Beverly Hills Darling

Beverly Hills dah-ling. Pinch me, I finally went there and I have to tell you it was as mah-vah-lous as I imagined (maybe even more so). Sus & I decided to tack a few days onto a work trip for a little vacay. We were hosted by the oh so fabulous Beverly Wilshire. Yes that one where Pretty Woman was filmed. We were greeted by Carrie our hostess who gave us a warm welcome and tour. If you love the movie like I do you’ll be happy to know that they have the movie running 24/7 in the spa. Who wouldn’t want a mani/pedi while sipping on a glass of champagne while watching Pretty Woman? I mean seriously.

When we arrived at our massive suite we could have brought along another 6 people. It had a foyer bigger than most New York apartments, a well-appointed living room, a bedroom with one of the plushest beds ever period (and even a service button bed side. I kid not.) and a bathroom that had more marble than Rome (okay maybe not that much but you get the picture). All I wanted to do was take a bubble bath and sip on champagne. While in Rome right?

BUT we had things to do. We hopped over to Duff’s Cake Mix (think build a bear for cakes) and we got our cake decorating on. When I say we, I mean Susan. I rolled and cut the fondant and cheered her on. They should seriously think about serving wine there. That would have made it even better (for me). We grabbed our cake and headed out to try some pizza that our driver had raved about. He was right. We ordered the cheese pizza and I swear it was enough for a football team. Despite eating a healthy 3 slices each there was over half the pizza left. We boxed it up (yes we did) and headed back to the Bev Wilshire with our pizza and cake in tow. That’s how we roll. We might be the first people to ever have a pizza and cake box in there but hey we like to eat.

When we arrived back to our suite the most gorgeous tray of salami, cheeses, martinis and chocolate art sculpture was waiting on us. They know how to treat their guests. No time for resting we had to get ready to EAT again. Dinner was at a 5 star restaurant owned by one of my favorite food crushes. Which we rode to in style. The courtesy car at the Bev Wilshire a Rolls Royce Ghost. I wish I could tell you I wasn’t impressed with this. I mean it’s only a car right? Um, no. It’s the smoothest, slickest, scrumptious sexiest car I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in in my life. The end.

Next morning we were still full BUT we had a job to do. We put on our heels and marched downstairs to The Blvd. where we met the uber awesome general manager Jeremy Hargrove. He served up a bevy of brunch items until we couldn’t eat another bite. I lost count at 11 plates. Everything was stellar. I kid not. I was especially fond of the Branzino. Light, flaky, melt in your mouth good. Ridiculously good.

Here’s Jeremy shaking up a signature cocktail. You should stop by and see him,be sure to tell him hello (and order the branzino) I’m still trying to figure out who he looks like. If you think of it let me know.

and then ask for the duck fat fries with a glass of champagne … it was one of my favorite things about the weekend. He asked the chef to whip them up special for us (they’re not even on the menu).

A BIG thank you to The Beverly Wilshire for hosting us. To Jeremy and The Blvd for the most amazing food and stellar service. You should go really, now and take me with you ; )


Disclaimer: The Beverly Wilshire hosted us during our stay. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.



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    I can’t wait to visit this hotel! It sounds so amazing!

  2. 2

    Yep, as soon as I saw the first photo I thought on Viv in her thigh-high vinyl boots! LOL!

  3. 3

    SQUEAL!! I might be staying there in March and i’M DYING!!

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    Lisa Bailey /

    Don’t even know what to say. Hotel envy!

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