Seared Scallops With Whiskey Cream Sauce

Scallops make me swoon. The only scallops I’ve ever met that I didn’t like are overcooked scallops. There is a fine line between ridiculous (as in you want to lick the plate they’re so good) and rubbery.  I love them because they’re sweet, succulent and when you sear them my knees buckle. A little butter, a little olive oil, a simple sprinkling of  sea salt and pepper and you’re halfway there.  Honestly they would be just fine like this but I am saucy ehem a sauce girl so we press forward. With whiskey. And cream. And butter. Because I love you.


You’re welcome! You can also thank Land O’Lakes. Why? Well because they’ve made things a whole lot easier in the kitchen for those of us that LURVE butter and olive oil. How you ask? They’ve COMBINED butter and olive oil and sea salt. Can you hear the music? Pretty stinking genius if you ask me! Have you tried it? I’m smitten.

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Disclaimer: The author received a gift package from Land O’Lakes, including two cookbooks, a whisk, a slotted spoon, tongs and a full-value coupon redeemable for LAND O LAKES® Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, for recipe development and review purposes. One winner will receive the same gift package. All opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.


Seared Scallops With Whiskey Cream Sauce

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    1. Pat scallops dry with a paper towel. Season with salt/pepper. Set aside.
    2. Heat a large saute pan over medium-high heat. When pan is hot add butter and melt. Add scallops. Cook for approximately 1-2 minutes until a crust has developed. Carefully flip and repeat. Remove scallops. Keep warm.
    3. Deglaze pan with whiskey. Cook until alcohol has burned off. Add garlic and cream. Cook until mixture slightly thickens.
    4. Pour sauce over scallops. Garnish with fresh chives if desired.


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    1. 1

      Those scallops look incredible. Love the sauce. Super fun giveaway. mi manchi tanto! xx

    2. 2

      That’s gorgeous Paula! And what a great giveaway. 🙂

    3. 3
      Lisa Bailey /

      Those scallops look terrific. I posted, tweeted and pinned as requested. Now I need to cook these beauties.

    4. 4

      i would use this product when sauteing whole green beans with fresh garlic & lemon zest… it would save a couple of steps. and i’m about simplicity!
      the scallops look amazing, saucy girl;)

    5. 5
      Teresa /

      I have some squash fresh from my garden that would taste great sauteed with onions in the olive oil and a little sea salt. Or I could steam the squash and add Land O’Lakes Butter and sea salt. Yummy!

    6. 6
      Marcia /

      Well, I’d try the butter/olive oil/sea salt on those scallops for sure! But it would also be great with Chicken Picatta! Yum!

    7. 7
      Marcia /

      I follow you on Facebook.

    8. 8
      Teresa /

      I Land O’Lakes on Facebook
      Teresa Kwiatkowski

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      Marcia /

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      Teresa /

      I like bellalimento on Facebook
      Teresa Kwiatkowski

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      Marcia /

      I follow you on Twitter!

      Looks like I follow you everywhere, doesn’t it?!

    12. 12
      Marcia /

      I follow Land O Lakes on Facebook.

    13. 13
      Teresa /

      I follow bellalimento on Twitter – @tssk10

    14. 14

      I wonder how it would taste in NOLA style BBQ shrimp. I imagine it would give a wonderful flavor to the dish!

    15. 15
      Teresa /

      I pinned on Pinterest – tssk10

    16. 17
      Lee Hughes /

      Land O’Lakes butter with olive oil and sea salt would be perfect for sauteing fresh vegetables! I’d also use it to make sauces for fish or seafood.

    17. 18
      Lee Hughes /

      Already follow you on Facebook!

    18. 19

      I would love to sauté vegetables in that butter!

    19. 20

      I follow bell’alimento on twitter!

    20. 21

      Followed you on Twitter!

    21. 22

      Followed Land o’Lakes on Twitter!

    22. 23

      Tweeted about this giveaway.

