Creminelli Fine Meats: Salami {GIVEAWAY}

{pictured above: Salame Musica}

Sono davvero emozionata! Have you ever tasted Italian Salame? REAL Italian Salame? I’m not talking about something you might run across at the mall, oh no, I’m talking about handcrafted artisan salame. Aka the good stuff, that up until last week I had NOT tasted outside of Italy. Yes, because of those pesky little custom laws I could NEVER bring any salame back with me {because let’s just say if you try they’ll confiscate it, just trust me, don’t ask me how I know…moving on LOL}. So you can imagine my level of giddyness when a brown box full of scrumptious salumi arrived on my door from Creminelli Fine Meats…I was salivating with anticipation before I even opened the butcher paper.

You see this was not just any salame this was salame made by Cristiano Creminelli. A master salumi maker. Yes MASTER. His family has been making Salame since the 1600’s in Northern Italy {bonus points there wink wink}. So it’s fair to say that he’s a MASTER. Fast forward a tad, and through a series of very fortunate events Cristiano decided to move to the states where he makes his family’s salame and sausages. Lucky for me and lucky for YOU!

From the moment you open the beautifully packaged salame you can see and smell that this is something extraordinary. And then, like a kid at Christmas you carefully peel the package back, your eyes shimmering like snow in the Italian Alps, and you slowly take in that first bite. You smile a coy smile, close your eyes as it touches your tongue and sends your taste buds into song {mine were singing like Andrea Bocelli and that doesn’t happen outside of the shower LOL} and you savor every single bite. *Exhaling loudly*

Swoon! Yes, it’s that GOOD. You can absolutely taste the love, quality and attention to every minute detail placed into these salumis. Edible art without a doubt.

I’m over the moon excited that I can now have authentic Italian salame without every having to leave the country and guess what…so can YOU!


*happy dance* Creminelli Fine Meats has generously offered to gift ONE of you lucky readers a set of their authentic Italian Salumi’s {4 in total} and if that wasn’t enough, they’re also throwing in the book “MEAT SALT TIME: Salumi Master Cristiano Creminelli

It’s fascinating. I couldn’t put it down, I found myself wanting to run off to visit Creminelli Fine Meats and learn all about salame making firsthand. A salame intern of sorts. Why not right, I love salame, I speak Italian, I’m pretty good at wrapping…who knows…fammi sapere Sig. Creminelli ; )

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you so much for your entries. Contest has ended. Winner announced HERE

Okay enough talk time to walk the walk…to ENTER simply: {REMEMBER: You MUST leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry to count}


  • Visit Creminelli’s site. Drool over the salumi, come back, leave a comment telling us know which one you’d most like to try. Trying to nail down just one will be difficult I know!

{BONUS ENTRIES..again you MUST leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry to count!}

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That’s SEVEN chances to win! I’m no math genius, but I do know the more entries you make, the better your chances are to WIN ; ) Again, you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry to count : )

*In my best announcer voice* ehem Legal Schmegal: Contest is only open to US addresses. Contest is open until SATURDAY DECEMBER 4th at midnight EST {because that’s where I live ; ) }. Winner will be randomly chosen by our lucky eight ball ehem

Baci e in Bocca al Lupo {good luck}!

{Disclaimer: Creminelli Fine Meats sent me a complimentary package of salumis and a copy of the book “Meat Salt Time: Salumi Master Cristiano Creminelli” They are providing the same for one lucky reader. However, the opinions expressed are my own. Always have been, always will be.}


  1. 1

    salami piccante for me please 🙂

  2. 2

    I’d love to try Salami Tartufo

  3. 3

    LOVE Salumi tartufo!!! Wow!!! This looks amazing!!

  4. 4

    I am most interested in trying the White Truffle Salami!

  5. 5

    For me, it’s got to be either the pesto sausage or the white truffle salami! Yummy!

  6. 6

    I am now following @Creminelli on Twitter ( @amberdegrace )

  7. 7

    Paula: so you totally reminded me of my husbands’ obsession for salame…and I have to tell a story. When I first was dating my husband-to-be (he’s American), the first time he came to meet my family in Italy he also fell in love with…salame (ok, so he was already in love with me). One morning my mom found him eating pane-e-salame for breakfast (!) and it was a story to tell the whole famiglia. So that was not the end of it! On the way back home, he packed a bag full of salame to bring back to the US. Well, the dog at the airport went crazy sniffing his bag and he was brought into a room and all his salame was taken away from him, poor baby (of course you know the TSA people ate it all, it was the best quality). So now I would totally make him (and myself) happy to win some of this delizia!!! Che bonta’. Gia’ sento l’odore. The way I like it is on toasted ciabatta with a layer of burro salato. That’s it. Perfetto!!!

