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I have always heard people talk about how a GOOD knife is all they need in the kitchen. I have drooled, lusted and longed for a GOOD kitchen knife for as long as I can remember. Now, I can finally say I understand what they were talking about *swoon* I was recently sent a New West Knives Fusionwood Chef’s Knife 8″ for review. New West KnifeWorks are high quality, high end works of kitchen art. Calling them JUST a knife simply seems disrespectful. You can choose from the Phoenix line or the Fusionwood line. Choosing is not going to be easy. You’ll see!


There is a lot of hard work that goes into making each and every piece of  their knife art. Highly skilled artisans and modern precision tools work together to create these pieces. The finest materials are sculpted, assembled and hand-finished to ensure every piece is perfect. You can read all about the premium high carbon stainless STEEL {which btw boast a high carbon content – 70% higher than Wusthof }, BLADES that are cut, precision ground & hand finished, & HANDLES that are created from select hardwood veneers that are vacuum impregnated with penetrating dies and resins. You can read all that and more HERE. It’s quite an impressive process & did I mention they have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE?


Even though it’s a sharp piece of culinary technology, this is one SEXY knife! Yes, definitely sexy. I knew from the photo on their website that it was a beautiful knife. What I didn’t know was how STUNNING this knife was until I opened the box. The first thing I saw was a red business card that read: CAUTION EXTREMELY SHARP so I carefully, very carefully, unwrapped the package.


Once I peeled back all the layers, there it was peaking out from a beautiful leather case,  THE handle. It’s truly a work of ART. That alone had me giddy. Mine is the Flamenco (perfect girly handle for a girly girl like myself) Then once I properly admired it, I picked it up. The weight of this knife is impressive. You know you’re holding something unlike any other. Then I GENTLY slid the knife out of his beautiful leather holder and I practically gasped…the BLADE. That shiny beautiful blade. That very SHARP blade. Would you like this baby in action, of course you would…Check out this video & see for yourself…

I was anxious to get in the kitchen and try her out. I immediately, went into the pantry/fridge and pulled out some onions, carrots, celery in preparation to chop chop and chop again. And chop I did! I have never experienced more pleasurable chopping in my life. The blade slid through these vegetables like it was going through water. WATER.


I’m officially ruined! Yes, this knife has ruined me, every other knife in my kitchen might as well start looking for a new home! I am already eyeing the Fusionwood bread knife and the pairing knife! Honey are you listening? LOL

I feel as if I should have some type of beautiful velvet lined box to put her in (I’m going to have to come up with a name for my knife because we’re going to be spending a whole lot of kitchen time together & yes I’m goofy like that) she’s my Mona Lisa of Knives & deserves a special spot to be displayed {when not in use of course, but used she will be}

And I’m thrilled that New West KnifeWorks has GENEROUSLY given me one of their beautiful PETTY FUSIONWOOD knifes to giveaway. How lucky are y’all? Check out the video of this gem…


Edited to add: Contest has ended! Thank you for your entries. Winner announced HERE

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In bocca al lupo!


  1. 1
    Megan /

    I’m lusting after Granton Santoku!

  2. 2

    The Petty Knife is GORGEOUS! Adore!

  3. 3

    Gosh, the whole knife set looks awesome. If I won, I’d give it to my sister. I tried to make a meal at her apartment this weekend, and her knives practically handicapped me…they wouldn’t chop anything! A basic chopper knife would be my first pick for her, but any knife would be better than nothing. No wonder she doesn’t cook a lot…

  4. 4

    Have RT’d the post 🙂

  5. 5

    Absolutely in LOVE with the Phoenix “The 9” in “stone”

    What a great post and gorgeous knives! I’d love to have a whole set!


  6. 6

    The Santoku knife is for sure the knife I want in my kitchen- there are quite a few that I would love to have but this one would do the trick-it would do everything! They truly are works of art! I need art in my kitchen!

  7. 7
    Andy /

    I am torn between the Phoenix 9 and the Fusionwood 8″ chef’s knife, but I think the wider (and presumably heavier) blade of the 8″ chef’s wins out.

    What beautiful knives these people have!

  8. 8

    Love the Super Bread knife, with all the artisan bread we make around here it would get a workout!

  9. 9

    I am already a FB fan!

  10. 10

    Follow on facebook

  11. 11

    follow on twitter

  12. 12
    Meghan /

    I like the petty knife! How pretty!

  13. 13

    OK, let’s start this ‘sweet’ job… just checked the web site, and I can adfirm my favourite knife is the granton santoku, with the red handle! soo sexy, you’re right!

  14. 14

    Twitted right now!

  15. 15

    I’m already a fan on FB and, if it was possible, I would double the fanship! 😛

  16. 16

    If I had my druthers, the mini-chopper is fabulous. And dangerous looking!

  17. 17

    And now I’m a fan of New West KnifeWorks on Facebook as well!

  18. 18

    Can you be in LUST with a knife!!! Paula these are actually works of art.

    If I had to choose just one it would be the 8 inch Chef knife.

