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 If you want comfort food it doesn’t get much better than Osso Buco. In fact, I’m kinda Coo Coo for Osso Buco. If you’ve never heard of Osso Buco, it is a Milanese specialty of braised veal shanks. It translates to Bone (osso) with a Hole (buco) so clearly we’re going to continue to call it Osso Buco because everything sounds better in Italian.  Once you’ve had this low and slow stunner you’re going to want more, and if for some reason you’re so full you can’t finish your portion I’m happy to finish yours. I’m a giver, what can I say. Osso Bucco www.bellalimento.com
KitchenAid challenged us to GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO. To create and share our gourmet recipe using our 36 inch Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range (aka Ada). This beast of a machine combines the precise control of a gas cooking surface (6 burners) with an electric oven. It gives consistent heating and cooking on ALL racks, and the dual flame burner allows for versatile control for all heat levels.  That means you get the best of both worlds. Ada was, as always, up for the challenge. I’m not even sure she broke a sweat. She’s a show-off like that.The meal starts with veal shanks. You’ll more than likely need to make a visit to your local butcher for these beauties. I had to traipse across town. Way across town, but I live in the boonies. They’re expensive. I’m not going to lie. I paid $75 for 2 large shanks (approximately 3 pounds total). It’s definitely a special occasion meal, but I think it’s worth it. You’ll start on top of the stove. A simple season on the shanks followed by a light dusting of flour, then directly into a smoking hot French oven to give them a nice sizzling sear on all sides. Once we’ve given the shanks their tan, we’ll soften the veg and deglaze the pan and bring the rest of the ingredients to the party. On goes the lid and into the oven it goes. Low and slow until it’s falling off the bone tender.Osso Bucco www.bellalimento.com
You’ll have plenty of time to finish off the rest of the wine whip up a batch of creamy polenta or risotto to go with. This recipe can look a little monochromatic, so don’t leave off the gremolata. It adds a pop of color and freshness to the otherwise heavy dish.

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  • 2 large veal shanks - approximately 3 pounds
  • kosher salt/pepper
  • 1/4 cup all purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 2 carrots - peeled, and minced
  • 1 onion - minced
  • 1 stalk celery - minced
  • 1 cup dry white wine
  • 1 cup pureed tomatoes
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 3 cloves garlic - separated (1 crushed, 2 minced)
  • 3 tablespoons roughly chopped flat leaf Italian parsley
  • 1 lemon - zested


  1. Season veal shanks with salt and pepper.
  2. Place flour into a shallow pan. Place shanks into flour and coat on all sides. Shake off excess flour.
  3. Into a large French/Dutch oven melt butter over medium high heat. Add shanks and sear on all sides. Transfer to a plate. Set aside.
  4. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
  5. Add: carrots, onion and celery to pan. Stir to coat. Cook until just softened. Add wine and deglaze pan. Cook until liquid reduces by half.
  6. Add tomatoes and chicken broth. Mix to combine. Return shanks to pan. Add bath leaves and 1 clove garlic. Cover and transfer to oven.
  7. Bake for 1 - 1 /2 hours OR until meat falls off bone.
  8. Prior to serving make gremolata: into a small bowl: add minced garlic, parsley and lemon zest.
  9. Garnish veal shanks with gremolata. Serve over a bed of polenta or risotto.


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  1. 1

    Save me some, I’ll be over for dinner!

  2. 2

    ohhh I love osso buco. I recently conquered yeast bread. I think. I hope. I’m doing it again today 😉

  3. 3

    It’s barely 6am and now I want osso buco! Dear me, Paula, this looks incredible. I love conquering in the kitchen… Lately it was gnocchi! Surely easy for you, but a first for me 🙂

  4. 4

    I have never had osso bucco, but you make it look so good! I cannot wait to try it!

  5. 5
    Marnely Rodriguez-Murray /

    This looks like the perfect date night dinner to make at home with the hubby! So comforting!

  6. 6

    This looks amazing. A glass of read and cozied up on the couch, this is the ultimate in comfort food!

  7. 7
    ColleenMarie /

    Not super exciting but, I have recently been making my own yogurt and bread and that has been an accomplishment for me!

  8. 9
    Kristen /

    On Valentine’s day we did a leg of lamb for the first time. It was super tasty and tender despite being a bit overdone for our taste. Great experience and totally worth it (even though it was really easy at the end of the day!)