  8. 8

    I am now following @bellalimento on Twitter ( @amberdegrace )

  9. 9

    I tweeted the contest phrase as directed above.

  10. 10

    Just followed @Creminelli on Twitter.

  11. 11

    Wow there really are a lot of choices. I’d love to try Salami Barolo!

  12. 12

    you know I already follow YOU on twitter, mia cara 🙂
    i am now also following creminelli. And visited their site, of course. AND just tweeted the contest.

  13. 13

    Oh miss Paula – I am already following @bellalimento on Twitter. Does that still count?

  14. 14

    I’m now following @Creminelli on twitter 🙂

  15. 15

    Are you sick of me yet? 😉 I just tweeted the contest details, as directed!

  16. 16
    M DeStefano /

    Musica Salami sounds just wonderful!! Heading to Twitter next! Thanks for the chance!!
    Buon Natale!

  17. 17

    I guess I have to leave a separate entry for each to count.
    The previous one was for following you.
    This one is for following creminelli

  18. 18
    Kizzy /

    I would love to try Salami Piccante!

  19. 19

    just came from visiting their site…mmm I think some salame fits perfectly well in stocking this year!!!

  20. 20
    Holly H. /

    The salami piccante sounds amazing – but white truffle salami?? Unbelievable!

  21. 21

    Well, I already LIKE you on Facebook, but I did LIKE the post about the giveaway on your fan page. I’ll take any bonus entry I can get for Italian meats 🙂 Drooling….

  22. 22
    suzanne /

    salami piccante for me please

  23. 23
    suzanne /

    I’d love to try Salami Barolo!

  24. 24

    and now I “like” you also on FB…how could I not have done so yet???

  25. 25
    suzanne /

    white truffle salami!

  26. 26

    and mmm – drool – i also like creminelli on FB 🙂

  27. 27
    Kizzy /

    I liked bell’alimento on Facebook.

  28. 28
    Kizzy /

    I am signed up for your RSS Feed/Email Subscription.

  29. 29
    M DeStefano /

    on second thought Salami Felino sounds great too! How are we to decide?! 🙂

  30. 30
    Mylynka /

    I “liked” Creminelli Fine Meats on Face book!

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    Mylynka /

    I am no following @Creminelli on Twitter

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    Mylynka /

    I follow @bellalimento on Twitter

  33. 33
    Mylynka /

    I just tweeted “I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:

  34. 34

    You are right – it is hard to decide. My husband would love all of them. He is the ultimate carnivore, even owns a t-shirt that says “There are no two finer words in the English language than encased meats”.
    If I had to pick one it would be the Salami Casalingo.

  35. 35

    Looooooooove Wild Boar salame!! I may not wait to see if I win…may just have to order some!

  36. 36

    Follow @Creminelli on TWITTER.

  37. 37
    Mylynka /

    Just went to the Creminelli site and NOW DOUBT IN MY MIND I wuld lurve me some Salami Tartufo!! Salami! Truffles! My mouth waters just thinking about it!! nom nom nom

  38. 38
    Mylynka /

    I “like” bell’alimento on FACEBOOK.

  39. 39
    Mylynka /

    I subscribe to bell’alimento via my Google Reader! YAY!

  40. 40

    Oh, dear. Truffle salami. Want.

  41. 41

    I follow you on Twitter 🙂

  42. 42
    susan /

    I have to say the Wild Boar salami sounds really interesting. My husband would flip!

  43. 43

    I like bell’alimento on FB 🙂

  44. 44

    I subscribe to your feed 🙂

  45. 45
    susan /

    I already Like bell’alimento on FACEBOOK.

  46. 46
    Melissa /

    Salami is yum!! 🙂

  47. 47
    CT /

    I am REALLY interested in the Wild Boar salami. Also, I think my blood is 65% gin, 45% salami. 🙂

  48. 48

    Follow @bellalimento on TWITTER.

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    CT /

    I’m now following @Creminelli on twitter

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    CT /

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    CT /

    I tweeted the contest tweet!

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    Like Creminelli on FACEOOK.

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    Like bell’alimento on FACEBOOK.

  54. 54
    raylynn /

    I would love to try salumi tartufo!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. 55
    Ashley /

    Salami Barolo please!

  56. 57

    Wild Boar Salami! Interesting and YUM!

  57. 58

    Like Creminelli on FACEBOOK.

  58. 59

    Signed up for bell?alimento email subscription

  59. 60

    I tweeted, I liked and I cannot decide which ones I want!

  60. 61

    okay… favorite so far: Porcini Sausage. Sounds like heaven. May have to call up to O Briens and see if they have any.

