G.S. Gelato & {GIVEAWAY}


Non posso dirti quanto che AMO il gelato! Infatti, la prima cosa che DEVO avere quando torno in Italia e GELATO! E’ la verita’…. Oh I’m sorry, I get SO excited when I talk about gelato that I just start naturally speaking in Italian. It’s second nature to me & I literally don’t know when I’m doing it {okay so I know when I start getting “those” looks ; ) }. I was saying that I simply can’t tell you how much I LOVE gelato! In fact, the first thing that I MUST have when I’m in Italy is GELATO! And once you’ve experienced it, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same! It’s THAT good!


So naturally when I was contacted by G.S. Gelato I was emozionata {excited}! They wanted to see if I’d be interested in sampling some of their authentic gelato…um are my eyes blue? ; ) You really don’t ever need to ask me twice about GELATO! LOL

I pulled up their website to do a little reading and was immediately taken by their story. It’s truly a Cinderella story…

Guido & Simona {yes that’s the G & S in G.S. Gelato ;)} came to the States 14 years ago. They didn’t speak very much English at all, but had a passion and a dream to share gelato and sorbet with America. Not just any gelato and sorbet. Authentic and artisan gelato and sorbets. To make it this way, they needed authentic Italian gelato manufacturing equipment. So they had it shipped over. And then screeeceeeeeeeeeeh they couldn’t get the necessary approvals. Uffa! Did they give up? NO no no!

They buckled down, learned to speak English, and put a team of fantastic people together. It was no easy task, but after 14 long hard months they FINALLY received all the necessary approvals! Evviva! Fast forward to today, they operate a very large state of the art facility in Florida and distribute their products all over the country! Are you smiling? I know I am! If that’s not THE American Dream, I don’t know what is!


Their pride and passion is evident from the moment you visit their website. Lots of care and attention have gone into every little detail. The pictures on their website are simply ah-mazing! Yes, I wanted to lick the screen, really! You will too, especially after you read through their list of flavors. It’s quite impressive! So needless to say, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my samples. To be honest, I was a little concerned how they would arrive intact considering we’ve been  melting in this 100 degree plus heat, but all that worry was for naught. They arrived FedEx overnight, packed in a well protected cooler filled with dry ice. Not a scratch on them ; )

So what’s a girl to do with all that gelato {oh you mean besides locking myself in the closet with a spoon? LOL} have a gelato party naturally ; ) It just about killed me to wait that entire day until the tasting party that night, but I was good {okay, okay so I snuck a taste, can you blame me LOL}

The team generously shipped: Pistachio, Bacio, & NUTELLA {you knew that was coming right ; ) } gelatos and one of their sorbets: Blood Orange Sorbet! I decided that putting them into little shot glasses would be the best way to sample each…Okay I can’t take it anymore, from the VERY FIRST SPOONFUL I was beside myself. I’m not sure I can adequately put into words how OTTIMO it is! But I’ll try ; ) It’s creamy velvety sweet goodness coats your palate and if you close your eyes, you’ll feel like it’s transported you to ITALY! It’s absolutely naturale Italiano!


There wasn’t much talking going on during the party LOL. Lots of smiling, lots of happy noises and lots of REFILLS ; ) I have to say that they were ALL outstanding but I’m particularly in LOVE with the Blood Orange Sorbet {which btw just won a very well deserved 2010 NASFT award} & of course it’s made with Sicilian Blood Oranges {only the best} We even managed to save a bit and make a Blood Orange Cocktail ; ) We placed a few scoops of the Blood Orange Sorbet into martini glasses & then poured some Pink Prosecco atop and CHEERS ; )


I think I cried when that pint was polished off. I cried right into the Pistachio, then the Bacio and then last but not least, of course my beloved NUTELLA ; ) Swoon! I know, I’m gushing, but you will be too once you’ve had G.S. Gelato gelato and sorbets. I could tell you that they’re all natural made with only the finest ingredients but really you simply MUST taste it for yourselves. I won’t say I told you so. ; )

I am obviously in love with Guido & Simona’s gelato! In fact, I’m hoping they’d like to adopt me ; ) I’m happy to work behind the counter…fammi sapere ; )

And because they are so generous they’re GIVING AWAY a set of FOUR pints of their ah-mazing products! You KNOW you want some!


Edited to add: Thank you for your entries. Contest has ended. Winner announced HERE

Here’s what to do to enter:

1. Visit G.S. GELATO’s WEBSITE, have a look over their flavor selections, come back and leave a comment as to which flavor strikes your fancy!

Bonus entries:

2. Follow bell’alimento on TWITTERand tweet the following: {NOTE: you must be following bell’alimento for this entry to count}

I just entered to win 4 luscious pints of gelato from @GSgelato and @bellalimento! Enter here: http://bit.ly/bmt84O

3. Become a Fan/Liker of bell’alimento on FACEBOOK. Come back, leave a separate comment letting us know you’ve done so.

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Whew, okay here’s the legal schmeagal…Contest is only open to US addresses and will be open until THURSDAY JULY 15th at 12:00 pm EST, winner will be drawn by our lucky eight ball ehem random.org

In bocca, al lupo!