  19. 19

    what else? the RSS Feed? Obviously I was already subscribed!!
    un abbraccio!

  20. 20
    Megan /

    I became a fan of bella alimento on Facebook.

  21. 21
    Megan /

    followed and RT’ed @bellalimento on Twitter!

  22. 22

    I immediately swooned for the Granton Santoku –

    as a metalsmith I totally swooned over the mokume grain of the blade. Lovely!

  23. 23

    I would love the chopper or the chef 6 knife! Hubby and I were laughing over the prices of knives in a kitchen store this weekend… but I was secretly lusting inside…

  24. 24

    I tweeted! (DoubleDipLife)

  25. 25

    I’m already a FB fan!

  26. 26
    Randi Lynne /

    I REALLY like the super bread knife!

  27. 27

    Definitely the Petty knife. What a beauty!

  28. 28
    Randi Lynne /

    Follow u on Facebook now!

  29. 29
    Randi Lynne /

    Now follow you on Twitter and RT’ed.

  30. 30

    Follow you on Twitter!

  31. 31

    Subscribe in Reader!

  32. 32

    The super bread knife for sure!

  33. 33
    Nikkie /

    I’m lusting over the chopper or the 8″ Chef knife! I love how unique these knives are with the different colored handles.

  34. 34
    Nikkie /

    Became a facbook fan!

  35. 35
    Nikkie /

    Became a facebook fan of New West Kinifeworks!

  36. 36
    Nikkie /

    Signed up for the RSS feed at home and on my phone. I would LOVE to win this beauty! 🙂

  37. 37
    Jessica /

    The Fusionwood Knive Mini Chopper looks fabulous

  38. 38
    Jessica /

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  39. 39
    Jessica /

    I’m your FB Fan

  40. 40
    Jessica /
  41. 41
    Jessica /

    I’m a KnifeWorks FB Fan

  42. 42
    Les DuLunch /

    I’d have that the one I’d use most would be the 8″ Fusionwood (with a Jessica handle), but the one I like to look at is The 9 with a Cocobolo handle. There’s just something about the look of Damascus steel.

  43. 43

    Santoku please–also, an FYI–I’ve linked to your pasta e fagioli recipe on my site. It sure is a goodie!

  44. 44
    Caity /

    The Fusionwood Chopper looks fabulous!

  45. 45
    Caity /

    I am a fan of yours on facebook.

  46. 46
    Caity /

    I tweeted 🙂

  47. 47
    Caity /

    I signed up for the RSS feed

  48. 48

    The Granton Santoku looks awesome!

  49. 49

    I would have to say the Chopper in Sunburst. and if someone twisted my arm the 8″ chef in taho would run a very close second.

  50. 51

    Like/Fan of yours on Facebook!

  51. 52
    Daryle /

    Santoku with sunburst handle

  52. 53
    Not your Average Jo /

    for my “one” can i say the ‘set with fusionwood display’ ?!? please please?! 🙂 ok ok ONE! It would be the Chef Knife 8inch with the Tahoe Shoreline handle.. the colors are beautiful!

  53. 54

    I like the smaller knives…I have very small hands 😀 The 2pc. kitchen set is really nice and that would be perfect to get started with.

  54. 55

    Just became a fan of New West KnifeWorks on facebook 😀

  55. 56


  56. 57

    Following on twitter and RT

  57. 58

    “Like on FB”

  58. 59

    Already a Bella fan/liker (love that word btw…liker 🙂 Paula…too cute.

  59. 60
    Les DuLunch /

    Just RT’d this post.

  60. 61

    Already a subscriber and receive emails…thanks! R

  61. 62

    My knives are crap. I could use all of them, but I particularity was intrigued by the super bread knife.

  62. 63
    Catherine /

    Oh my!…So many to choose from:)..The 8″ chef knife with a peacock handle.

  63. 64
    magi /

    I’ve fallen in love with the petty knife.

  64. 65
    teri /

    fusionwood chopper…well, any of them, actually 🙂

  65. 66

    I am SO with you on the good knife thing! I get lustful every time I cook in my parents’ kitchen, but have yet to find my dream knife. I am ALL about that Santoku with the Flamenco handle. Talk about sexy 🙂

  66. 67

    You had me at “sexy” and “sharp!” What a great combo! The rainbow colored fusion knife is calling my name….

  67. 68

    I tweeted too 🙂

  68. 69
    teri /

    I tweeted.

  69. 70

    I’m a follower/liker/stalker of your blog….via Google reader…

  70. 71

    I’ve been stalking you on FB as well!

  71. 72
    Les DuLunch /

    Just liked you on FB.

  72. 73
    Les DuLunch /

    Aaand now I like New West on FB, too.

  73. 74
    Jeremy /

    Oh my goodness “The 9” is beautiful. With the Hot handle. Wow. What a gorgeous knife.

  74. 76
    Jeremy /

    I like you guys on facebook

  75. 77
    Jeremy /

    i like new west on facebook

  76. 78
    Jeremy /

    and i already followed the rss. That’s how I found out about this awesome contest. Now just let me get lucky!