  61. 62

    the felino, the sound warms my heart.

  62. 63

    I would love to taste the wild boar. I am salivating at the thought. Thank you for the contest.

  63. 64

    I just LIKED Creminelli on Facebook 🙂

  64. 65

    I’d love to try the Salami Felino!! Looks mouth wateringly delicious 😉

  65. 66
    Andy /

    They all look great, but I’d most like to try the Wild Boar Salami.

  66. 67

    I follow Creminelli on twitter (@yes_teacher)

  67. 68

    I follow bellalimento on twitter (@yes_teacher)

  68. 70

    I am so lucky to have tried his wild boar salami at my local grocery store. These are not spicy, but are mild, earthy salamis. Only you and your winner should be so lucky!!

  69. 71

    I’m a fan of you on FB!

  70. 72

    They are one of my favorites!Whenever Whole Foods has them for sample…I’m all over it! Love the tartufo.

  71. 73

    I subscribe via RSS feed at this email address: untenuredteacher at yahoo dot com

  72. 74

    The White Truffle Salami sounds amazing!!

    @thisenvy on Twitter

  73. 75

    #2 I also follow @creminelli on Twitter 🙂


  74. 76
    kristen j /

    My taste buds exploded as soon as saw the Salami Tartufo, but now I can’t decide if I want that or the White Truffle variety! And I found out there’s a store not too far away that carries some of their salami!

  75. 77

    #3 And of course, I follow @bellalimento on Twitter too

  76. 78

    #4 Back to say I just tweeted this contest 🙂

    I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:

  77. 79

    #5 I “like” Creminelli on Facebook… 😀

  78. 80

    #6 And I “like” bell’alimento on facebook as well.

    Seasons greetings, everyone! Good luck!

  79. 81
    Jessie /

    I’m already a huge fan of Creminelli and “liked” them on FB long ago, which I hope will count as another entry. I had some of the tartufo last week and love it just as much as my other favorite, the casalingo. I’ve also had the soppresata and barolo. I’m curious about the musica and the Americano and would also love to the wild boar. I’ve tried a lot of artisan salamis over the last couple of years and Creminelli is by far my favorite purveyor.

  80. 82

    SALAMI TARTUFO for me, Bella Ninja. I miss the tartufo bianco di Piemonte sooooo intensely, I imagine one bite will transport me back… xo, salty ninja

  81. 83

    I would love to try all of them, but the Salami Piccante sounds right up my alley!!! YUM!!!

  82. 84
    Jeff S /

    The Salami Piccante sounds good to me.

  83. 85
    Jeff S /

    I “liked” bell’alimento on Facebook.

  84. 86

    Oh, I’d love to try the Musica Salami! Partly because of the flavor profile, but also because it’s available for such a short time!

  85. 87
    Tasha /

    I would love to have the wild boar salame…I can almost taste it!

  86. 88
    Tasha /

    I like bell’alimento on Facebook

  87. 89
    Tasha /

    I subscribe to your email feed.

  88. 90
    Tasha /

    I’m actually thinking of signing up for Twitter just for an extra entry…

  89. 91

    Oh, I love sopressata!!!

  90. 92

    @Creminelli is being followed by me as @modestyblaize on Twitter.

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    @bellalimento is being followed by me as @modestyblaize on Twitter as well.

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    Creminelli Fine Meats has been liked on facebook!

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    bella alimento has been liked on facebook!

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    lisa bailey /

    Salami Sopressat because of the garlic baby!!

  95. 97
    lisa bailey /

    I just followed Creminelli on Twitter.

  96. 98
    lisa bailey /

    I just tweeted about Creminelli and the contest.

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    lisa bailey /

    I just “liked” Creminelli on Facebook.

  98. 100
    Joni Sellers /

    I just “liked” Creminellis on facebook.

  99. 101
    Joni Sellers /

    The salami piccante sounds good. I love spicy–yum.

  100. 102
    Joni Sellers /

    I have already liked you on facebook.

  101. 103

    is thinking that she must get some of this salami and blog about it!

  102. 104

    VORREI VINCERE! I would love to be a part of this amazing giveaway!grazie. thank you. merci:)

  103. 105

    White Truffle Salami please, oh please! 🙂

  104. 106

    Okie dokie, I now “like” Cremielli Fine Meats on Facebook. Always happy to make a new friend. 🙂

  105. 107
    Karen Bonfantini /

    Yum the salami felino….the nutmeg intrigues me

  106. 108

    Signed up for you RSS Feed…what in the world took me SO long?!

  107. 109

    Talk about a tough choice!!! White truffle or black truffle or barolo… How about if I’d choose the white truffle then hope I win so I can try more than one 🙂

  108. 110

    I already like you on Facebook. I’m under kateiscooking on Facebook if you’d like to like me.