  1. 1

    Tiramisu! I actually had a hard time choosing, the blood orange sounds fabulous as well.

  2. 2
    Christy /

    Just retweeted. Here’s the link: http://twitter.com/cbroxton/status/18357364281

  3. 3

    blood orange all the way…i’ve never really had blood oranges, but the gelato is INSANE!

  4. 4

    and i just tweeted!

  5. 5
    Christy /

    Too many choices !!!!! Arrrgghh! I’m guessing I would go with the Blood Orange or the Biscotti, for obvious reasons (LOL)

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    Christy /

    Liked GS Gelato on Facebook too

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    Following you on twitter! The gelato looks to-die-for!

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    Christy /

    Am following them on Twitter as well — Yay!

    thanks for highlighting them. I’ll be in Fort Walton Beach this weekend and will stop by the store for a treat!!!

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    Passion Papaya PLEASE!

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    I already “like” you on facebook…does that count?

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    I’m a RSS subscriber too!

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    I “like” G.S. Gelato on facebook!

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    G.S. Gelato now adorns my tweetdeck 😉

    I can almost taste the gelato…

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    What a perfect giveaway for summer! My favorite flavor to try would be the chocolate chili pepper! Yummy 🙂

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    I follow you on Twitter and just tweeted about the contest! http://twitter.com/missionfood/status/18358180732

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    I “like” you on Facebook 😉 haha

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    I’m following GS Gelato on Twitter as well now 🙂

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    I’m also signed up for your feed in my Google Friend Connect. Does that count? 🙂

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    Grazie Paula!!! Grazie mille per la gentilezza!! Che belle foto!!! Grazie Grazie!!!! Sono contenta ti sia piaciuto il Gelato!!
    I think you should come here for a gelato tour!!!!!!!!!! you would be free to eat all the gelato you want, coming out of the machines!!!!!!!!
    Again, grazie per la tua gentilezza!!!
    Simona – GS Gelato

  21. 21
    twyla /

    Tiramisu sounds really yummy!

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    I am following you on FB.

  24. 24

    Oooh, would love the green apple sorbet!

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    Danielle /

    Chocolate Chili Pepper sounds amazing!

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    Pistachio. Hands down. Awesome giveaway!

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    Heather /


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    Cookies & Cream (Biscotto) sounds amazing!! =3

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    I already Like you on FB. 😉

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    I went to the website, and I would love to try Blood Orange sorbetto, after eating some stracciatella of course!

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    Fanned GS Gelato on FB.

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    Danielle /

    I follow your blog through Google Reader.

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    How can you pick just one flavor out of all of those amazing flavors?! I either want chocolate pear or amaretto with cherry.

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    I like G.S. Gelato on Facebook.

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    Following them on twitter. 🙂

  37. 38

    Ciao Paula!

    What an amazing post, the pictures are phenomenal. I look forward to sending our four flavors of choice to the winner! Italian gelato and sorbetto are meant to be shared!

  38. 39

    And subscribed to your feed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. 40

    Re-tweeted the giveaway on twitter (I already follow you!)

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    msellie /

    most definitely the blueberry…. and the mango sorbet…. and the nutella…… and the mon cheri…. and i think i need a moment 😉

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    Following you on Facebook. Would love mixed berry.

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    I’m already a fan of your FB page, too 🙂

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    Following you on Twitter too!

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    Taihitian Vanilla and Coconut!! Yummy. Oh, I’d so combine the two.

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    Now following G. S. Gelato on Twitter and we likey both of you on FB too 😉

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    Just liked GS Gelato =)

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    Just followed GS Gelato on twitter.

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    LisaWinks /

    Oh yum. One of each please! I’d have to try the blood orange and the mint chocolate. And the passion papaya and mango sound delish also.

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    Already subscribe via e-mail =)

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    hannah v. /

    White chocolate sounds delish!

  55. 56

    I’m obsessed with guavas, so the pink guava sorbet sounds wonderful! I’d love to try it.

  56. 57
    Lauren /

    I am a sucker for Stracciatella, so I’d love to try that!

  57. 58
    Mary C . /

    Wow, they all look awesome, but the Tiramisu sounds wonderful!!

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    Mary C . /

    I am a fan of yours on FB!

  59. 60

    Wow, that gelato looks amazing. I love love love those photos of the little scoops of gelato on the spoons!

    They have so many delicious sounding flavors, but I think the first one I’d want to try is the Toasted Almond. I bought that flavor at the grocery store one time (different brand) and it had gone bad, so I didn’t even get to eat it! I’ve been dying to taste some toasted almond gelato ever since.