  77. 79
    Angela Napolitano /

    I love the Fusionwood Chopper in Mountain Iris! Amazing colors in the handles!! Of course I also lust after that Super Bread knife in Mountain Iris!!

  78. 80

    Oh my heck! These are gorgeous! The 8″ chef in peacock…but I could be talked into any of these :).

  79. 81
    Stephen Weinberg /

    I’m lusting after the Santoku (Sunburst)

  80. 82

    1. I Rtweeted it
    2. I am following you
    3. I “liked” your page
    4. I want the Peacock Chef’s Knife, 8″ in Fusionwood…
    Pick me!!

  81. 83
    Stephen Weinberg /

    Signed up for your RSS Feed

  82. 84
    Mary C . /

    I love the colors! I would like the 7pc set in fusionwood 🙂 But I think the chopper in peacock would make me pretty darn happy!!

  83. 85
    Mary C . /

    I am already a fan on FB.

  84. 86
    Les DuLunch /

    Oh, yeah, I follow your RSS, too.

  85. 87
    hayley /

    i would love the exact knife you posted. it’s GORGEOUS!

  86. 88
    hayley /

    i’m already a fan on FB!

  87. 89
    hayley /

    and I already subscribe to your RSS feed!

  88. 90

    The Grand Santoku is pretty awesome looking!!! I would love one in my kitchen.

  89. 91

    And you’re ‘liked’ on my facebook!

  90. 92
    Jeff /

    I am lusting after the Santoku (in “Mountain Iris”)

  91. 93
    Jeff /

    … and I subscribed to your RSS feed (via google reader)

  92. 94

    I just tweeted and of course I already fallow you ‘cuz you’re fabulous! GREG

  93. 95
    Laura L. /

    I love the Fusionwood Santoku Knife. It is truly a work of art. BTW, already follow you on FB!!!!!!!!

  94. 96
    ellie /

    i dont care whic knife i just want to stare at the oretty colored handles (does this make me a bad person? 🙂 )

  95. 97

    Oh, I am in lust with the Flamenco santoku knife. Although, Peacock is nice, too. Argh. WANT.

  96. 98
  97. 99

    FB fan. 🙂

  98. 100

    NWK fan on FB. 🙂

  99. 101

    You’re already in my Google Reader, but now I’ve gone public with that info. 🙂

  100. 102
    Cindy G. /

    I like the 8″ Fusionwood Chef knife…though I’d probably cut my fingers off with a GOOD knife. All mine are cheap and dull.

  101. 103

    I follow via rss and tweeted this. These knives look amazing. I’d luv the Fusionwood Knives 8″ Chef knife with Peacock handle.

  102. 104
    LisaWinks /

    I am having a hard time deciding. I do love the Jessica color scheme tho. I would be happy with just about any one of these beauties. Ok, after further review, I’m thinking I definitely want the mini chopper.

  103. 105
    Sondra /

    I think the Fusionwood 8″ chef knife is perfect for me.

  104. 106
    LisaWinks /

    FB fan.

  105. 107
    JUDITH /

    The Chef’s knife is awesome. Would love to get the Kitchen 2 pc set with paring and chef’s knife. That should take care of just about everything.

  106. 108
    Patricia /

    I’d love the Fusionwood Santoku inFlamenco. Love that girly colored handle!

  107. 109
    JUDITH /

    Facebook fan already.

  108. 110
    Patricia /

    I’m now an email subscriber.

  109. 111

    Love the fusionwood mini chopper!

  110. 112
    NeilW2 /

    The knife of choice that I use 75% of time in my kitchen is a Santoku, so the fusionwood Santoku is one beauty, my new samurai tool

  111. 114

    Following you on Facebook 🙂

  112. 115

    Let’s see, I want the Chef, Super Bread, Petty, and a mini paring. AND, they’ve got some gorgeous cutting boards! I like their section on “What Knives Do I Need” since I’m steel intellectually-challenged. Of course I love all their colors! Thanks for highlighting what looks to be like some awesome products! I’m crossing my fingers to win!

  113. 116

    OH, I love the fusionwood Santoku in Peacock! What fun!

    I am also subscribed to the blogfeeds (google reader)

  114. 117
    Jonathan /

    That Santoku looks like a great knife to have.

  115. 118
    Gayle in GA /

    I love the colorful handles.

  116. 119
    Beachgirl /

    The Chef’s knife looks handy. Very colorful.

  117. 120
    Jessica /

    I want The 9! But the one you have above looks fabulous as well!

  118. 121
    Rose /

    LOVE the chef’s knife!

  119. 122
    Nora /

    I want the Santoku fusionwood knife!!

  120. 123
    Melissa Staie /

    Want the fusionwood.

  121. 124
    Nora /

    and i just tweeted this!

  122. 125
    Regina S /

    Oh I want the phoenix pretty knife. Beautiful

  123. 126
    Megan /

    I really want the Granton Santoku or the Petty Knife!

  124. 127
    katie /

    the 8″ chef knife is beautiful!!

  125. 128
    Wendy /

    Became a liker of New West KnifeWorks!