  9. 10

    Oh my, This looks wonderful! I’m so craving this now!

  10. 11

    Paula this is simply gorgeous and looks soul-warmingly delicious!

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    I go coo coo for your osso buco! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  12. 13

    This is on my cooking bucket list – yum!

  13. 14
    Angie Gibb /

    Osso Buco and polenta, my mom’s favorite meal! (and her b-day is just 2 days away. I think I may have to make this for her!)

  14. 15

    Oh man this osso buco looks grand and so good!

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    First time I had osso buco was at my mother in laws in Italy. My husband has been wanting me to make it here for him! Definitely need to try!

  16. 17
    vaishali /

    I want to start baking breads at home…ummm without the bread machine.

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    Kelly D /

    I solved a recent cooking challenge by preparing pasta sauce in the crock pot while my kids were at a practice. We were staying out late and I would not of had the time to cook otherwise. When we got home, I just needed to cook the pasta and the sauce was ready and came out great.

  18. 20
    Kenny /

    I’ve only had Osso Buco once. It was prepared by an older italian woman whose house I was working on. It was amazing.

  19. 21
    Linda S. /

    I love osso buco. It can be hard to find reasonably priced veal shanks, so I’ve started using the same braising technique with lamb shanks or lamb neck bones. But osso buco is the best–although I think with risotto Milanese it’s a little heavy, so I use noodles or pasta instead as an accompaniment.

  20. 22
    Sandy Headtke /

    I have a Cuban friend who is the best cook. I watch and take notes and try to converts palmfuls, pinches and dashes into measurements.

  21. 24
    sara /

    I have never tried Osso Buco but your post makes it look do-able. I recently took a Macaron class and finally made PERFECT macarons! I can’t wait to churn out all kinds of flavors!

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    Marcia /

    I made jam with fresh picked fruit and it was amazing! Can’t wait to do it again this summer!

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    Allison C /

    I’ve never tried, but yours looks awesome! I did recently conquer fresh pasta. What was I waiting for?! It was so easy and tasty.

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    MaryB /

    Love Osso Buco. I am going to try fresh pasta for the first time this coming weekend.

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    Osso buco is ah, so good! Don’t laugh I only recently got back on track with baking quiche. Weird thing, I was good at it, then had a tough streak with it not coming out right and having to over cook it. Perhaps too much creativity with too many ingredients. Finally broke the streak with a winner the other week. With your recipe I can finally conquer polenta, which has been a second challenge. Thanks for the recipe.

  26. 30
    Elena /

    I have conquered a recent cooking challenge when I made vanilla ice cream

  27. 32
    Alessandra /

    Last weekend for the first time I made homemade ravioli and I was very proud!

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    Sheila K. /

    I have never had osso buco before but yours looks so good that I would be ever so grateful if you would simply teleport some to me through CyberSpace ASAP! Thank you in advance!

  29. 34
    Donna L /

    I have never tried Osso Buco but your recipe sounds and looks delicious.

  30. 35
    Mami2jcn /

    I finally perfected my mother’s arroz con pollo recipe. My husband used to say it was over-seasoned but I made it over the weekend and he was thrilled with how it turned out.

  31. 36
    Mami2jcn /


  32. 37

    I have become a far better cook since changing to a gas stove and using only cast iron or stainless steel cookware. Sounds odd but I can control my heat better, use everything on top of stove or in the oven and the cast iron even works fab on the grill or fire-pit. Your recipe looks great and thank you for it!

  33. 38
    Sharon Farrelly /

    One of my favorite dinners!

  34. 39
    Ellie W /

    The only challenge I can think of that I have conquered in the kitchen lately is finally making homemade biscuits and gravy. My husband has been wanting them for the 32 years we’ve been married and I would just keep buying canned biscuits. It isn’t nearly as hard as I feared making them homemade.

  35. 41
    Corisa /

    I’ve never had Osso Bucco, but seeing your recipe and watching them make it on The Chew today has me dying to try it !

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    I’ve never had Osso Buco but I’ve always wanted to make it. It just always looks so amazing.

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    Cindi /

    My husband is the cook in our home! Just this last weekend, he tried
    an unusual casserole for the first time…He had to steam kale for the first time, as part of the casserole! He had never steamed kale before and did end up having a delicious casserole.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  38. 45
    Leslie /

    I had excellent osso buco several years ago at a restaurant. I enjoyed it, but I never tried to prepare it myself, because I thought it was complicated. Maybe I will give it a try.