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    I would have to go with Blood Orange or Mint Chocolate…or Hazelnut…ooh or Tiramisu! Wait, Pistachio sounds good too! I cant decide.

  69. 70

    Honestly, I want to try all of the flavors, but if I had to just pick one, I would pick Tahitian Vanilla. Vanilla bean ice cream is my absolute favorite. It doesn’t get more pure and basic than that.

  70. 71

    I’ll take one of each (except for the gluten-y ones, of course!)! They look so fantastic! But really? Blood orange, raspberry, mint chocolate and um, I have to narrow it down to the last, but I have time right?

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    Just became a fan of bell’alimento on Facebook, can’t believe I wasnt already since I am in LOVE with your site!

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    Subscribing to your feeds!!!

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    I, of course, am following you on twitter and retweeted!

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    franco /

    come posso fare per assaggiarlo?
    me lo potresti portare tu Guido anche perchè cosi ti rivedrei.
    un abbreccio ciaoooooooo

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    I’m a fan on facebook

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    Fan of GS Gelato on Facebook too 🙂

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    triple chocolate gelato and raspberry sorbet! they sound SO good. I would also like nutella and anything relating to chocolate…

  78. 79
    Kristen B /

    Chocolate Chili Pepper!

  79. 80

    Seriously… it has to be NUTELLA and Baci and Limoncello and god I love them all! And I swear I would drive to Destin to sample them!

  80. 81
    elaine shannon /

    Lemon, without a doubt. I have your recipe in the cuisinart right now though. Can’t wait to try it.

  81. 82

    Just posted the giveaway on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Kay819/status/18366133762

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    NJJ /

    I’d love to try triple chocolate or green apple gelato

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    I’m following GSGelato on Twitter @Kay819

  84. 85

    pistachio all the way!
    love the first photo.

  85. 86

    We ate some amazing Italian Gelato while in Paris – a passion fruit & cassis that was amazing. I’d love to win this four pack, the hard part is deciding what flavors!! I will have to go with:

    Blood Orange
    Passion Fruit
    Pink Grapefruit

    Thanks for hosting a very fun event!


  86. 87

    Definitely the Nutella!

  87. 88
    Brian /

    The chocolate chili pepper sounds amazing as well as the Panna cotta

  88. 89

    How in the world can I pick from that delicious list?? rhum caffe sounds soo good right now.

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    Brian /

    I’m a fan of bell’alimento on facebook

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    Just became a BIG fan & promoted! Chez US Love Gelato? Then check out this give-away https://bellalimento.com/2010/07/12/gs-gelato-giveaway/

    G.S. Gelato | bell’ alimento

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    Niveditha /

    Their ‘Triple chocolate’ flavor really lures me all the way!!! Thanks for the giveaway…


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    Niveditha /

    I became a fan of “bella alimento” . Thanks.


  100. 101

    Fans of GS Gelato as well –

    Chez US YUM! Check out these gelato flavors – we cannot wait to try them out! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Walton-Beach-FL/GS-Gelato/118244654907?ref=ts

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    Of course we read your RSS – love it! Keep up the great job.

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    lucy /

    Nutella (Chocolate-Hazelnut) obviously!

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    Suburban Prep /

    They all sound delicious but I love caramel so the Crème Caramel sounds fabulous.

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    Suburban Prep /

    I have added you to my google reader

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    Without a doubt I love Bacio (Chocolate and Hazelnut)

  109. 110
    Rich /

    The biscotti sounds amazing and the blood orange makes my mouth water!

  110. 111
    Ashley /

    Triple Chocolate. I want to try exotic flavors, but man I love chocolate.

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    Ashley /

    RSS feed (signed up just before I read this post actually!)

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    I can’t decide between the hazlenut & the coconut! Argh! I hate decisions!

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    Carri /

    Chocolate with Whiskey and Cinnamon. Mmmmmm!!!!!!!!

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    triple chocolate?? yes, please!

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    I “like” bell’alimento on Facebook!

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    FoxFire /

    Tahitian Vanilla…I have reciently fallen in love with the flavor Vanilla and this looks delish!!

  123. 125

    No doubt, Triple Chocolate. I used to eat Vivoli’s gelato by the pint when I was in college. Not sure if it’s still around but based on your comments, I’m guessing G.S. Gelato would be a fine substitute.

  124. 127

    I love your blog and your photos are so creative and just lovely. Wonderful!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  125. 128

    Biscotti, green apple, blood orange, and mint.

  126. 129
    Judith /

    Triple chocolate has me swooning…….to much of a good thing is yummy.

  127. 130
    Judith /

    I’m already a FB fan.

  128. 131

    OMG.. Can’t I choose a sampler??? Okokok.. Hazelnut. Or Blood Orange.