  109. 111

    I’ve liked Creminelli on Facebook.

  110. 112
    Sarah Morris /

    MMMM….Salami Piccante!!

    What a great giveaway!

  111. 113
    Sarah Morris /


  112. 114
    Sarah Morris /

    And of course, I follow you on twitter!

  113. 115
    Sarah Morris /

    And you’re on my RSS feed!

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    Sarah Morris /

    And like you on Facebook…do you feel the love yet?

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    Sarah Morris /

    And now follow Creminelli on twitter.

  116. 118
    Sarah Morris /

    And…I liked Creminelli on facebook!

  117. 119
    Kenny /

    The Salami Sopressata looks very tasty!

  118. 120

    Oooooh, the wild boar salami totally caught my eye!!

  119. 121
    Kenny /

    I follow @Creminelli on TWITTER

  120. 122

    I follow @bellalimento on twitter!

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    Kenny /

    I follow @bellalimento on TWITTER

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    I’d love to try the Salami Piccante, yum!

  123. 125

    I follow @creminelli on twitter!

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    Kenny /

    I tweeted about the Creminelli giveaway

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    I tweeted!

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    Kenny /

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    I like Creminelli on Facebook!

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    Kenny /

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    I follow Creminelli on Twitter!

  130. 132

    I’m in! White Truffle!

  131. 133
    Brian /

    MMM I’d like to try the Salami Barolo!!

  132. 134

    I’ve tweeted this post – WOO!

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    I follow you on Twitter!

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    I like Bellalimento on Facebook!

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    I subscribe via email!

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    Kenny /

    I signed up for your RSS Feed. I think that’s all seven!

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    Brian /

    I like and follow both of you 🙂



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    I like bell’alimento on FB!

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    I follow @creminelli. 🙂

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    I follow @bellalimento and by the way, Nutella is awesome! =D

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    Brian /

    I follow Creminelli

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    Brian /

    I follow Bellalimento

  143. 146

    The “Holiday 2010 Salami Mix” seems yummy! I want to try that. Please! 🙂

  144. 147

    I “liked” bella alimento on FB. =)

  145. 148
    Brian /

    I like bellalimento on FB

  146. 149

    My hubs LOVES Creminelli! Felino would be my pick!

  147. 150

    I “liked” Creminelli Fine Meats on FB. 🙂

  148. 152

    i follow @creminelli – YES!

  149. 153
    rory /

    I am totally getting the white truffle for Christmas!

  150. 154

    I would love to try the salami barolo, but they all look delicious!

  151. 155

    yum the sopressatto is always a favorite of mine but the white truffle sounds too good to pass up!

    thanks for an awesome give away

  152. 156

    I follow @bellalimento on twitter 🙂

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    i just liked Creminelli on facebook

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    I like Bell’alimento on FB 🙂

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    OF COURSE I FOLLOW YOU!!!! @smithbites

  156. 160

    i ‘like’ Creminelli on FB too!

  157. 161

    Pick just one of those delish looking salamis? The horror. Okay, the piccante. Because everything needs a little spice in life. They all look so good!

  158. 162

    I already follow you on Twitter at bakingw_oabox

  159. 163

    Following Creminelli on Twitter

  160. 164
  161. 165

    Salami sopressata, though they all sound wonderful.

  162. 166
    lsso /

    I would have to get White Truffle Salami it even won over the spicy one I was drooling at.

  163. 167

    I would love to try the White Truffle salami because I hear so much about truffles and I just think the combination would be delicious.

  164. 168

    I am a follower of @bellalimento on TWITTER

  165. 169

    I’m a sucker for truffle, so I’d love to try their white truffle salami!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I have liked Creminelli meats on FB.

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    I just tweeted the contest. Thanks!

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    Brian /

    I subscribed to your RSS feed 🙂

  174. 178
    Lisa /

    The Salami Sopressata sounds awesome! My Grandmother’s neighbor used to make salami in hus basement when I was a child. I would love to go down there with him and sample his creations. This post has brought back many fond memories! Thanks you for the opportunity to win!

  175. 179
    Lisa /

    I am an RSS feed subscriber!

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    And I’m following on FB! (I thought I already was! LOL, but now I really am!)

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    I think I’d love to try the white truffle salami! YUM!

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    Erika Tebbens /

    Barolo please!

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    I just tweeted it for @BorgodiVagli!

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    I’m following you on Twitter.

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    I’m following them on twitter.

  190. 194

    yum!!! i want to try the white truffle salami!

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    Oooohh…I’d love to try the white truffle!