  126. 129
    Grace /

    The Fusionwood 8inch Chef = love

  127. 130
    Wendy /

    The Fusionwood 8? chef’s knife is beautiful!

  128. 131

    I love the Granton Santoku with the Granite handle.

  129. 132
    Carl /

    That Fusionwood Mini Chopper would get used every day if I had it in my kitchen!!

    I “liked” this site on Facebook so that counts for two entries, right? 🙂

  130. 133
    Carl /

    I also did the “Become a fan/liker of New West KnifeWorks on Facebook. Come back & leave a separate comment telling us you’ve done so” entry method! Woo-hoo!

  131. 134
    Amy Rottier /

    Holey cannoli! I want it all!! The whole Fusionwood 7 piece set!! I adore my santoku knives, but I want another 8in chef. And I want the petty knife. No, just the whole set will do…

  132. 135
    Amy Rottier /

    I “liked” the New West folks in Facebook!

  133. 136
    Amy Rottier /

    I tweeted! New West rocks! Want me some FusionWood knives! I actually took a picture of this knife when I saw it in a local shop. Mmmm!

  134. 137
    Sarah Morris /

    Granton Santoku in Cocobolo…mmmm!!!

    Best giveaway yet, Paula!

  135. 138
    Eden Howard /

    I love the 8″ Chefs Knife. Especially the Jessica color.

  136. 139
    Sarah Morris /

    Retweeted on Twitter (@sarmorris)

  137. 140
    Sarah Morris /

    Fan on FB!

  138. 141
    Sarah Morris /

    Fan of New West Knifeworks, too, on FB!

  139. 142
    Sarah Morris /

    And I’ve been an RSS feed follower for awhile 😉

  140. 143
    Mary Garcia /

    I have drooled over the all of the knives on the website, but I would have to say the one on my wish list would be the Granton Santoku. I would feel I could conquer any carrot or tomato in my path.

  141. 144
    Mary Garcia /

    I have retweeted the post. Must not let others miss out on such a great opportunity!

  142. 145
    Fayanne Thorngate /

    I have a cheap Santoku knife which I love, but won’t last. I’d have to pick the Granton Santoku-a beautiful knife!

  143. 146
    Fayanne Thorngate /

    I tweeted this, and just realized that it’s the fusionwood line you have-I still like the Santoku!

  144. 147
    Kimberly Lontrato /

    Really nice knives, I like the Fusionwood 8? chef’s knife

  145. 148
    Kimberly Lontrato /

    Following on Twitter @Brn2lisn and Tweet, Tweet

  146. 149
    Luke /

    Phoenix Granton Santoku knife with a granite handle…now that’s a sharp knife!

  147. 150
    Casophia Cheah /

    Would definitely love the Fusionwood Santoku knife! None of my knives in my kitchen can do paper thin cutting without tearing them. Will be great to have one of this!

  148. 151
    Taylor /

    Wow, those are gorgeous. I guess the Fusionwood colors that I like best are the Peacock and Flamenco. But did you see those Phoenix knives? And what about the Fusionwoods in that amazing stainless steel display? THAT was awesome.

    ps Did you notice they refer to the 8″ Fusionwood chef knife as the light saber of knives? I just might be in love with this company 🙂

  149. 152
    Taylor /

    I am your fan on Facebook!

  150. 153
    Taylor /

    I am a fan of New West KnifeWorks on FB

  151. 154
    Taylor /

    And I am following you on RSS Feed!

  152. 155
    Debbi /

    I have been wanting a Santoku for a long time!

  153. 156

    The fusionwood knives are simply gorgeous, all of them! I don’t even know if I could pick!

  154. 157

    I retweeted 🙂 @brittty

  155. 158

    I’m a fan of Bell’ Alimento on facebook!

  156. 159

    I’m a fan of New West KnifeWorks on facebook!

  157. 160

    I follow your RSS feed, too!!

  158. 161

    That Peacock Santoku has me drooling!

  159. 162

    i’ve become a fan of bell alimento on facebook

  160. 163

    i’ve become a fan of new west knives on facebook

  161. 165

    the knife i like the best is the fusionwood chopper!

  162. 166

    WOW!!! I am in looooove with the Fusion Wood Mini-Chopper in the Fourth of July colorway but all of them are amazing. Can we call them ” Sculpting Tools” rather than knifes? It seems more respectful and accurate 🙂

    PS: I “Liked” New West on FB.

  163. 167
    Karyl /

    I had never heard of this company before, but their knives look beautiful. I’d love to get a bread knife that doesn’t crush French bread loaves. The one on their site certainly looks like it would do the trick. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  164. 168

    Okay, that’s it. I’m not sugar-coating it. I’ve been using cheap, slightly less cheap and then cheap knives while my husband finishes his military service (I’m so proud, 26 years). I didn’t want expensive knives to be lost in moves, etc. but now I am envisioning a kitchn like I’ve always wanted… it matters, you know. The better the kitchen and tools, the more I personally experiment and I certainly eat healthier. Okay, long story short, I am not sugar-coating it by saying I lust, lust, lust after the kitchen 7 piece set with wood display. I am sad, I don’t think I’ll be able to order before production ceases if blocks are really that limited, though. Still, if I had to choose only one, I’d go with the Chopper as my first one. I’ve been keeping an eye on this company so I’m glad to see such a great review! 😀 Pick me! lol

  165. 169

    I am lusting after the bread knife. It looks incredible! What a wonderful giveaway.