  129. 132
    misseesippee /

    Hi Paula! My choices would be: Chocolate Cherry Truffle (Mon Cheri) and Chocolate with Apricots (Sacher Torte) Gelato & Blood orange (Arancia Rossa) and Key Lime Sorbet.

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    I’m a FB fan of yours and I am now a fan of G.S. Gelato on FB as well.

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    amy /

    mmmm. Panna Cotta (a.k.a. Italian Wedding Cake). yowzers!!

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    Not fair! Key Lime, Blood Orange, and of course Limencello. Also, already follow through RS Feed

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    rhum raisin!

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    Karen /

    I subscribe to your feed.
    I love gelato!

  145. 148
    Janet /

    I would LOVE the nocciola! it is my favorite flavor! mixed with Cocco and it is sinfully delicious!

  146. 149

    Nocciola is my absolute favorite flavor, and for a minute I thought they didn’t have it. Thank goodness they do!

    Mi manca tantissimo gelato PURO! They don’t have true italian gelato here! I miss it!

    I also love the idea of Blood Orange Sorbet. Perfect for these hot summer days.

  147. 150

    Tweet, tweet!

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    Janet /

    I subscribe to your feed!

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    Following you on Twitter as well as G.S. Gelato!

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    I am a bell’ alimento fan on facebook too 🙂

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    Oh…..such “inspired” flavors! There’s so many that sound amazing! Panna Cotta & Bacio – are a must try for me!

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    Of course – I’m a bell’alimento FB fan =)

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    already following u on twitter & just tweeted ur giveaway =)

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    Rachel /

    I would like to try the Toasted Almond. And the Chocolate Cheesecake? Do you ship to Canada?

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    Triple Chocolate!!!

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    + just liked you on Facebook 🙂

  158. 161
    Andrea /

    Call me crazy, but I am just dying to try the Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Just something about it sounds incredible.

  159. 162
    jenbc /

    favorite flavor…I have to choose??? anything with chocolate, tramisu, apple caramel

  160. 163
    jenbc /

    fb fan!!!

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    jenbc /

    follow on email feed…keeps me drooling!

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    yummy . . . Blood Orange, Hazelnut, Pistachio and lemon . . . all I can say is yummy!

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    alex /

    favorite on facebook, signed up for the emails and i would have to say the pink guava and chocolate chili one. so yummy.

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    Leslie /

    More like – which flavors strike my fancy – not just one flavor! Triple Chocolate sounds heavenly – and then of course so does Mint Chocolate and Tahitian Vanilla! I’m drooling 🙂

  168. 171

    Bacio (Chocolate and Hazelnut)

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    I love being a fan of Fan/Liker of bell’alimento – it keeps me up to date on my phone of great ideas while at the grocery store!

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    I am signed up for our RSS/Email Feed and check it every day. I LOVE LOVE it!

  171. 174

    Oh boy, so many choices but – my mother, told me to choose…
    Disaronno Amaretto w/ Italian Cherry
    … actually my husband did but it sounded better the other way.

  172. 175

    Facebook Fan – entry #2
    Disaronno Amaretto w/ Italian Cherry

  173. 176

    Twitter – 3 down 3 to go
    Disaronno Amaretto w/ Italian Cherry

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    Gotta go with pistachio!

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    Already an FB fan!

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    And already subscribe to your feed!

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    I am on your RSS feed

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    cimmonz /

    tiramisu, for sure!
    thanks for sparking my brain cells (and taste buds!)

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    I love Pistachio Gelato!

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    nina /

    Mint Chocolate!!

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    fingers crossed!

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    Sign me up for some Chocolate/Apricot Sacher Torte!

    I’m a little curious about the dairy-free aspect…

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    i subscribed!

  193. 196

    chocolate chip….no bacci….no nutela…. no um…any thing with any form of chocolate?

  194. 197

    Blood Orange Sorbetto, absolutely!!!

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    I subscribed to the RSS. Added it to my Google Page.

  196. 199

    Mint chocolate. Absolutely.

  197. 200
    LJMH /

    so many choices, but I think I would go with the tahitian vanilla – I love gelato!!

  198. 201
    Faye /

    Too many choices! I would love to try the passion fruit papaya! (and I know my husband would kill for the tiramiso gelato!)

  199. 202
    Jackie /

    I would Love the Lemon!

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    Just went to Italy for the first time….making gelato is an obsession now. Bacio sounds heavenly, but then again so do many other flavors.

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    Just “liked” G.S. Gelato FB page…..


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    Debra Bunker /

    I clicked “Like” for yoru FB page as well….

  207. 210
    Debra Bunker /

    Okay so I’ll have a dozen each of Blood orange, Triple Chocolate; passion fruit, ….oh they all sound good – Green apple ! Yum…add that with Triple Chocolate and I’ll be in heaven!

  208. 211

    As always your pictures are stunning. The ice cream in individual spoons is an awesome shot. I love the colors, gelato looks so creamy.
    Banana chocolate or triple chocolate would be my favorite.

