Grilled Squash Blossom Pizza

Yes that would be a grilled squash blossom pizza and no I haven’t lost my mind ; ) I realize it’s a little different, okay a lot different, from your typical pizza but I think it’s worth the jump into the uncharted pizza territory if you haven’t tried it before. Squash blossoms aren’t just for making squash, pfft they’re amazing stuffed (both sweet and savory) and even better on pizza! They’re beautiful, delicate, dainty and perfect with a mound of fresh mozzarella. If you don’t have your own garden you can find these at your local farmer’s market when squash is in season.

My friends at Pillsbury ask me to create a grilled pizza using their new Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain. I’m always up for a challenge and I knew immediately I wanted to use squash blossoms (my squash are still producing like crazy). We popped open a can cut in half and fired up the grill. I like to make smaller pizzas because A) they’re easier to grill/cook and B) you can customize each one (translation if the kids don’t want “flower” pizza you can make them something else pfft.)

Grilling pizza takes just minutes and you can use a charcoal or gas grill. Trick is to have all your ingredients ready to go. A few minutes later all you’ll need are your plates, pizza slicer/knife, napkins and you’re good to go. For more grilled pizza recipes using Pillsbury’s Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain check out Pillsbury’s PIZZA SHOWDOWN.
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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pillsbury. I was compensated for my time and recipe development. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.


Grilled Squash Blossom Pizza


  • semolina flour for dusting
  • 13.8 ounces Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain - halved
  • 1/2 cup tomato sauce - divided
  • 12 squash blossoms - cleaned, trimmed
  • 6 ounces fresh mozzarella -sliced, halved
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt/pepper


  1. Heat grill.
  2. Stretch pizza dough onto a pizza peel sprinkled with semolina.
  3. Place pizza dough onto hot grill. Cook approximately 2 minutes. Flip and continue cooking reverse size for 2 minutes. Carefully remove dough from grill.
  4. Place half of tomato sauce onto dough. Arrange squash blossom flowers around exterior in a circular pattern. Place half of mozzarella slices in the center. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt/pepper.
  5. Return to grill. Close top and cook just long enough for mozzarella to melt. Approximately 1 minute.



  1. 1

    Absolutely gorgeous! I don’t think you’re crazy at all for putting squash blossoms on a pizza. I’d devour this in a heartbeat!

  2. 2

    Now that is one *gorgeous* pizza!

  3. 3

    kids don’t want “flower” pizza!?! pfft- more for us! 😉 this sounds amazing!

  4. 4

    OOOOOOOMGGGG. I love you.

  5. 5

    It looks great! I can only imagine the smell…:)

  6. 6

    This is gorgeous Paula! Such a creative pizza.

  7. 7

    I love this. The name even rolls off the tongue. I’m going to bake it … just so I can say it. And have shared on my FB page. Thanks.

  8. 8

    Different is good! This may just be the prettiest pizza I’ve ever seen.

  9. 9

    This is an amazing pizza, and it’s so pretty!

  10. 10

    I would design a whole dinner party theme around the gorgeous yellow flower that just happens to be a pizza!

  11. 11

    A lot different is really very pretty!

  12. 12

    I which I could make it now! Yummy!!!

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