    23. 24

      I think I’d try using the butter with olive oil and sea salt to sautee asparagus. Mmmmm, delicious!

    24. 25

      Scallops are an all time favorite of mine and I totally agree with you on the sad events when you take a bite of one that’s overcooked. What a waste. I’ve had scallops with a sauce similar to this one, it sounds sooo good. Will definitely add it to the docket.

    25. 26

      Ohhh I’m on a scallops kick! And they seem like they’d go so well with whiskey! I hate to drink it but I’m loving it in food [and desserts] lately!

    26. 27

      Hmmmm…I’d use it with some garlic and rosemary and maybe a hint of rosemary to make REALLY decadent garlic bread!!

    27. 28
      Katie /

      I bet it would taste great with some steamed veggies or drizzled over some popcorn with some herbs and an extra sprinkle of sea salt!

    28. 29
      MommyNamedApril /

      I would make some zucchini noodles and sauté them with the butter and some garlic. Delish!

    29. 30
      Kristen M /

      Okay, so not the most creative “recipe” but I’d totally use this on a baked potato.

    30. 31
      Kristen M /

      I follow you on twitter.

    31. 32

      I would use the Land O’Lakes Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt to saute some wild mushrooms…hm…drooling. I love your seared scallops too. Can’t wait to try.

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    36. 38
      Teslaca /

      At this time of year, butter gets a workout in my kitchen with all the wonderful fresh vegetables. I haven’t seen this butter/oil combination product in my store, but would love to try it for pan-frying all sorts of vegetables.

    37. 39
      Teslaca /

      Following Land O’Lakes on Twitter.

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      Teslaca /

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    40. 42

      I would use the butter to try this recipe! Looks awesome!

    41. 43

      I’m following you now on twitter!

    42. 44
      Laurel Wycoff /

      I’d use that to make some Garlic Shrimp w Angel Hair pasta. Yum!

    43. 45

      I follow LOL on twitter & FB 🙂

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      I follow you on twitter

    45. 47

      I follow you on FB

    46. 48

      I pinned on Pinterest

    47. 49

      Oh girl, scallops make me swoon too. And so do the Land o’ Lakes half sticks of butter, so brilliant! And this sauce has me drooooling! Love it!

    48. 50

      Mmm, this sounds amazing!

    49. 51
      Sara /

      I’d use it to grill some amazing fish!

    50. 52

      I’d use it in a pasta dish…just don’t know which one

    51. 53

      I follow Land O Lakes on FB and twitter.

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    54. 56

      I’d love to run it onto corn on the cob

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    57. 59

      I would use the Land O Lakes Olive oil and sea salt butter to accompany and olive cheese loaf bread.

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      Christina /

      This would be great on warm bread!

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      Schmidty /

      I’d use it on grilled veggies

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      Schmidty /

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      Schmidty /

      I follow Land O Lakes on facebook as Rust Hawk.

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      Schmidty /

      I follow you on facebook as Rust Hawk.

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      Schmidty /

      I follow you on twitter @rusthawk

    69. 73
      Janel /

      I am pretty sure I would use it to make an amazing pasta dish!

    70. 74
      Helen /

      I would use it on some Jersey Corn!!!! Best in the USA!

    71. 75
      Kate /

      I LOVE the new land I lakes butter with olive oil and sea salt! I use it on fish or a good crusty bread. Or both!

    72. 76
      Jessie C. /

      I’d use it for baking

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      Jessie C. /

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      Kate /

      I Like you on facebook

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      Kate /

      I follow you on twitter (@kdbabbles)

    76. 83
      joann /

      Oo! That sounds like it would be great as a topper for steak!

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      Deanna Peoples /

      I’d make a savory popcorn with asiago cheese

    78. 85
      Deanna Peoples /

      I Followed Land o lake FB

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      I tweeted this: Win 2 @ThePioneerWoman Cookbooks, Fav Utensils & @LandOLakesKitchn Butter w/Olive Oil & Sea Salt on @bellalimento

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      Deanna Peoples /

      I pinned the scallops. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

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      Allison C /

      I would eat it with just some good crusty bread.