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    I am torn by the Hazelnut and the mango. Two of my favorite things

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    Fan of bell’alimento

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    Cindy /

    And a fan of G.S. GELATO on facebook

  216. 219

    Oh, god. Lemon and Bacio are the two flavors I got fat on when I was in Italy. But I’ve also had fantastic Cinnamon gelato. And ROSEMARY? sounds delicious. TOO MANY CHOICES.

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    I think I would love the tiramisu, yummmm! Loved your photos too! PS I’ve never had gelato! I’m not sure it’s available in Wyoming.

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    I like you on facebook!

  224. 227
    Heidi Phillips /

    I friended on facebook,subscribed to the rss feed, and my favorite flavor would be tiramisu!

  225. 228

    These gelati look amazing!! Mi piacerebbe il sorbetto di limone oppure il gelato alla menta con cioccolato. MMMM!!

  226. 229

    Pera Cioccolato!

    All of the flavors make me want to mangia mangia!

  227. 230
    KathyM /


  228. 231
    KathyM /

    I “like” you on Facebook.

  229. 232

    Mmmm, Tiramisu!

  230. 233

    What a great giveaway… ! envious!

  231. 234

    The chocolate chili pepper sounds interesting to me!

  232. 235

    Following you on twitter and just tweeted.

  233. 236

    I’m a fan of G.S. Gelato on Facebook!

  234. 237

    I’m a fan of bell’alimento on Facebook

  235. 238

    I like bell’alimento on Facebook

  236. 239
    Rebecca Graham /

    I would pick the Tahitian Vanilla.

  237. 240
    Rebecca Graham /

    Follow on Twitter; rhoneygee
    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/rhoneygee/status/18421341107


  238. 241
    Adrienne Fontaine /

    As I wipe the drool from my face, I think I finally decided on Tiramisu – with Blood Orange a close second! Maybe Blood Orange should be first in this heat. Either one and I’d be in heaven!

  239. 242
    Aree /

    Get out of town! How could I choose just one? I started to write down which ones I would like to try…then realized I was writing them ALL down!! The photos are wonderful.

  240. 243
    Aree /

    I subscribe to your RSS/email Feed.

  241. 244
    Adrienne Fontaine /

    I just liked GS Gelato on facebook.

  242. 245

    Hazelnut is my fAVORITE FLAVOR

  243. 246

    I follow bellalimento on facebook

  244. 247

    I follow bellalimento on twitter

  245. 248

    Im a fan of GS gelato on facebook

  246. 249

    I follow GS gelato on twiter

  247. 250

    I sing up for email feed

  248. 251
    Adele /

    Blood Orange

  249. 252

    How does one decide? I’d pretty much try any of them!

    If I had to choose, I would love to try the cinnamon gelato. And if, say, they were out of that, I’d happily go with the limoncello sorbetto.

    You know what? I think someone else should pick for me.

  250. 253

    I don’t twitter of facebook, but I do enjoy your RSS feed. Is that RSS not the coolest idea ever?

  251. 254
    Kelly Starnes /

    I already subscribe to your feed – i’d love to try the blood orange – it looks delish!

  252. 255

    I can totally do sorbet and these looks SOOOOOOO delicious! What a great giveaway. I would love to try the Passion Papaya. It sounds like my kind of flavor.

  253. 256
    Lauren /

    Yum! The Passion Papaya or the Mango would definitely be my choices.

  254. 257
    Lauren /

    I “like” GS Gelato on FB!

  255. 259
    Lauren /

    I “like” bell’alimento on FB!

  256. 260

    I am your fan on FB already! Thanks.

  257. 261

    I am a fan of G.S. Gelato on Twitter

  258. 262

    their butterfinger sounds sooo good.

  259. 263

    I am already a fan on FB of G.S. Gelato.

  260. 264

    It’s not easy to choose, but Chocolate Chili Pepper strikes me this morning. YUM!

  261. 265
    Deanna /

    Wow, it’s hard to pick! But I bet the green apple flavor is very refreshing! Then the coconut!

  262. 266
    SB /

    Oh my, they have lots of flavours I’d love to try but I think I’d have to go with their White Chocolate w/ Raspberry Swirl.

  263. 267
    Stephen /

    I like the Chocolate w/ Whiskey flavor.

  264. 268

    OMG Tiramisu gelato sounds amazing!

  265. 270

    Fan on Facebook too!

  266. 271

    I’ve subscribed via RSS!

  267. 272

    I guess I’m a purist, but I always have to try Hazelnut when I’m in Italy. But Blood Orange sounds so refreshing . . .

  268. 273
    Sharon H. /

    Tiramisu, Tahitian Vanilla, Mint Choclate, and Blood Orange! 🙂 Sorry…you said only one? 🙂

  269. 274
    Brooke /

    I am a simple gal…Limone!

