Risotto alle Fragole {Strawberry Risotto}


When most people hear “Strawberry Risotto” they’re not quite sure how to react. It’s usually followed by REALLY? One bite is usually all it takes to change their mind. Strawberry Risotto is a common dish in Northern Italy. It’s a sweet and savory combination that’s refreshing and rich. It’s perfect for spring/summer when strawberries are multiplying faster than rabbits.

You start off by marinating the strawberries in wine. They’ll be mixing and mingling until their flavors are melded together. How can that not be good right ; ) I strangely had to stop myself from wanting to drink the reserved strawberry “wine” and from singing the song “strawberry wine, seventeen..hot July sun… see stop me it’s in my head again”. And don’t ask how I know those lyrics…

Underneath the pretty face, it’s a very standard risotto recipe. You’re going to need to stir and sit with it. The strawberries give the risotto a beautiful pink hue and a rich and yet delicate flavor at the same time.

It’s unique and something I think once you’ve had once, you’ll have to have again ; )



Risotto alle Fragole {Strawberry Risotto}
What you’ll need:
1 cup strawberries – trimmed, quartered
1/2 cup dry white wine
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 small onion – minced
1 1/2 cups Arborio rice
4 cups vegetable broth – warm
1/4- 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

What to do:
1. Into a small bowl, add strawberries. Pour wine on top. Set aside and allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes.

2. Into a large sauce pan melt butter over medium heat. Add onions. Saute.

3. Drain strawberries, reserving wine. Add HALF of the strawberries to onions, reserve remaining 1/2. Reduce heat to LOW and cook until strawberries are softened, approximately 10 minutes, stirring as necessary.

4. Increase heat to MEDIUM. Add rice and stir constantly until rice is well coated.

5. Reduce heat to LOW and add 1/2 cup of warm broth. Cook until liquid is absorbed. Repeat process with remaining broth 1/2 cup at at time.

6. Add reserved wine, and cook until wine is evaporated.

7. Add 1/4 cup of cream and reserved strawberries. Stir to combine. If rice is too thick, add more cream.

Buon Appetito!


  1. 1

    This idea sounded so unique to me! I’m shocked to hear it’s a commmon dish. It sounds so tasty and I love your pics. Well done!

  2. 2

    Girl you are KILLING it this week! I know my reaction was extatic when I saw this recipe 😉

  3. 3

    Oh my gosh I love the combo of risotto and strawberries!

  4. 4

    I would actually think that an off-dry or sweet wine would make a great dessert risotto.

    If you can find it, try this recipe with Brachetto d’Acqui. A major and easy to find brand is Rosa Regale but I much prefer Braida.

  5. 5

    Swoon! That looks positively scrumptious! It would be so comforting during this (cold) Utah spring. Now all I need is a warm blanket and a good book. 🙂

  6. 6

    This sounds incredible! What a fun twist on risotto, and it’s definitely one I haven’t tried yet. This would be so fun to have at a brunch or even as dessert.

  7. 7

    This looks interesting! Think I’m going to have to give this one a try!

  8. 8

    I think this is such a smart dish. And beautiful too!

  9. 9

    this is lovely, Paula! I’ve had chocolate risotto before but this looks even better!

  10. 10

    The hubby would love this. I need to get more risotto rice, me thinks.

  11. 11

    You know what I love about this aside from the fact that it has strawberries? You call for vegetable broth or stock. I love risotto but being a vegetarian, it’s so hard finding it made without chicken stock or broth!! This just sounds awesome, Paula!

  12. 12

    This sounds amazing. I love risotto, but have never thought about having it with fruit. Can’t wait to try it.

  13. 13

    I’ve never heard of this, but you got my attention!

  14. 14

    Wow! I would never have thought of this! I can’t wait to try this when it’s finally strawberry season.

  15. 15

    Wow. That looks so refreshing and tasty.

  16. 16

    This recipe doesn’t frighten me one bit! I’m excited to try!

  17. 17

    This is so creative and unique Paula…love it!

  18. 18

    This looks delicious and refreshing. I love the pink color.

  19. 19

    Oooh! Definitely something I’ve never heard of before – and I’m highly intrigued! 🙂

  20. 20

    I too know the lyrics to that song:-) Happily, I too now can make strawberry risotto! lovely!

  21. 21

    I can’t believe this has onion in it. But if you say it’s good, then I must make it! I trust you! 🙂

  22. 22

    You had me at wine.

  23. 23

    Oh wow….this looks incredible! Strawberries and WINE? Yes, please!

  24. 24

    Not kidding…you had me at ‘marinating the strawberries in wine’ – I just bought 2 quarts of strawberries without specific plans for them so I will have to try this.

  25. 25

    You know right now I’m totally LOVING Strawberries! Plus I adore the new look of your site!! Hope all is well xoxo

  26. 26

    So it is actually savoury?! Crazy! I want to try it, though… 😀

    Jax x

  27. 27

    What an unusual risotto, such a unique combination of flavors. I would never have thought of strawberries for risotto.

  28. 28

    Id never have come up with this combo but it looks amazing. And you probably had that song in hundreds of heads today, lol!

  29. 29

    This is so beautiful and it looks delicious! Such a great idea!

  30. 30

    To be honest I’ve never thought about this combination of rice and strawberries, but it looks pretty delicious! I love new discoveries food-wise, I’ll certainly give this a go 🙂

  31. 31

    Yum. I always make savory rissoto. I like dried mushrooms the best, with peas a close second. I never thought to make something so sweet, but I bet it’s outstanding. Thanks.

  32. 32

    Wow – that sounds awesome. I LOVE risotto, but I haven’t thought of it as a desert – of course, I eat rice desserts, and those are not normally thought of that way either.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  33. 33

    I love risotto, I never attempted on a sweet version of it. Do you think a fruity wine would work for marinating the strawberries?

    I bookmark the recipe.

  34. 34

    Looks intriguing- we’ll have to try this one soon! Props on being so original in your recipes! Keep it up- we love them!

  35. 35

    Looks sooooo goooddd… I’ll try for my dinner tomorrow, thank you
    ciao from Italy Domenica

  36. 36

    Love it! I’ve never considered it, so I’ll have to try it!

  37. 37

    I wonder how it tastes like, savory strawberry risotto


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