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    The Wild Boar Salami would be my pick, being that our Texas Wild Boars are the main ingredient. Fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  206. 210

    Done! I am the world’s biggest salami lover! Nothing better than salami, crusty warm bread and a nice hunk of cheese for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. : ) These look so wonderful I can almost taste them and could never pick just one. Therefore, I’m going to have to hope for the mixed sampler. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful company!

  207. 211

    I follow you on twitter!

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    I follow you on your rss feed too!

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    Randi Lynne /

    Would love to try the white truffle salami!

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    I’m following, I’m tweeting. Love it!

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    Denny /

    SALAMI BAROLO. Yum, yum, yum.

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    Denny /

    Now following @bellalimento

  214. 219
    Erin /

    I definitely want to try the Salami Piccante.

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    Gillian Cambra /

    The truffle salami! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Gillian Cambra /

    I’ve liked you on FB…

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    Gillian Cambra /

    I’ve also liked Creminelli on FB! :-)))

  218. 223
    Schmidty /

    Cristiano threw restraint to the wind in its making, and I shall do the same in its choosing — this is the one I would choose: White Truffle Salami. They all sound divine.

  219. 224
    Schmidty /

    Following Creminelli on twitter @rusthawk.

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  224. 229
    Carol from Chicago /

    Wow, my mouth is watering………I LOVE SALAMI SOPRESSATA!!!!!!
    You are soooooo right, the salami in Italy…….totally different, yummie
    I’ve got my wine poured, bread is cut, now, just waiting for my salami sopressata……….many thanks and happy holidays

  225. 230

    I want to try them all, but first I would like the Wild Boar Salame.

  226. 231
    Angela Napolitano /

    The Salami Felino sounds wonderful, but they all sound great. I must place an order soon!!

  227. 232
    Jackie /

    Salami casalingo. How can you beat the house salami??

  228. 233
    Jackie /

    Already following you. 🙂

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    Already signed up for the RSS feed!!

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    I’d like to try the Salami Felino.

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    Wow, now that I’m starving for good salami, I’ll have to go for the mixed sampler!

  240. 245
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    I love to try White Truffle Salami

  241. 246
    Jan /

    I would like to try the White Truffle Salami

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    The Americano is perfect but the Casalingo is a close second.

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    Already following you. White Truffle Salami.

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    I love just looking at this salame….gotta taste it!

  249. 254

    Sigh. So hard to choose. I just have to go with the white truffle salami, though. Gosh just the thought is exciting…! Told ya, I get way too excited over food.

  250. 255

    Already a follower on Twitter, as you know! 🙂

  251. 256

    Following Creminelli on Twitter

  252. 257

    I tweeted!

  253. 258

    Liking you on FB!

  254. 259

    Liking Creminelli on FB (ps I think you’ve just gotten me into a lot of trouble by introducing me to this)

  255. 260
    Kelly /

    Porcini or wild boar, mmm!

  256. 261
    Kelly /

    As TheJeweledHorn, I tweeted “I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:

  257. 262
    Kelly /

    I Followed @bellalimento on TWITTER as TheJeweledHorn!

  258. 263
    Kelly /

    I Followed @Creminelli on TWITTER as TheJeweledHorn.

  259. 264

    by far the truffle salumi! yummers.

  260. 265

    btw, also liked you on Facebook! you’re awesome!

  261. 266

    just tweeted “I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:

    happy, happy, salumi I love!

  262. 267

    ooh, just started following @Creminelli

  263. 268

    i justed liked the Creminelli page on facebook!

  264. 269

    i already follow you on twitter! woo-hoo, thats how I found out about this awesome contest!

  265. 270

    i’ve signed up for your RSS feed!

  266. 271

    btw I tweeted this again
    “I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:
    because I love salumi!

  267. 272
    Bridget /

    The white truffle salami sounds divine.

  268. 273
    Missy /

    Salami Tartufo sounds divine! I love black truffles.

  269. 274
    Missy /

    Just subscribed to your RSS feed.

  270. 275
    Missy /

    Am now following you on twitter.

  271. 276

    Oh well it just has to be the Wild Boar Salami!

  272. 277
    Missy /

    Am now following Creminelli on twitter.

  273. 278
    Missy /

    Just tweeted about entering to win.

  274. 279

    I want to try the Salumi Musica

  275. 280
    hannah v. /

    How could yo unot want to try White Truffle Salami?!

  276. 281

    I just visited the Creminelli site and knew INSTANTLY which one I’d try: white. truffle. salami. oh my DROOL.

  277. 282

    I also tweeted the entry info! I’m LKPNYC on Twitter!

  278. 283

    And thirdly, I am now following @bellalimento, too!