  166. 170

    I’m already a (huge!) fan on Facebook!

  167. 171

    Gave your giveaway a little Tweet shout-out. Good luck to everyone!

  168. 172
    Karen C /

    I have never seen a knife as cute as the fusionwood petty knife in flamenco! love.

  169. 173
    Jane /

    Holy smokes – that Fusionwood Super Bread Knife looks like something that would make me happy for a lifetime…I’d love to see that in my knife block.

  170. 174

    Way too cool knife !! This is something I would LOVE to have. Pick me pick me pick me! LOL…..

  171. 175
    Jane /

    Told the world (OK twitter) that I’m lusting after the bread knife…

  172. 176
    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) /

    Gotta admit I like that 9 the best.

  173. 177
    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) /

    Yes, I’m an email subscriber, too!

  174. 178

    I would love to have the Granton Santoku. Now that is a huge knife!!!

  175. 179

    I am already a subscriber to your RSS feed!

  176. 180

    I’m a Facebook Fan!

  177. 181
    Joni lind /

    I have been wanting the Granton Santoku. please

  178. 182

    I’ve been drooling over New West knives for quite a while. I’d love the 8″ chef’s knife in Mountain Iris.

  179. 183

    Following & tweeted!

  180. 184

    I’m already a FB fan 🙂

  181. 185

    I just “liked” New West Knifeworks on FB. Don’t know why I hadn’t done that earlier!

  182. 186

    And finally, I already subscribe to your feed 🙂

  183. 187

    I cannot choose one. I want them all!

  184. 188

    i’m also following you on RSS

  185. 189

    Oh and I didn’t realize you had a facebook page but now I do and now I like it too.

  186. 190

    That 8″ Fusionwood Chef Knife might just be the most beautiful knife I have ever seen…I want.

  187. 191

    I’m on your RSS!

  188. 192

    I Facebook-like New West Knifeworks Quality Chef Knives! Can I have one now?

  189. 193

    I’m a fan on FB 😉

  190. 194
    Kimberly Flickinger /

    I am lusting after this paring knife in the color Fourth of July

  191. 195
    Kimberly Flickinger /

    Became a fan of yours on facebook.

  192. 196
    Kimberly Flickinger /

    Subscribed to your feed

  193. 197

    Hard choice, but I’d have to say the Fusionwood Santoku. Beautiful knives!

  194. 198

    I “like” you on FB.

  195. 199

    I “like” New West on FB.

  196. 200
    Kimberly Flickinger /

    Following on twitter @kaflickinger and tweeted

  197. 201

    Oh, wow! These are beautiful. I would select the Fusionwood 8″ Chef Knife.

  198. 203

    I just “liked” you on Facebook…which I thought I had already done, but apparently not. 🙂

  199. 204

    I happily “liked” New West Knifeworks Quality Chef Knives 🙂

  200. 205

    I’m subscribed to your RSS feed!

  201. 206
    Sammee /

    I’m lusting after the fusionwood chef knife, 8 inch!

  202. 207
    Sammee /

    I’m following you on twitter, and I tweeted the.. um.. thing you told me to tweet! hahaha

  203. 208
    Sammee /

    I “Like” you on Facebook!

  204. 209
    Sammee /

    I “Like” New West Knife Works on facebook!

  205. 210
    Anna /

    A good bread knife would be amazing!

  206. 211
    Anna /

    I subscribed to the feed!

  207. 212
    Peggy Williams-Kala /

    Nithing is the same after yyou use a good!!! knife. I would love to have them all. If I have to choose one to start with it would be the Cocobolo Santuko Knife.

  208. 213
    Jan /

    I am lusting over the chopping knife. I do know now what I want for christmas.

  209. 214

    The 8in chef’s knife caught my attention, especially in Tahoe Shoreline. Pretty, pretty…

  210. 215
    Monica Lim /

    I’m lusting after the Fusionwood Knife Santoku in Jessica!

  211. 216
    Monica Lim /

    I also tweeted!

  212. 217
    Monica Lim /

    I have become a fan on Facebook!

  213. 218

    Love the Phoenix Petty… even the Fusion wood Chefs knife is great…

  214. 219
    Monica Lim /

    I have become a fan of New West KnifeWorks on Facebook!

  215. 220

    I subscribe to your feed

  216. 221

    I’m loving the Santoku fushinwood knive in ‘mountain iris’… and the 9 on the Phoenix side.. in granite. Of course… I already have a wonderful knife, so I am a hard sell.

  217. 222

    I tweeted. And doesn’t that sound naughty? Or like “I farted?”

  218. 223

    I am a RSS stalker.. erm follower.