  270. 275
    jenny /

    Tiramisu sounds great 🙂

  271. 276
    Meghan /

    Blood Orange and Papaya!

  272. 277
    Meghan /

    Facebook follower!

  273. 278
    MarlaFrancine /

    Biscotti, Dulce de Letche, Nutella, Tiramisu, Disaronno Ameretto. Do I have to choose just one? Make mine Dulce de Letche, please. 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

  274. 279
    Mylynka /

    Stracciatella – it was always my go to in Italy!! I wouldn’t turn down the Bacio, Pistacchio, or Nutell either! The Arancia Rossa and Limone would be fab, too! The Bar Sport on the corner of my street in Porcia had THE BEST limone sorbet – oh, how I miss it!!

  275. 280
    April /

    Biscotti, blood orange, tiramisu…wait. Why choose? Every flavor spells Italy! Yum.

  276. 281
    Mylynka /

    “liked” G.S. Gelato on Facebook

  277. 282

    I would be hard pressed to choose between coconut, tiramisu, hazelnut, and my usual favorite, raspberry. Yum!!

  278. 283
    Ashley /

    Oh wow… There are so many varieties. I was going for the hazelnut… but then I came across the magnificent Biscotti – which incorporates the hazelnut fully. I am on board!!

  279. 284
    Gail /

    I like you on Facebook

  280. 285
    Sarah /

    Melone, Champagne, Limocello, and Pompelmo Rosa per favore!

  281. 286
    Sarah /

    Just liked you on Facebook

  282. 287
    Sarah /

    Just liked GS Gelato on Facebook!

  283. 288
    Sarah /

    Just followed GS Gelato on twitter!

  284. 289
    Sam /

    RSS subscriber in bloglines.

  285. 290
    Sam /

    ALso, my favorite gelato/sorbetto flavor is Melone! You NEVER see it in the states.

  286. 291

    Hooray for Facebook bonus entries. 🙂 I signed up for the newletter! Looking forward to keeping up with G.S. Gelato news.

  287. 292

    Passion Papaya would be my first choice, with Lemon running a very close second.

  288. 293

    Now I’m a fan of G.S. Gelato on FB!

  289. 294

    Already a fan on Facebook 🙂

  290. 295

    Following G.S. Gelato on Twitter 🙂

  291. 296

    Already subscribe to RSS Feed 🙂

  292. 297
    Karen Bonfantini /

    Mmmmmm….I would have to say Blood Orange sounds good about now!

  293. 298


  294. 299


  295. 300
    Cindy /


  296. 301


  297. 302


  298. 303

    newsletter! oh man am i excited! gelato is JUST what i need on these hot and humid midwest summer days!

  299. 304


  300. 305
    JessicaO /

    I think Nutella is my number one choice!

  301. 306
  302. 307
    Lisa Wilk /

    Looks incredibly yummy!

    Blood orange
    Triple chocolate

  303. 308
    Lisa Wilk /

    And I’m face booked with G&S. Did I mention, YUM!?

  304. 309
    Debbie C /

    The flavors all sound wonderful, but I’ll go with Tiramisu although Bacio comes in second, or maybe first… wait!

  305. 310
    Jessica /

    Omg, what a tough decision! I think Tiramisu would be my top pick, but biscotti, pistachio, and Disaranno amaretto all sound awesome too!

  306. 311
    Jami /

    Tahitian Vanilla ~ Hazelnut ~ Pistachio ~ Lemon ~ I can’t pick just one!

  307. 312
    Laura /

    I have to pick one?!?!?! They have too many yummy flavors to pick just one! *Sigh* Ok, here goes – the Tiramisu, Tahitian Vanilla, Cookes & Cream, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Caffe Latte, Chocolate Chili Pepper, Cinnamon, Bacio…I think I failed!

  308. 313

    they all sound so good…but I’d have to go with the chocolate hazelnut.

  309. 314
    Karen /

    Have to go with Pistachio!

  310. 315

    Tiramisu! But then I do love sorbet so I would have to swoon over the blood orange as well!

  311. 316

    Newsletter! 🙂

  312. 317
    Eden Howard /

    Oh goodness, I don’t think I can just pick one. The Blood Orange, Tahitian Vanilla, and Pistachio all look wonderful.

  313. 318
    Mylynka /


  314. 319
    Mylynka /

    RSS subscriber

  315. 320
    Diane /

    Lemon and Tiramisu… mmmmm all of it sounds wonderful.

  316. 321
    Mylynka /

    FAN on FB

  317. 322
    Anna /

    I’m choosing BACIO 🙂 and I also became a fan (liked) G.S. in Facebook!

  318. 323
    Anna /


  319. 324
    aberrones /

    Tirimisu! Cheesecake flavors sound awesome too!

  320. 325
    aberrones /

    FB Fan of you!

