think I need to make this on Mother’s Day!

  27. 29
    Doreen /

    My sisters and I are planning a Mothers Day brunch and my Mom’s birthday celebration – delayed Mothers Day and slightly early birthday … we’re still working on the menu – but we’ll probably have a frittata or baked french toast, maybe lasagna … still up in the air – we all have ideas – and I’m sure there will be way too much food

  28. 30

    I’m following @NudoItalia on Twitter!

  29. 31
    CatskillsCook /

    I’d make shrimp scampi for my mom. It’s easy and something she doesn’t cook for herself.

  30. 32
    CatskillsCook /

    I retweeted your post.

  31. 33
    Mary C . /

    My mother loves anything with lots of garlic, lots of onions, and fish!!!! All that with some pasta throw in for her carbs and I am sure she would be happy 🙂

  32. 34
    Mary C . /

    I am a fan/liker of your FB page!

  33. 35
    CatskillsCook /

    Already a fan on facebook.

  34. 36
    Doreen /

    I tweeted your giveaway

  35. 37
    Doreen /

    I am a fan on facebook

  36. 38
    Missy /

    I’m not sure what I will be making my mom for Mother’s day. I am making her lavender lemon madeleines, which are her favorite dessert, but nothing is planned for dinner yet. I suppose I should get right on that.

  37. 39
    ellie /

    hmmm…. not sure what i’ll make…. my mom’s allergic to wheat so maybe a pot roast or some chicken… i actually just found this yummy rib recipie that i want to try on wings

  38. 40
    Doreen /

    bonus entry – I just “liked” NudoItalia on Facebook and followed NudoItalia on twitter

  39. 41

    My mom is deceased, but if she were living, she’d love anything I would make for her! I think I’d make a comfort meal of roast and potatoes though.

    Neat giveaway!

    mary at deepsouthdish dot com

  40. 42

    I tweeted!

    mary at deepsouthdish dot com

  41. 43
    Linda /

    Lasagna, for sure!

  42. 44

    it has been decided that I am to make chicken parmesan and homemade breadsticks, probably cheese olive bread as well, salad, and strawberry shortcake.


    You KNOW I’m all about this giveaway!!!

  43. 45

    I’m having a Mother’s Day Brunch this year- homemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole, fruit platters and mimosas!

  44. 46

    And I just RT’d this!

  45. 47

    And I’m already a fan on FB! 🙂

  46. 48

    I want to make huge cinnamon rolls for Mother’s Day Breakfast!! 😀

  47. 49

    RT the post 😀

  48. 50

    A “liker” on facebook~!

  49. 51

    Following NudoItalia on twitter!

  50. 52
    Lee /

    If my mother were still with me, I’d make her favorite breakfast of soft-scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and big fluffy biscuits with blackberry jam. It was a Sunday morning tradition for us. I’d make breakfast, then we’d sit and watch her local church service on television.

  51. 53
    Jessica /

    I think I would make her some Cuban food. Maybe Ropa Veija. Yum. and of course a chocolaty dessert!

  52. 54
    Jessica /

    I’m a bella alimento FB Fan

  53. 55
    Jessica /

    I liked and followed Nudo

  54. 57
    Sarah Morris /

    Butternut Squash Lasagna! mmmmm.

  55. 58
    Kayla /

    became a fan or “liker” lol

  56. 59
    Kayla /

    I am baking my mom a coconut cake which is her favorite.

  57. 60
    scrapper al /

    My mom likes anything I cook (because that means she didn’t have to cook, lol).

  58. 61
    Michelle /

    We’re grilling chicken with all the fixins and always strawberry shortcake for dessert

  59. 62

    I’d make spaghetti and meatballs!

  60. 63

    I’m a FB fan of Bell ‘alimento!

  61. 64

    I’m a FB fan of Nudo!

  62. 65
    Megan /

    I’d make her an asian inspired chicken salad (that’s her favorite) 🙂

  63. 66
    Faith /

    I would make my mom grilled salmon with a salad. She loves salmon!

  64. 67
    Faye /

    I would make a seafood dinner for my Mother-steamed lobster, or shrimp scampi. My Dad won’t eat any fish or seafood at all, so when Mom visits with fill her up on fish and seafood!

  65. 68
    Faye /

    I retweeted this @fayethorn

  66. 69
    Faye /

    I like you on facebook.