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    I’ve never tried osso buco, but you make it look delish. I recently conquered a cherry tart that my husbands mom used to make for him.

  40. 49
    saminder gumer /

    i go coo coo for osso buco because i love the taste and like to add my own spices to it. it melts off the bone and in your mouth. it has a little kick to it and i love it that way.

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    heather /

    I conquered a recent cooking challenge by making an apple pie from scratch and I am proud to say it was wonderful.

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    I’ve never had Osso Buco, but a recent challenge that I took on was yeast. 2013 was the year that I’d get over my fear of working with yeast. I love bread baking now!

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    Denise m /

    i have never had osso buco before but i have to try now! I recently made my first macaron

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    Jas /

    My recent challenge has been dabbling in diy Chartecurie.

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    stephanie /

    i have never had osso bucco but i wanna try it

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    Tarah /

    I learned how to tie up a roast and cut up leeks via a video on YouTube!

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    Lauren E. /

    My mom used to make this(or something like this?) when I was little. I would definitely go cuckoo for this, if I can recruit the husband to help me make it!

  48. 58
    katy b /

    Ive never tried Osso Buco. I will add to my to-do list. I overcame a challenge of making french macarons, they finally turned out right after multiple attempts. It was kind of like a science project with the trial and error 😛

  49. 59

    I have a friend who owns an Italian restaurant who makes it, and I enjoy his version. But I’ve always thought I would enjoy giving “cooking it myself” a try.

  50. 61
    Melissa M /

    I’ve never tried it but I would love to!

  51. 63
    Kelly /

    I have never tried Osso Buco. My mom is from North Carolina and cooks southern food for my whole life. I have been trying master the art of making gluten free foods like cookies. brownies,pancakes and bread. Which is difficult to say the least.

  52. 64
    Karen Lynch /

    I have never had Osso Buco, I need to give it a try after seeing your post.

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    Vicki /

    I would go SOOOO coo coo for Osso Buco having it in ITALY!!! Wow…what a place to try it!

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    I put a beer osso Buco in my cookbook! I love the rich flavors. This looks absolutely perfect for a cold day!

  55. 68
    Rust /

    I recently conquered perogies. I think. 🙂

  56. 70

    I always wanted to make my own puff pastry dough…but always afraid. finally, with a little planning and help from my Kitchenaid,I finall did it. 🙂 my stand mixer is probably the tool that I use the most around the kitchen.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  57. 72
    Joanna /

    I recently made a cake and frosted it. Sadly, frosting a cake has always been a challenge for me, but I had proper tools this time and it came out looking pretty decent. Can’t wait to frost more to get better at it!

  58. 73
    Carole /

    I’ve only enjoyed Osso Buco in restaurants, but must try your recipe.

    I have owned a mandoline for a while, but I only recently overcame my fear of it, and started to use it. A friend sliced off a chunk of her thumb and I was afraid that I would follow suit.

  59. 75
    Carolyn /

    I love this recipe. I love Osso Buco but never tried making it. I love the idea of serving it with polenta and gremolata.

  60. 76
    Kel /

    My challenge has trying more advance bread making. thanks!

  61. 77

    that looks delicious! i’ve never tried it!

  62. 78
    Amanda /

    OOhhh! I love Osso Bucco. I order it every time I see it on a menu when I’m out to eat. I’ve never thought of making it at home, but now that I see your recipe, I’ll have to try it soon. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  63. 80
    Vickie /

    I have had success with two troublesome area this past year..one at Christmas..baking a perfect, flaky pie crust from scratch..and rolled out dumplings cut into strips…this is huge for me..especially the pie crust..I could never get it just so..used a Martha recipe..now working on perfecting french macaroons. Thanks

  64. 81
    Christopher Sorel /

    have had some success as I slowly teach my 2 kids how to cook. Little training session seem to work with them.,

  65. 83
    Lisa Brown /

    I don’t cook much, my husband does most of it, so no real challenge to conquer. I guess the minor challenge I recently conquered is buying a better potato peeler; hard to peel tons of potatoes if all you have is a paring knife and everyone in the house wants potatoes cooked in every which way, often.

  66. 84
    Lisa Brown /


  67. 85

    As much as I’d like to wine, I’m really here for the osso buco. It’s absolutely a favorite of mine!