  219. 224

    I am now a fan of New West on FB

  220. 225

    I have been a liker of your FB for awhile…

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    Jessica Falksen /

    Oooh. They are so pretty! It used to just be school supplies that I could spend hours oohing and ahhing over. Once I started baking and cooking kitchen utensils were added to that – and a bit heavier of a price tag were added. Eek!

    The Chef Knife 8 Inch is beautiful. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they compared it to a light saber in the description! 🙂

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    I’m already subscribed to your email fed. That still count?!

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    I love the Santuko!

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    Anne-Marie /

    Wow! They are all so beautiful…..the Super Bread knife is killer! The 8″ Chef Knife to die for! But, if I am making a wish list…I will wish big…..the 7pc Fusionwood Display set!!!

  231. 236
    Anne-Marie /

    I subscribe to your feed.

  232. 237

    Oh, my, that Fusionwood 8-inch chef’s is GORGEOUS! I’ve been drooling over that off and on for a while now. . .

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    Oh, and? I’m not sure how I found you, but I’ve already RSS’ed you!

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    The Fusionwood Santoku with the Mountain Iris handle…Soooo pretty!
    I’d love to have the whole 7 pc set with that awesome Juniper/stainless rack but alas, no room on the counter and, more importantly, no $$$ in the checking account…

  239. 244

    I’m torn between the 8-inch chef knife (beautiful handle color choices!) and the mini chopper knife. 🙂

  240. 245

    The Granton Santoku looks really great! 😉

  241. 246
    Tara /

    I went looking for a bread knife. But the Super Bread knife kinda scares me! 🙂 That blade is…interesting. But yeah, that would be awesome. I definitely need a pairing knife though. And that is one pretty pairing knife.

  242. 247

    I became a fan on FB!! 😉

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    Oh the 8″ chef knife in Shoreline would be fantastic! These are beautiful knives!

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    I have chosen my knife, and I am an email subscriber.

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    Hila /

    I really like the Santoku!

  247. 252
    Anastacia Leigh /

    I guess I am the gazillionth person to say these are some pretty awesone cutting instuments…so just pick me and I promise to put them to good use…I am a persoanl chef by night and love to cook girl by day tootles, Anastacia

  248. 253
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    the granton santoku looks like it would make some awefully good sushi… 🙂

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    oh my…..

    the kitchen 2 piece set

    in Flaminco or Jessica – I can’t choose


  258. 263
    Missy /

    Definitely lusting after the santuko knife in Peacock! The color combination is so pretty and I need a good santuko knife. Of course, I could really use any good knife, but I’ve only been out of college for a year…I’m still working on not being the poor student.

  259. 264
    fern /

    the fusionwood santoku looks amazing! i love the colors!!

  260. 265

    Love the santouku “jessica”! Beautiful! Being from Wyoming, I am very proud of Wyoming made products and would love, love, love to win this one! Thanks for sharing!

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    Anthony /

    These knives look and sound awesome!!! Id love to add a nice knife like this to my arsenal!!

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    The 9….all the way. The steel is RIDICULOUS. How have I never heard of this company before?!

    I already receive your RSS feed, but I like my privacy so Facebook/Twitter is out!


  265. 270
    LoriAnn /

    I lust for the Petty in Granite finish!

  266. 271

    Must. Have. Santoku.

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    I retweeted! HooraY!

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    Emily Brower /

    chef, petty, or chop knife….drool.

  269. 274
    Colette /

    Loving the petty knife with the Jessica handle…..ok, LOVING THE WHOLE COLLECTION!!!

  270. 275

    Would love to win the petty knife, but am also lusting after the super bread knife. It definitely pays to invest in good knives.

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    Visited their website and their Facebook page…big mistake. I now think I must have that super breadknife and the petty knife.

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    Their knives are works of art, how can you choose? That was an knife education….thanks.

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    Wow, I love the Phoenix knives! I’m definitely lusting after the Granton Santoku Hot. Gorgeous.

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    I don’t twitter, but I do Facebook. “like”

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    Katherine /

    Santoku!! Imagine the things I cut slice and dice with one of these!

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    Bernadette /

    Fusionwood 8″ chef knife would be great!!!

  282. 287
    kyra boyd /

    what a great sell on the knives! I am obsessed with the Santoku knife!!!
    would love to win!!!

  283. 288
    Ed Kelly /

    I love the ‘Fusionwood 8-inch Chef’s knife’. It not only looks beautiful but looks to be exceptionally functional. I am a knife fanatic and all my knives in the kitchen must remain sharp but clean therefore, I am the only one who uses them–selfish aren’t I. While I would probably end up buying a set of these knives I would sure like to try and win one first.

  284. 289
    Elita /

    Granton Santoku in Stone.

  285. 290
    Liesal /

    Wow! Those really are some beautiful knives! I’m really lusting after that Petty knife or the Santoku.

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    I LOVE the Fusionwood Santoku with the Sunburst handle. Beautiful blade, that.

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    I have been in love with Damascus blades for a while now, so that Granton Santoku is calling my name!

  300. 305
    Theresa /

    I also have become a fan of their knives on FB.