  279. 284

    Okay..last one.. I ‘liked’ your page on FB! 🙂

  280. 285
    Tania Bugnet /

    Sigh! No salume for Canadians? Whaaaaaa!

  281. 286

    Oooohhhhh White Truffle Salami!!!!

  282. 287
    Regina S /

    the Holiday 2010 salami mix looks yummy

  283. 288
    Mariana /

    I twitted about you.
    The Salami Casalingo looks good to me.

  284. 289
    Cathy A. /

    Would love the Tartufo with black truffles!!!!

  285. 290

    I’d LOVE to try the Creminelli Salami Sopressata as my husband is form Calabria, Italy and that is their regions famous salami

  286. 291

    I am following you on Twitter!

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    I am following you on facebook!

  288. 293

    I retweeted your message on Twitter –Mille Fiori Pat

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    Karina /

    I like the Salami Sopressata. 🙂

  293. 298
    Karina /

    I like Creminelli on Facebook.

  294. 299
    Karina /

    I like bellalimento on Facebook

  295. 300
    Karina /

    I added your page to my google reader. 🙂

  296. 301
    Julie M /

    So many yummy choices! But the Wild Boar salami reminds me of some we had on our trip to Italy.

  297. 302
    Terri /

    I would like to try the Salami Felino

  298. 303
    Terri /

    I follow @Creminelli on Twitter.

  299. 304
    Terri /

    I follow @bellalimento on Twitter.

  300. 306
    Terri /

    I liked Creminelli on Facebook.

  301. 307
    Terri /

    I liked bell’alimento on Facebook.

  302. 308
    Terri /

    I already receive your rss feed with goolge reader

  303. 309
    Juliann Mathews /

    I think I would enjoying trying the Wild Boar Salami.

  304. 310
    Tricia /

    Salami Barolo. We love our local Italian deli for salami but this site is wonderful.

  305. 311

    pick one? ONE? Only if you insist.
    Salami Barolo

  306. 312

    Following @creminelli. I am @photogjenn

  307. 313

    Following @bellalimento.

  308. 314

    Already RSS feed / following.

  309. 315
    NJJ /

    Id love to try Wild Boar salami Its interesting and unique

  310. 316
    NJJ /

    Follow bellalimento @WildOrchids09 on twitter

  311. 318
    NJJ /

    Like bellalimento on FB C.J. Jennings

  312. 319
    NJJ /

    Bellalimento email subscriber

  313. 320
    Mary /

    I would really love to try SALAMI BAROLO. And I just knew that my favorite Italian deli in the small coastal town I lived in for 21 years would carry this salami!! There is a trip there in my future!!

  314. 321
    Jackie /

    Did you say Tartufo? Many moons ago when we went to Italy, I ordered anything that had Tartufo in its name or description. Haven’t been able to go back. Would love to live vicariously by taking bites of that salami!

  315. 322

    Salami Barolo!! I love Creminelli, such great stuff. I could eat it every day 😀

  316. 323
    Nessa /

    The choice was a tough one! I’m a huge fan of salami, any salami, but I have to say the Wild Boar Salami sounds magical. I mean, wine-soaked cloves and juniper berries along with Texas wild boar and Duroc pork belly? This sounds heavenly.
    After checking out their website, I desperately want to win! As a graduate student I don’t exactly have money to throw around on expensive food.

  317. 324
    Christy /

    The white truffle sounds amazing

  318. 325
    Christy /

    I already like you on FB and IRL too ;o)

  319. 326
    Christy /

    I like Creminelli on FB too

  320. 327
    Christy /

    I follow you on Twitter

  321. 328
    Christy /

    I’m subscribed by RSS and email — ha

  322. 329
    Krystel /

    Holiday Salami Mix! But if I have to pick just 1 kind then White Truffle Salami yum

  323. 330
    Kathy /

    I’ve just got to try the Sopressata. Who can resist wine-soaked garlic?

  324. 331
    scrapper al /

    I follow your RSS (technology, it’s a good thing, lol).

  325. 332
    scrapper al /

    The Salami Sopressata sounds yummy!

  326. 333
    Pino /

    The Salami Barolo is the one for me, no doubt about it. I recently received a bottle of Giacosa 2001 Falletto Barolo as a gift and would absolutely love to crack it open with a salami to match.

  327. 334
    Carmen M. /

    Hmm, I think the White Truffle salami sounds interesting! I love unusual things and that sounds especially unusual 🙂

  328. 335
    Carmen M. /

    I followed @bellalimento on twitter.

  329. 336
    Carmen M. /

    I liked bell?alimento on facebook

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    Carmen M. /

    I liked Creminelli on Facebook

  331. 338
    Carmen M. /

    Tweeted the message “I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:

  332. 339

    I would like to try the Salami Piccante

  333. 340

    I subscribed to the RSS feed.

