Lenticchie e Lonza {Lentils and Bacon}

Beans and bacon. A perfect marriage right ; ) Although Lenticchie e Lonza sounds so much more fancy schmancy this is just a down home stick to your ribs warm up from head to toe big pot of comfort food.

Lentils are protein packed and low in fat. I for one should be eating a lot more of them. Lentils come in a variety of colors {they’re truly beautiful little beans}. Some lentils require that you soak them overnight so be sure to check YOUR package to see if soaking is necessary! It’s no big deal really, just chuck them into the stock pot before you head to bed and cover with water. Easy peasy ; )

If they don’t require soaking, they will at least need to be rinsed before using, with cold water. Now for the hard part, deciding whether YOU prefer your lentils more stew like or soup like. To be honest, I like them both ways and it just depends on my mood when I’m cooking them. For soup like cook them less, for stew like more ; ) In the attached photos it’s prepared stew like, because I was feeling stew-y that day! {I’m not complicated LOL}

And now the bacon, I used a smoked bacon and yes there is a pound in here. I never said is was going to be a low fat dish, just that lentils were low fat ; ) You could even substitute pancetta…swoon


Here are a few other LENTIL recipes from the web that caught my eye:

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Lenticchie e Lonza {Lentils and Bacon}
What you’ll need:
15.5 ounces Lentils
2 small onions {mince ONE}
2 whole cloves
1 garlic clove
1 bay leaf
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 pound bacon – cubed
1 large carrot – minced
1 stalk celery – minced
1 tablespoon all purpose flour
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

What to do:
1. NOTE: Check your  package to see if YOUR lentils require soaking. If they do NOT, skip this step! Into a large stock pot add the dried lentils. Cover with cold water {enough to fill pot about half way}. Cover pot with lid and allow to soak overnight.

2. Drain lentils and return to stock pot. Fill the pot with approximately 2 liters of cold water. Add garlic clove, bay leaf and 1 onion that you have studded with the cloves. Bring to a boil then lower heat, cover and cook for approximately 35 minutes.

3. WHILE the lentils are cooking, into a deep sided pan add butter and melt over medium high heat. Add bacon and cook until crispy.

4. Once bacon is crispy, add minced carrot, celery and onion to pan.  Stir well to combine. Sprinkle with flour and stir again to combine. Add 1 ladle of the lentil cooking water to pan. Reduce heat to LOW. Cook for approximately 5 minutes.

5. Drain lentils. Discard the garlic, studded onion and bay leaf. Place lentils into the pan with the bacon and vegetable  mixture. Add red wine vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Continue cooking for approximately 10-15 minutes for stew like consistency. NOTE: If you prefer a more soup like consistency do not cook as long.

Buon Appetito!


  1. 1

    SOLD! this sounds like an amazing side dish…or main dish!

  2. 2

    Making this!!! Looks amazing, Paula!

  3. 3

    that’s one giant spoon 🙂 Love lentils and bacon. Wish this would magically appear in front of me right now.

  4. 5

    Grazie cara! Baci e buon weekend!

  5. 6

    You had me at ‘bacon’.

  6. 7

    I’m loving that wooden ladel! I think I might need one. Once I satisfy that craving, then I’ll see about making some lentils. 🙂

  7. 8

    I love lentils!! My hubs will love the added bacon:)

    • 8.1

      Thanks Maria! I love the bacon too, it brings a nice smoky flavor to the lentils!

  8. 9

    Oh, this is what I am craving on a frigid day like today! Really like the cloves in the dish – that must really add a wonderful dimension to the flavor.

    • 9.1

      Thanks Liren! I could use another pot today too! The cloves do add a nice touch : )

  9. 10

    Sigh. As much as I would like to be all overemphatic and in love right now, I just can’t. I don’t like lentils. I think this is the first recipe you’ve posted that I haven’t swooned over!

    Still, looks good! 😉

  10. 11

    This looks awesome despite the bacon 😉 Thanks for the soup shout-out! xoxo

    • 11.1

      Thanks bella! I totally could have used your new tutorial before shooting this one {def a tough one LOL} ; ) See you soon xoxo

  11. 12

    This looks wonderful. I am always looking for new ways to cook with lentils! I love the photo!

  12. 13

    I do love lentil and have been a bit of a kick with them lately. Love the flavors here 🙂

  13. 14

    Mhm, delicious! I’ve recently discovered that I like lentils (taken me 23 years!) and it seems to me that they’d go amazingly with bacon! In fact, I may have even had some of this before…? Who knows, what I do know is that I’ll be making it again for sure!

    Jax x

  14. 15

    Love lentils. They’re so great in fiber and protein… I’ve not made them in a while but I have a few bags of dry ones. I must try your version but w/out the bacon!

  15. 16

    lentils and bacon – it really doesnt get much better than that! yum


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