    I like to go crazy and pair a Sagrantino with it. For those who don’t know, Sagrantino is a red grape from the Umbria region of Italy. It’s very tannic, perhaps one of the most tannic red wine grapes there is. That’s why it’s such a perfect pairing for Osso buco. The meat helps tame the tannin, and the two dance in harmony.


  68. 86

    Goodness that is sump-ti-ous! Definitely need now..

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    sandra /

    i made cupcakes in which i added too much water

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    Gina Guthrie /

    I’ve never made Osso buco before, but your recipe looks great.

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    My recent kitchen challenge is adding new ingredients to dishes and making my kids try them!

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    Would you believe I’ve never had osso bucco? I need to remedy that STAT. Woman, you make me hungry.

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    michael regis /

    OSSO-BUCO ???

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    Susan Smith /

    In terms of a kitchen challenge, I recently baked an apple pie from scratch. It turned out great.

  75. 95

    I order Osso Bucco – haven’t attempted it at home. I’m used to seeing it on the bone, but your version is absolutely mouthwatering! And everything sounds better in Italian 🙂

  76. 96
    rayraycartucci /

    I GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO by putting my amazing tomato sauce on top….and drown that sucker….YUM!

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    Lahonna H. /

    Next on my to-do list is to try my hand at making homemade pasta. And by the way, this Osso Buco dish looks delish!

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    Jessie C. /

    After so many years of thinking to make mochi in my kitchen, with some help from my mom, we now can enjoy homemade mochi cakes.

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    Jessie C. /


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    D Schmidt /

    I finally concurred making eclairs, my previous attempts had both been epic failures so it was nice to finally achieve this delicious dessert.I realized I had been over mixing the batter!

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    jacquie /


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    I recently made Kombucha and it turned out wonderfully!

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    Coo Coo, for sure! What a gorgeous dish!

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    Nice dish ,Looks so good!

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    Maria Malaveci /

    I go COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO by using pancetta in my recipe, because one can never have enough of pancetta!


  86. 107
    Maria Malaveci /


    tweeted about the giveaway!


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    I recently tried to make Ceviche for the first time, turned out pretty well!

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    Rebecca Helene Thomas /

    I am not a baker. It’s a fact. I just can’t, for the life of me, make cookies or bake a cake. Every Cake I’ve baked has been a disaster. I had to make a cake for my son’s boy scout cake raffle.I didn’t want to embarrass my son with my poor baking skills, so I started baking cakes 3 weeks ahead of time.I made the cake every week,reviewing the recipe and instructions. after 2 weeks of disaster cakes, the last cake came out fabulous! I was so happy and so was he!

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    heather /

    I recently conquered a cooking challenge by making an applie pie from scratch and it turned out wonderful.

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    I’m not a big veal girl…but I do want to try short rib ragu. I like to plan out my new recipes for the weekend, when I have more time.

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    Robn /

    Dish looks amazing – who wouldn’t want to be COO COO??

  92. 114

    This looks so yummy. I will have to make it

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    Heather /

    My husband and I recently made “osso buco” with meaty lamb neck bones. We nestled it atop white grits, and it was dang good.

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    Learned to make beet leaf chips. yummy : )

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    I recently tried making boeuf bourgignon for my fiancé, and he absolutely loved it; Score! 🙂

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    Gotta try this!

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    Olivia B. /


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    I’ve never made Osso Buco. Perhaps I should give it a try.

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    Elizabeth Fitzmaurice /

    I love cake. Any kind of cake but especially with a buttercream frosting. I overcame my fear of making cakes from scratch when I discovered a great cookbook, “Piece of Cake”. All about homemade cakes, totally simplified and using only one bowl. It’s awesome, and every cake I’ve made from it has been wonderful.

  100. 124
    Elizabeth Fitzmaurice /

    I Tweeted about this giveaway.



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    Christina /

    I GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO by adding mushrooms. I love them added to anything!

  102. 128
    Margot C /

    Oh gosh, I haven’t had Osso Buco since I used to have it as a specialty in a terrific Italian restaurant in New York (that I’ve forgotten the name of, it was that long ago!). Clearly, there is no reason for this. Your recipe instructions make it seem attainable. I will say that I will have to go to Whole foods to buy the veal because really this dish is not worth making unless you use the very best quality cut.

  103. 130
    Diane S. in San Diego /

    Can’t wait to try this!

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    Shannon /

    I recently grilled a pork butt, and it turned out AWESOME!