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      Allison C /

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      Allison C /

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      Gail /

      I would use it to saute lump crab cakes – YUMMM – follow everything i should & tweeted & pinned (all new stuff for this old gal – lol)

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      Rhonda Desgranges /

      I would use the Land O Lakes butter paired with some home made fresh bread. Thanks for the chance to win!


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      Rhonda Desgranges /

      I follow Land O Lakes on Facebook!


    90. 97
      Carl /

      I tweeted the link to the post and giveaway:

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      I follow you on FB as Rhonda Gaines Desgranges.


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      Carl /

      I Follow Land O’Lakes on Twitter: @carlrscott

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      Carl /

      I Follow bell’alimento on FACEBOOK: Carl Scott

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      I repinned the scallops photo & recipe on pinterest via
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      Rhonda Desgranges /

      I tweeted about the giveaway @wigglypup.


    98. 105
      Carolsue /

      I would use it to make Chicken Scallopini (the lemon sauce calls for butter)
      Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

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      Carolsue /

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    103. 110
      Corisa /

      The butter would be great for searing a perfect piece of filet mingon!

    104. 111
      Lisa /

      Veal Marsala!!!

    105. 112
      Lisa /

      I Follow bell’alimento on FACEBOOK!

    106. 113
      Marissa Kubinski /

      The butter would be delicious as a sauce for chicken or over a filet.

    107. 114

      I would like to use this to saute things like mushrooms, onions, and/or potatoes. Maybe grilled sandwiches would be good, too.

    108. 115
      TK /

      I think the butter would make a lovely alfredo sauce!

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      TK /

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      I would use the butter for cooking veggies

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      I would love to use it in some of my pasta sauces for that additional richness.

    118. 128

      I like land o lakes on facebook

    119. 129
      jan /

      I’d use it to sauté some garlic then add it to some homemade pasta!

    120. 130
      Cori /

      I would love to try the butter on a huge chunk of warm, crusty sourdough bread!

    121. 131

      You make me want to run in the kitchen and make this happen!

    122. 132

      I so want to make these! I had them in a restaurant a while back and they were so delicious!!!

    123. 133
      Jan /

      These would seem to be perfect for using with pasta and shrimp in a creamy sauce

    124. 134
      Renee Richardson /

      I would love it for a yummy chicken alfredo. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

      fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

    125. 135
      meredith /

      I would like to use Land O’Lakes Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt in my bread recipe

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      meredith /

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    129. 140
    130. 141
      Babs /

      This sounds like it would be delicious on all types of roasted vegetables. Great giveaway!

    131. 142

      saute veggies!

    132. 143
      Raakhee /

      I think I would use it on every savoury item like baked potato,toast,few Indian dishes. I think make everything tasty. 🙂

    133. 144
      Erin G /

      I would love to cook and all types of seafoods with pasta

    134. 145

      I think I’d make savory scones!

    135. 146
      MaryBeth /

      I’m a simple gal – I would slather that butter on some warm crusty bread!

    136. 147
      Meghan Finley /

      I’d make an awesome sauce with it. Don’t make me choose now! 🙂

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    141. 154

      I don’t need to be entered in the contest but wanted to say I am dying over those scallops, Paula! Wow!

    142. 155
      Ruth Naylor /

      I would love to use it in a quick stir fry with some veggies and shrimp.

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      Ruth Naylor /

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      Ruth Naylor /

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    147. 160
      Carl /

      So great to have won this cool prize. Thanks very much!

    148. 161

      My hubby is a huge Scallops fan and doesn’t mind Whiskey either – must make!

    149. 162
      ana /

      can i use jack daniels?

    150. 163
      Lisa Bailey /

      Made these scallops for Easter Lunch. Paired with Vegetable Paella and white wine—ohmy! Scallops were perfect and the sauce a nice touch.


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