  67. 70

    Mmmm, I’d make penne pasta with goat cheese, butternut squash and toasted walnuts! My mama would be in heaven!

    -Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

  68. 71
    Wendy /

    I would makae my mom linguini and clam suace, one of he favorites. She makes it best though 🙂

  69. 72
    Wendy /

    i tweeted

  70. 73
    Wendy /

    already a FB fan

  71. 74
    Wendy /

    twitter fan of nudo!

  72. 75

    My mom has requested a chocolate torte she saw on, so I that’s what I’ll be making! LOL

  73. 76

    I RT’d!

  74. 77

    I’m a “liker” on Facebook! Teehee…

  75. 78

    I follow Nudo on Twitter and am a fan on Facebook!

  76. 79

    I’d actually consider making the pasta/mushroom/caviar recipe – YUM! But truthfully, if I could be with Mom on Mother’s Day – she lives in another state – I’d make her her favorite dessert, which is rice pudding. But not just any rice pudding, I’d use the same recipe her Mama used to make for her when she was a child. It’s a family recipe, and she loves, loves, loves it. For dinner, we’d probably go out, because she wouldn’t want anyone else to have clean up the kitchen. I love my Mom!

  77. 80

    Okie Dokie, twitter is done!

  78. 81

    I liked you all along, but now it’s official…on Facebook!

  79. 82

    already following Nudo on twitter – aren’t they great!

  80. 83

    already a fan of Nudo on FB. 😉

  81. 84
    magi /

    Homemade mac and cheese with cheez-its on top. She’s an amazing cook but can never manage homemade mac and cheese…I figure I need to provide her with some.

  82. 85
    magi /

    already a fb fan!

  83. 86

    We’re taking her out to eat but I want to make her white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate icing…she loves white chocolate.

  84. 87

    I’d make her some sort of egg dish, preferably something with smoked salmon. Great giveaway!

  85. 88

    I “liked” you on Facebook (can’t believe I hadn’t done that before).

  86. 89

    I re-tweeted this giveaway. @cookincanuck

  87. 90
    Schmidty /

    Lasagna, with roasted broccoli on the side.

  88. 91
    Nora /

    it would have to be buttermilk pancakes and bacon for the morning!

  89. 92

    My mother really liked my Mexican flautas with chicken with fresh tomatillo sauce and cream with fresh cheese on top.

  90. 94

    I already “Like” you on FB!

  91. 95

    I am following Nudo (Naked) on FB and Twitter. 🙂

  92. 96
    Ashley /

    I would make her brunch

  93. 97

    Gorgeous pasta dish – the caviar sends it to a new level. I don’t cook on Mother’s Day – but bring me some shrimp to top my pasta and I’m a happy camper!

  94. 98

    My mom loves sweets so I’d make her some of her favorite deserts like these:

  95. 99

    I’m a facebook fan of yours Paula 😀

  96. 100

    I am now a facebook fan of Nudo: Adopt an Olive Tree…thanks for the great contest and enlightening us all about this company 😀

  97. 101

    I have no idea what I’m going to make this weekend! Something fruity for sure – probably some drinks! Oh yes! Fruity drinks!

  98. 102

    I retweeted! @brittty

  99. 103

    I’m totally a fan on Facebook!

  100. 104

    I’m a fan of Nudo Italia on facebook!

  101. 105

    & I’m following @NudoItalia on twitter too!

  102. 106

    Also, can I just say this recipe looks FANTASTIC! I don’t know if I could do it with the caviar – I’m not a fan, but mushrooms are absolutely my favorite!

  103. 107
    Heathah /

    I’m grilling my mom steaks for Mother’s Day. But that pasta looks yummy.

  104. 108
    LoriAnn /

    I’d make her tea sandwiches and a strawberries and cream cake, full of love.

  105. 109
    LoriAnn /

    I’d make cannoli for my mother in law.

  106. 110
    LoriAnn /

    Burgers on the grill…her favorite.

  107. 111
    Regina S /

    my fave (so this is what I would make) is sphgetti with brown butter sauce. So yummy!

  108. 112
    TeresaC /

    For my Mom I’d make Chicken Romana, pour her a nice glass of wine, and sit back and enjoy her company (and famous stories) at dinner.

  109. 113
    Ali /

    i’d make my mom a raw bar feast, grilled corn crab salad, and an arugula and goat cheese and tomato tart with key lime pie for dessert all of her favs!