  301. 306

    WOW! I’m impressed! I love the “art-meets-knife” aspect. For instance…I SO want the 7 pc Set with Red Juniper and Stainless Steel Display! Perhaps someday when I win the lottery… 🙂

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    bellalimento “liker” on FB…I hate that they changed that…sounds STUPID now!

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    fusionwood 8in chef plz

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    Okay, I definitely need a quality knife (who doesn’t?!). I am lusting after the Fusionwood Santoku.

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    Oh, and I also signed up for email updates!

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    I’d love the Fusionwood Santoku w/the Tahoe Shoreline handle! altho the whole assortment is georgeous!

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    The Fusionwood Santoku is lovely! What a lovely giveaway!

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    The Fusionwood Santoku is lovely! That would be an awesome item to win!

  312. 317

    I signed up as a follower on Twitter. RT done!

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    The Petty Knife in Mountain Iris – swoon….

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    omw! the fusionwood santoku in moutain iris! must have 😀

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    Whoa – those ARE beautiful knives. I’m partial to the Fusionwood Petty knife in granite…all gorgeous though!

  322. 327
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    TrishInFL /

    Granton Santoku with the ‘hot’ handle!

  324. 330

    Wow! Those are works of art. I’d love the Granton Santoku.

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    The Granton Santoku looks awesome!

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    The chef’s knife, definitely. The Santoku also looks great.

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    kay /

    Wow! I want them all! Especially the chef’s knife and the petty knife.

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    That petty knife looks awesome…they are all GORGEOUS!

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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Fusionwood Petty knife with the Peacock handle. sigh….

  342. 348
    cwaltz /

    Gosh,the fusionwood santuko knives are awesome.( Am I the only guy cringing when I watch that guy chopping thinking if I did that I’d lose a finger?)


  343. 349

    Fusionwood 8 in Chef’s Knife

  344. 350

    Super bread knife! Thanks!

  345. 351

    Absolutely in love with with the Phoenix Granton Santoku but ALL of them are gorgeous!

  346. 352
    Amanda /

    I’m loving the Damascus Steak Set! It just looks beautiful!

  347. 353

    The Santuko, thanks!

  348. 354
    Mary Garcia /

    You are very fortunate to have the beautiful the Flamenco colored handle!

  349. 355
    Jessica /

    I love your Flamenco Knife
    FB Entry

  350. 356
    Lea Robertson /

    I think the Petty Knife is perfect! These are such sleek knives. I’m hoping they will inspire me to be a better cook. Thank you for such a great opportunity.

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  355. 361
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    Flamenco! (See! Told you I was your fan on Facebook.)

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    I so want the fusionwood santuko.

  359. 365


  360. 366
    Liz Adinaro /

    Your knife is the flemenco color. I appreciated watching the video of Cory. The warranty on these knives is excellent. The history of the chef’s knife was so interesting. Great site! You can tell they are quality knives and that the manufacture really know their stuff!

  361. 367
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    I signed up for email

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    i tweeted it!

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    Wende /

    HI……that Chopper looks like it’s waiting for something to cross it’s path….would LOVE to have that on hand to make short work of some fennel..onion..carrot…and yes…a Great knife makes cooking a most enjoyable event…of course…just after the eating of it…happy cooking.!!

  373. 380

    Flamenco, baby! via FB

  374. 381
    Jennifer /

    Ok, I have checked them all out and I am totally in love with The 9 with a cocobolo handle. These knives are awesome!

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    I would love Petty Knife in flamenco color 🙂

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    great giveaway…i’m lusting over the Granton Santoku

  383. 390
    Jordan C. /

    These knives are all SO beautiful! I’ve never had a really good knife, but it would be interesting to see if I can chop better with one. I think the Fusionwood Chef Knife 8″ or Santoku would be wonderful- the peacock handles are really beautiful. The Phoenix blades are also very cool- especially the Granton Santoko!

  384. 391
    Jordan C. /

    just recently set up a twitter account—became a follower on twitter (@JCocchia)

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    Jordan C. /

    new “like”r at facebook 🙂

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    thanks for the tip on FB- your Chef’s knife handle is the Flamenco color…

  387. 394
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    flamenco 🙂

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    the chopper!

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    The mini chopper, if I have to choose just one.

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    Oh my gosh I need that 8inch chef’s knife! so much cheaper and nicer than the Shun too!

  394. 401

    Those knives are gorgeous! Love the Granton Santoku knife with the granite handle… So pretty! What a fun giveaway!

  395. 402

    Flamenco!! Although, I’m a fan of the Peacock…

  396. 403
    Catherine Y /

    The Santoku with the Peacock handle makes me want to cry, chop and dance around with it…though that might be a little dangerous, no? The site makes me want to cry cause the knives are so damn purty.

  397. 404
    LaLaLinz /


  398. 405

    the 8″ chefs knife is beautiul. would love to have it and retire the messermeister.