  334. 341
    J&S /

    Oven crisped Salami ..Mmmmm….

  335. 342
    Teawench /

    Honestly, I’d love to try just about all of them 😛
    Forced to choose…it would be a toss up between the Barolo and the Sopressata.

  336. 344
    Teawench /

    Following Creminelli on Twitter – @Teawench

  337. 345
    Teawench /

    I also like Creminelli on FB.

  338. 346
    Patti /

    Piemonte sausage. My mother-in-law’s maiden name is Piemonte and since this is where the Creminelli’s are from, it sounds like a great choice!

  339. 347
    Teawench /

    I like bell’alimento on FB

  340. 348
    Hila /

    White truffle Salami! YUMMMM

  341. 349
    Tiffany /

    I would like the piccante salami, I love all things spicy. I follow your RSS Feed via google

  342. 350
    Missy /

    Liked bell’alimento on facebook.

  343. 351
    Kristen /

    Ohhh, the wild boar salami!!! It’s making my mouth water!

  344. 352
    Missy /

    Liked Creminelli Fine Meats on facebook.

  345. 353
    Kristen /

    Yummers they all look sooo delicious but I think Salami Sopressata would be the one I’d like to try………..first:)

  346. 354
    Kristen /

    Following @Creminelli on TWITTER @SweetLily20

  347. 355
    Kristen /

    Following @bellalimento on TWITTER @SweetLily20

  348. 356

    Wild Boar Salami for sure!

  349. 357

    I’ve had their salami and it’s wonderful. I’d love to win more of the Wild Boar Salami.

  350. 358
    Amy /

    Ohhh this is such an awesome giveaway! My family is Italian and we have such a difficult time finding any authentic Italian Salame around here (VA). I would definitely try the Salami Sopressata since that was a family favorite growing up, but they all look amazing. Thanks for introducing us to Creminelli!

  351. 359
    Renee /

    I would like to try the Tartufo!

  352. 360
    Renee /

    Liked Creminelli on facebook

  353. 361

    I saw some of the Tartufo yesterday at Whole Foods, so I think that is the one I would most like to try. I’m crazy for truffles.

  354. 362

    I am also a follower of Bellaimento on Twitter. 🙂

  355. 363
    Scott /

    Want to try the Sopressata!

  356. 364
    Denise Blackman /

    Soppressata-anything with wine soaked garlic has to be amazing and the Tartufo because……..well it has black truffle in it-need I say more!

  357. 365
    Thi-ly /

    I’m so proud that Salt Lake City is the home of Creminelli Fine Meats!

  358. 366
    Genie /

    Oh, the wild boar salami! I had this in a pasta sauce in Italy and I’ve never forgotten it. Fab!!

  359. 367
    Genie /

    Just liked it on Facebook.

  360. 368
    Genie /

    Liked Bellalimento on Facebook.

  361. 369
    blandina /

    wow, white truffle salami sounds delectable!
    would love to try that.

  362. 370

    Funny… I just won a gift basket of cheese, which arrived today, and the first thing my husband says is, ” now you just have to win us some salame.” fate? I think so! I would love to try the wild boar… sounds unique and tasty!

  363. 371

    I also already follow you on Twitter!

  364. 372
    Hannah M Smith /

    i just Like bell?alimento on FACEBOOK.

  365. 373
    Hannah M Smith /

    i liked Like Creminelli on FACEOOK too

  366. 374
    Hannah M Smith /

    just went to the website, the White Truffle Salami look like it would be great.

  367. 375
    Margaret /

    I’d love to try the sopressata, b/c I love garlic and it looks delicious!

  368. 376

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  369. 377

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  370. 378

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

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    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

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    Ali Hawkins /

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  373. 381

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  374. 382
    Cheryl /

    Itallian Salami yyummm

  375. 383
    Connie Altieri Bearden /

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  376. 384
    Brandi /

    I would like the Holiday Salami Mix, so I can have lots and lots!

  377. 385
    Brandi /

    following bellamiento on Twitter

  378. 386
    Brandi /

    following creminelli on twitter

  379. 387
    Brandi /

    like bellamiento on facebook

  380. 388
    Brandi /

    liked creminelli on facebook

  381. 389
    Lee /

    Definitely want to try the Salami Sopressata!

    I already LIKE you on Facebook 🙂

  382. 390
    Lee /

    I just signed up for your newsletter, too!

  383. 391
    Lee Hughes /

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  384. 392
    Lee /

    Another entry: I “LIKE” you on Facebook! Actually, I’ve liked you on Facebook for a while

  385. 393
    Lee /

    Now I LIKE Creminelli on Facebook, too. His salamis look amazing!