  321. 326
    Debra Bunker /

    Newsletter!!! 🙂

  322. 327
    aberrones /

    FB fan of G&S

  323. 328
    aberrones /

    Following GS Gelato on Twitter!

  324. 329

    I’m unfortunately not eligible…however, good luck to everyone else ;o)

    The photos are stunning.

    Ciao for now,

  325. 330
    aberrones /

    Signed up for RSS/EMAIL feed!

  326. 331
    Cassie /

    Definitely Tiramisu! Although Bacio is a close second.

  327. 332
    Kristen /

    The chocolate chili pepper sounds intriguing, and the italian wedding cake, and the cinnamon, and the disaronno, and the….I could go on and on, so many interesting flavors

  328. 333
    Natasha Robertson /

    Well I am of course a White Chocolate fan myself but the Disaronno Ameretto w/ Italian Cherry sounds quite yummy…. and not to forget the famous Nutella~ hmmm sounds amazing!

  329. 334
    MikeW /

    Easy! I love Pistachio … I’m munmching some ht now.pistachio nuts rig

  330. 335
    MikeW /

    I like you on Facebook …

  331. 336
    MikeW /

    I like GS Gelato on Facebook.

  332. 337
    Beth /

    I visited the website and my top choice would be Tiramisu’…. no wait make it Dulce de Letche….no…. Banana & Chocolate….Nutella (Chocolate-Hazelnut) or Peanut butter (Burro di Arachidi)….Don’t make me pick just one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tiramisu’, Dulce de Letche, Banana & Chocolate, Nutella (Chocolate-Hazelnut), and Peanut butter (Burro di Arachidi) AND THAT IS MY FINAL ANSWER!

  333. 338
    Stephanie /

    I have to say Biscotti!!

  334. 340
    Beth /

    I am a Fan/Liker of G.S. GELATO on FACEBOOK.

  335. 341
    Beth /

    Following G.S. Gelato on TWITTER.

  336. 342
    Jackie /

    Oooh the mango! Raspberry! Lemon! TIRAMISUUUUUUU.

  337. 343

    I chose your photo as my Weekly WOW! – please go check it out and be sure to let me know if you have any objections. By the way, I’m not a US resident, so can’t participate in the giveaway but I AM desperate to try Nutella gelato. I’ll have to wait until I next cross the pond! 🙂

  338. 344

    My brother owns an ice cream shop and makes his own ice cream, but I’m still yearning for blood orange.

    Or maybe biscotti.

    Or hazelnut?

    They all look wonderful — and I love their story!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway (because if it were me, I’d keep it ALL!)

    A big “wave” from Cape Cod,
    Jude at
    dolcecapecod. dot blogspot.com

  339. 345

    I have never had Gelato. I would love to try the following flavors after visiting their website: Blood orange, mango, Bacio and Chocolate chip. This is a fun giveaway! -Tien

  340. 346
    Ashley /

    Subscribed to the RSS feed. Gelato, yummy.

  341. 347
    Ashley /

    Bacio would be my favorite because it reminds me so much of walking the streets in Italy.

  342. 348
    Ashley /

    I am a fan of bell’alimento on Facebook

  343. 349
    Ashley /

    I am a fan of G.S. Gelato on Facebook.

  344. 350

    Check. BTW – pistachio is my all-time favorite!

  345. 351
    amy /

    newsletter… : )

  346. 352
    Melanie /

    Passion Papaya Sorbet! Or Blood Orange or Tiramisu or Triple Chocolate or Nutella – too many choices.

  347. 353
    aberrones /

    newsletter! – thanks for clearing that up!

  348. 354
    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) /

    I’m in a raspberry state of mind today…..

  349. 355
    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) /

    For you, the followed, from me, the follower:


  350. 356
    Lorraine /

    I would like the Bacio (chocolate & hazelnut). Thanks!

  351. 357

    Liking you on Facebook!!

  352. 358

    Liking G.S. Gelato on Facebook too!!

  353. 359

    I’m thinking some of that Blood Orange sounds fabulous, or maybe the Coconut, but possibly the Tahitian Vanilla… they all sound fabulous!!

  354. 360

    I love all things Hazelnut so for me it MUST be the Hazelnut (Nocciola)!!

    Oh, and I noticed they sell products too so I had to order a Spade and Oval Scoop!

    Thank you for leading me to this website and these products!

    Like you, I am a Military (Army) brat and LOVED the time we spent in Italy. On my blog, there is a photo of me, my brother and mother in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! LOVED everything about Italy…

    I am also loving your blog, and I sent you Best wishes!


  355. 361
    Tricia /

    Blood Orange please.

  356. 362

    Are you kidding me! Ummm…all of them please? No okay I’ll start with Biscotti and Mon Cheri 🙂

    I Tweeted and became I am following them on Twitter.

    Yum! Can we go to Italy now?