  399. 406
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    I would love to have the Fusionwood 8 inch Chef’s Knife … it would be a very versatile knife

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    the color of the handle on your knife is Flamenco (facebook bonus)

  404. 411
    Beth /

    I have never seen knives look so pretty! I love the handles on the Santoku Fusionwood (peacock). I would have to say that is one I would love to own. Any of them would be a treat and might make all that chopping enjoyable. 🙂

  405. 412
  406. 413
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    I am now a fan of New West Knifeworks on Facebook

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    I became a fan of New West KnifeWorks on FB! I love the picture of the knives with all the different colored handles!!!! I sure hope I win…

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    I love the 8″ chef knife, but any of the knives with that gorgeous peacock handle make me swoon!!

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    we’ll love the phoenix santouku!

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    think I would want the 8″ chef… would love love love to have a great knife!

  415. 422
    Ali /

    the fusionwood would have to be my top pick!

  416. 423
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    My mother always told wishing cost nothing. So i want the 8pc – Damascus Steak Set only $775.00

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    The color is Flamenco and I love it.

  420. 428

    This is my kind of porn! I would LOVE to own my very own Santoku knife in 4th of July… and an 8 in Chef in Jessica… and a paring knife in Peacock… ok, let’s be honest. I want them all. In all the colors!

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    Your knife is in Flamenco! and it is BEAUTIFUL!

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    I retweeted your giveaway. Knife sounds sooooo cool. i want one!

  427. 435
    Shauna /

    I need to have The 9 in HOT. It’s sexy, and I use chef knives every day. Who doesn’t want a little more sexiness in their life? 😉

  428. 436
    Shauna /

    I’m also a fan on Facebook!

    I need to have The 9 in HOT. It’s sexy, and I use chef knives every day. Who doesn’t want a little more sexiness in their life? 😉

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    the Fusionwood 8 inch Chef’s Knife looks AMAZING (especially that gorgeous Flamenco color). WANT!!!

  433. 441
    lisa bailey /

    fusionwood knife!!! love the wood grain and the texture.

  434. 442
    Erin /

    I def. think the Santoku knife looks amazing.

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    i am now “liking” new west knifeworks on FB

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    of course I RT’d this Twitter post. sharing the love, don’t ‘cha know.

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    I have desperate LUST over Petty… <3

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    I lust after the Santoku, for sure.

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    Nikkie /

    Flamenco is the color of your knife! Super sexy, super cute!

  449. 457
    Karen /

    I would love to have the Fusionwood Santoku knife if only to see if it really does stop my onions and garlic from sticking to the sides!

  450. 458
    Tanya /

    Oh boy, the Fusionwood Santoku looks amazing!

  451. 459

    I’m already a ‘liker’ on FB but I’m also now a follower on Twitter and I RT’d the post. Also following RSS feed – I *really* want this knife.
    My favorite is the Chef 6 – dreamin of how much easier and enjoyable cooking will be with it.

  452. 460
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    I love the Santoku!!

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    I’m lusting after the Chopper!

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    I tweeted this giveaway!

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    Following via RSS.

  456. 464
    Jillian /

    Well, a couple of these are definitely going on my kitchen shopping list =)
    I have to say the Fusionwood 8 inch chef and a paring in either Flamenco or Tahoe Shoreline would be my choice.

  457. 465
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    I love them all but the Santoku makes me quiver.

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    the Fusionwood Knife Santoku would be a wonderful addition to my knife collection!

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    posted to facebook-

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    I love the fusionwood “chopper” in flamenco. I’ve never seen a knife with a pink handle, I am in love!

  475. 483

    Just visited the “New West Knife Works” website and those knives do look sexy!! I can just imagine what my customers would say seeing me using it for their dinners!!
    I particularly salivating behind the Petty Knife… I found using a pairing knife quite easy, effective and safe in cutting/chopping/mincing almost anything!

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    Michelle /

    I vote for Fusionwood Santoku

  487. 496
    Noreen /

    I too vote for the Fusionwork Santoku. I have one finger that is fused from arthritis on my right hand and the wide blade is a bonus for the endless chopping I seem to always be doing. Too much information. Love the whole line of knives. Are they easy to deep sharp?

  488. 497

    I’d love to have the Petty Knife! I follow your blog through RSS.

  489. 498

    I love the Petty Knife and I “like” you on FB!

  490. 499

    I love the Petty Knife and I “liked” New West Knifeworks on FB!

  491. 500
    Debbie /

    I love the Fusionwood Chef knife!

  492. 501
    Debbie /

    I’m now following @bellalimento on twitter…look at my tweet!

  493. 502
    Debbie /

    I am now your fan on Facebook!

  494. 503
    Debbie /

    I am now following New West KnifeWorks on Facebook

  495. 504

    I absolutely love the Phoenix Knives (esp. the Granton Santoku). All the knives are gorgeous. A little on the pricey side. They’d empty my bank account! lol

  496. 505

    oh that chopper (or mini chopper!) the naughty things we could cut together!

  497. 506

    I tweeted!

  498. 507
    scrapper al /

    I subscribe to your RSS feed. 🙂

  499. 508
    Amy B /

    I LOVE the Granton Santoku with the “hot” handle–I’m drooling 🙂


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