Food Ninjas Revealed! Voting Open!

Fuji Ninja, Salty Ninja and myself, Bella Ninja threw down the challenge, for Food Ninjas near and far to reveal themselves. The challenge was met. They came in force and swooped in under a cloak of darkness bringing with them their best and brightest food ninja skills. Bravely going where no other Food Ninja has. That’s right, they have boldly revealed themselves. For this we must reward them!

There is an arsenal of prizes awaiting the winners but they can not be determined until YOU, the chosen ones, have cast your votes. That’s right their fate is in your hands, so choose wisely grasshoppers! At stake are…

So I say to you, in true food ninja spirit, click over to Fuji Ninja’s Palace and VOTE else the wrath of the Food Ninjas will be upon you. Fear not, you can do it. You have until this Saturday, October 30th at 10:00 pm PST.

May the sword be with you!

Bella Ninja

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    Just voted for all in all categories – well – for one in each – it took me forever.

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