  386. 394

    I think I’d have to go for the Barolo or one of the truffle salumi!

  387. 395
    Anne Nelson /

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  388. 396
    Cathy Smith Angrisani /

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  389. 397
    Sarah /

    Oh, the wild boar looks amazing.

  390. 398
    Mary /

    I love all cured meats…

  391. 399
    Stephanie S /

    Like bell’alimento on facebook!

  392. 400
    anne /

    Can’t wait to try it!

  393. 401
    anne /

    Salame is the best!

  394. 402
    Stephanie S /

    I’d love to try the White Truffle Salami!

  395. 403
    Stephanie S /

    I follow @bellalimento on Twitter. @StephanieS222

  396. 404

    I follow you on FB!

  397. 405
  398. 406
    Stephanie S /

    I tweeted about your contest!

  399. 407

    …and I subscribe to your RSS (ok, feeling like a stalker now)

  400. 408

    ?I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento

  401. 409
    Shirley Saltarelli /

    I would like to win the Salami Sopressata…our family likes a robust garlic taste. At Christmas Eve, we continue the family tradition of going over to my father-in-law’s house for snacks and favorite Christmas foods. I would love to surprize him with this salami. The last real Italian deli closed in San Antonio several years ago and he misses it.

  402. 410
    Lily G /

    I follow you on Facebook

  403. 411
    Lily G /

    I follow Creminelli on Facebook

  404. 412
    Lily G /

    I’m your subscriber too.

  405. 413
    Lily G /

    I’d love to try Salami Barolo

  406. 414
    Natasha Robertson /

    I like Creminelli on Facebook!

  407. 415
    Natasha Robertson /

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  408. 416
    Shirley Saltarelli /

    Bonus Entry: NEWSLETTER ; )

  409. 417
    Alicia M /

    I am now following Creminelli on Twitter!

  410. 418

    I visited Creminelli?s site!

  411. 419
    Alicia M /

    I am currently following you on Twitter….@peanutsmom04

  412. 420

    I follow @Creminelli on TWITTER

  413. 421

    I follow @bellalimento on TWITTER

  414. 422

    I tweeted the following: ?I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:

  415. 423

    I like Creminelli on FACEOOK

  416. 424

    I like bell?alimento on FACEBOOK

  417. 425

    I get your Email Subscription – that’s a lot of times to enter 🙂

  418. 426
    Alicia M /

    The salami tartufo sounds devine!

  419. 427
    Alicia M /

    I now ‘like’ Creminelli on Facebook.

  420. 428
    Alicia M /

    I am already a fan of yours on Facebook!!

  421. 429
    Alicia M /

    I have tweeted @peanutsmom04

  422. 430
    Alicia M /

    and finally…I have subscribed to your e-mail. 🙂

  423. 431

    Their Porcini Sausage sounds amazing! I’d love to try that!

  424. 432

    I follow @Creminelli on twitter @MommyImHungry

  425. 433

    I follow you on twitter @MommyImHungry

  426. 434

    I like you on Facebook too!

  427. 436

    I follow you on Twitter 🙂 (@kdbabbles)

  428. 437

    @KDBabbles just tweeted “I just entered to WIN Handcrafted Italian Artisan Salami from @bellalimento @Creminelli Enter here:

  429. 438

    I just followed @Creminelli

  430. 439

    I already subscribe to your RSS feed

  431. 440

    I have returned from the Creminelli website… In the words of you “Swoon!” It was so hard to choose just one phenomenal salami that I would want to try most. They all sound SO amazing. However, I decided on Salami Sopressata. I love bold, robust flavors and I love love love garlic so this one sounds right up my alley!

  432. 441
    Rebecca Graham /

    I would like to try the Salami Barolo.

  433. 442
    Rebecca Graham /

    Follow bellalimento on Twitter; rhoneygee

  434. 444
    Rebecca Graham /

    Like bella alimento on facebook: Rebecca Honey Graham

  435. 445

    The wild boar salami for me! Mixture of wild boar and pork belly… yes MAAM!

  436. 446

    Following Creminelli on twitter

  437. 447

    I follow Bella on twitter!

  438. 448

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  439. 449

    I like Cremineli on facebook!

  440. 450

    I like Bella on facebook!

  441. 451

    I’m an email subscriber 😀 Thanks for this great giveaway Paula!

  442. 452

    Oh my word! Would you just look at that meat candy. Goodness I hope I win for once. YUM!!

  443. 454

    I’m an RSS subscriber FOR SURE!! 🙂

  444. 455
    ellen /

    my mouth is watering from the pictures of this hand-crafted salumi. i’m dying to try both the tartufo and piccante. and i really want to try them all!!


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