  357. 363
    Mary /

    Do I have to pick just ONE??? They all look sooooooooo good. I like Tiramisu, Hazelnut and Mango!

  358. 364
    Mary /

    I’ve liked it on FB and told some friends, now on to Twitter

  359. 365
    Mary /

    Twitter has been tweeted!

  360. 366


  361. 367
  362. 368
  363. 369


  364. 370

    sorbet, sorbet! 🙂

  365. 371
  366. 372

    i love Mango !

  367. 373

    i already subscribe to you via email!

  368. 374
    Debra Bunker /


  369. 375
    Hannah W. /

    Fruitti di Bosco! It was the first gelato flavor I had in Florence when I visited Italy for the first time last month. MMMMM~

  370. 376

    blood orange. YUM 🙂

  371. 377

    I’m a FB fan! I’m hazlenut crazy so my favorite flavors would be 1) Hazlenut and 2) Tiramisu

  372. 378

    When it comes to gelato I’m a classic flavour kinda guy. The triple chocolate or pistachio sound right up my alley.

  373. 379
    Erin /

    All the flavors look amazing. My pick would be banana & chocolate or pear & chocolate.

  374. 380
    Nadia /

    Limoncello Sorbet, 100%! I live for lemons 🙂

  375. 381
    Nadia /

    I’m a Fan of bell’alimento on Facebook 🙂

  376. 382
    Nadia /

    I’m a Fan of G.S. GELATO on FACEBOOK 🙂

  377. 383
    Nadia /

    I Follow G.S. Gelato on TWITTER. 🙂

  378. 384
    Nadia /

    I subscribe to the email feed 🙂

  379. 385

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  380. 386
    George Ann over /

    Wow!! I love the Blood ORange. I would not turn down any flavor as I am a total Gelato aficionado .

  381. 387

    The Nutella sounds incredible!!!

  382. 388

    How are we supposed to pick one from that list?!?! 🙂 I was going to say chocolate cheesecake but I think I’ll have to go with chocolate w/whiskey.

  383. 390

    Liked ballalimento on facebook!

  384. 391

    Liked G.S. Gelato on facebook!

  385. 392

    following gs gelato on twitter!! (Love your blog layout by the way!)

  386. 393


    I would love to have the Bacio. And Chocolate with Whiskey. I wouldn’t snarl my nose at the Biscotti, either!!

  387. 395

    Tahitian Vanilla sounds really yummy!

  388. 396

    I now follow G.S. Gelato on Twitter!

  389. 397

    I’m definitely a fan of G.S. Gelato on Facebook!

  390. 399

    I like bell’alimento on facebook!

  391. 400

    I’m a Facebook fan already!!!!

  392. 401

    I’m a long time subscriber via email. And bloglines. And yes, even have the RSS feed on my work PC. Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell!

  393. 402

    All of their flavors look amazing but I’d have to go with the Disaronno Amaretto w/ Italian Cherry or Tiramisu.

  394. 403

    I’m a fan of GS on FB!!

  395. 404

    I think the Blood Orange sounds FAB!!!

  396. 405

    The biscotti gelato sounds fabulous!

  397. 406
    Missy /

    Ooo, the chocolate with apricots sounds fabulous. I love apricots.

  398. 407
    Daphne Sashin /

    Mint chocolate chip please!

  399. 408

    Yummmmm! Blood Orange!

  400. 409
    Charity S. /

    I would love to try Banana & Chocolate.

  401. 410
    Charity S. /

    Following Bell’Alimento on twitter & tweeted.



  402. 411
    Charity S. /

    Liker of bell’alimento on FACEBOOK.

    charity s.

  403. 412
    Charity S. /

    Liker of G.S. GELATO on FACEBOOK.

    charity s.

  404. 413
    Charity S. /

    Follow G.S. Gelato on TWITTER.


  405. 414

    Chocolate Chili Pepper takes the lead… but Cinnamon is a close second 🙂

    Now I’m hungry, very, very hungry.

  406. 415
    Cindy /

    Twitter has been tweeted!

  407. 416

    We lived in Italy for three years and if there is ANYTHING I miss it is gelato! When we first arrived, our room while we looked for housing was over a gelateria!! Yum! I want to try their flavors: stracciatella (my fav there), Burro di Arachidi, Creme Caramel, and Lampone Cioccolato.

  408. 417

    I follow bellalimento and tweeted about the contest

  409. 418

    I follow GS Gelato!

  410. 419

    Mmmmmm, Bacio for sure!!! Heaven!!

  411. 420

    I tweeted!

  412. 421

    I’m a fan on Facebook!

  413. 422

    I’m a liker of G.S. on Facebook!!

  414. 423

    I follow G.S. Gelato on Twitter!!

  415. 424

    I subscribe to your feed by email!

  416. 425


  417. 426
  418. 427
    Edward Tindall /

    Like on facebook

  419. 428
    amy /

    love th elime

  420. 429

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