  110. 114
    Gloriana /

    I would make her waffles for breakfast- her favorite thing ever 🙂

  111. 115
    Danielle /

    I’d make my mom her favorite, whoopie pies.

  112. 116

    What a great giveaway. Too bad I am in Aussie 🙁

  113. 117

    I’d actually stray from the traditional Italian a bit and make my mom brunch. Bagels (her favorite) with eggs and/or cream cheese.

  114. 118
    Tasha R. /

    I’m going to take my Mom out to dinner so no one has to do the dishes : )

  115. 119
    Tasha R. /

    I am a fan on Facebook

  116. 120
    Margie /

    Fettucine Alfredo is my Moms favortie.

  117. 121

    That pasta cookbook looks lovely!

  118. 122

    I will be making cinnamon french toast stuffed with a honey-walnut cream cheese! Im counting down the days!

  119. 123

    I tweeted!!

  120. 124

    following of facebook too!

  121. 125

    and did the bonus.. I ‘like’ Nudo on fb and I am following them on twitter too!! check, check and check!!

  122. 126

    Pick me me me… I retweeted too. I’m also a fan of Nudo too.

  123. 127

    For Mother’s Day, I’d make my mom stuffed Calabrian lasagna…she *loved* it when I made it for her here 🙂

    P.S. My mom has a US shipping address 🙂

  124. 128

    I have retweeted your contest announcement on Twitter

  125. 129

    I already was your “liker” on FB…hope that counts!

  126. 130

    I now “like” and “follow” Nudo on FB and Twitter, respectively 😉

  127. 131

    I would rather make pasta e fagoli for my mama……yummmmmmm



  128. 132

    I’d make Gnocchetti di Melanzane 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  129. 134

    I like bella alimento on Facebook

  130. 135

    Subscribed to bell’ alimento in reader

  131. 136

    Following @NudoItalia on Twitter and I like Nudo on Facebook

  132. 137
    Liesal /

    For my mom, we have a tradition of fried zucchini, so I would plan on making that for her on Sunday, but she’s visiting her mom this year.

  133. 138
    Liesal /

    RT’d contest on Twitter.

  134. 139
    Liesal /

    I’m a Facebook liker.

  135. 140
    Liesal /

    I’m now a follower and a liker of Nudo.

  136. 141
    Sasha /

    Facebook Fan

  137. 142
    Sasha /

    I think I would make scallops…..we were just talking about them the other day.

  138. 143


  139. 144
    Ashley Adams /

    Mother’s day is the perfect Brunch day- May is a gorgeous month, so we would have to dine al fresco with bagels and smoked salmon, feta and watermelon salad, warm muffins, and freshly squeezed o.j. (or maybe bellinis). Honestly, the possibilities are endless. A wonderful day for my favorite person. I adore my mom 🙂

  140. 145
    Jennifer /

    I think I’m going to make that mozzarella salad you posted a few days ago!

  141. 146
    Cheri /

    The thing my mom always asks me to make is…meatloaf. I have a very old cookbook, called the I Hate to Cook Cookbook, and the meatloaf recipe in it was one of the very first things I learned how to make on my own. Maybe that association (having someone else cook dinner) is why it’s always seemed special to her, but she says she just really likes it–it’s homey and she eats out almost all the time these days. I’ll probably make a whole kind of retro dinner, so it’ll be meatloaf, a salad made of iceberg lettuce wedges with lots of roasted beets and blue cheese dressing, peas with bacon and sauteed scallions and a little bit of sauteed romaine or some other leafy lettuce, and mashed potatoes. Fresh strawberry pie for dessert. Mmm.

  142. 147
    Ashley /

    I am a fan on facebook. I will be making salsa verde pork and chipolte coleslaw.

  143. 148
    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) /

    I would love it if my Mom were still here so I could cook anything for her. She loved to cook for special occasions, and I am just like her in that way. If she were alive, I’d probably make something really fancy and French and serve it with champagne. She would get such a kick out of that!

  144. 149
    Toni /

    I’d make her this Baked Ziti recipe I have that she loves.

  145. 150
    Toni /

    I’m a FB fan 🙂

  146. 151
    Toni /

    I’m a fan of NUDO on FB too 🙂

  147. 152

    chicken piccata!

  148. 153

    Lumpfish caviar is an excellent alternative to pricier Caspian Sea varieties. This specialty caviar is a perfect addition to a gourmet meal; used as a substitute in recipes calling for the more traditional roes.

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