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    I just got a spiralizer in the mail today to make veggie “pasta” (from things like zucchini) I am so excited to try it out that I might need to bump tonights dinner

  106. 134

    I love osso buco. Whenever I see it on the menu at restaurants, I order it.
    Never tried to cook it but the recipe looks fairly easy

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    Diane Var /

    Thanks for the giveaway. Go osso buco!

  108. 136

    OOOOH, would I love to win this? YUP!
    It’s been years since I had some good Osso Buco. I’m going to have to try this one out!

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    Val /

    I’ve never made osso buco but I did overcome a recent challenge using ground meats. I finally avoided dry meatloaf! I know, sounds weird but it can be dry. But no more by using the correct binder and cooking at a low temperature and then letting it stand before slicing.

  110. 139

    How delicious! This looks very similar to my husband’s recipe for osso buco. He made it for me when he was wooing me – and I was sure impressed!

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    sounds great

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  133. 165
    Stephanie V. /

    not a veal fan so here is how I challenged my risotto
    I sweeten risotto with brown sugar, raisens, cinnamon and chocolate chips with sweet potato and butternut squash bits. Adding some amaretto sauce on sauce is the icing on the risotto!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  134. 166
    Deborah Wellenstein /

    I have finally conquered poached eggs!

  135. 167
    Anastasia /

    A recent cooking challenge I conquered was making my moms enchiladas! I still haven’t been able to make them as good as she does. I’m not sure what her secret is, but I managed to get them close! 🙂

  136. 169

    Meat that melts in your mouth like butter? What’s not to love?

  137. 171

    I made myself a ramakin chocolate chip cookie. Would that count as cooking? $75 for 2 pounds? Oh, my!!

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    Christa L. /

    This looks so delicious! I can’t wait to try it! I recently learned how to perfectly steam veges!

  139. 173
    christine burd /

    I recently tried to make pralines and tragically failed . I never have been good in the kitchen but enjoy the challenge. Next would like to try irish stew for st Paddys day

  140. 174
    steve weber /

    I just successfully made some biscotti.. it took forever but it was totally worth it.

  141. 175
    Denise /

    After failing a few times, I finally have mastered Julia Childs beef bourguignon recipe, With the right patience and technics, I believe I have now mastered this challenge.

  142. 177
    Amanda Bradley /

    I am a novice kitchen goer. I can make a lot of basic dishes, but when I start branching out I get anxious and scared that my food will be less than perfect and therefore, won’t meet the expectations of my mouth. ; ) Seems silly to a lot of people, I know, but to me, the feeling is very much real. I hate that panicky feeling when cooking. Recently what brought me to this state was making rue. Yes, it is a basic skill that I should know, but no one ever showed me how. I finally tried it, and there’s this point where, if you don’t know better, it looks lumpy and like sh*t and I got unsure if I should forge ahead or had already ruined it. But I held my ground and kept that temp low and stirring constantly, and bam! there it was. Another accomplishment under my belt. Yay me!

  143. 178
    Amanda Bradley /
  144. 179
    Natalie J Vandenberghe /

    The most recent conquest that comes to mind is: after struggling to make perfect caramels (sometimes they were too hard, sometimes too soft–they were always delicious, tho), I persuaded my husband to start making them for me–they were perfect! I realize this probably isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but it worked for me! LOL

  145. 181
    Lauren-Olivia Wood /

    I conquered a recent cooking challenge by learning how to cook my favorite creamy homemade tomato soup by using homemade canned tomatoes!

  146. 182

    Yummy recipe! I recently made the best pasta salad with no oils or mayo added!

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    Tabathia B /

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    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  148. 184
  149. 185
    LaCindaB /

    I wouldn’t say it was a challenge but I’ve always been wary of using herbs de provence with beef. With wild abandon, I threw some into a pot roast and I was oh so happy that I did. Yes it does work with beef!

  150. 186
    wild orchid /

    I finally made Manicotti, just like my Grandma used to make! I was so excited. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  151. 187
    wild orchid /


  152. 188
    Susan Ladd /

    Never hear of GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO but, it does look good. I tweeted – corrysue1. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep 🙂

  153. 189
    Teri Melton /

    I have read about Osso Buco in books but never tried it. This makes it seem possible.

  154. 190
    Debbie B /

    I’m attempting to learn how to fix my mother in law’s homemade chicken and dumplings

  155. 192
    janna johnson /

    I am not good at baking. Nothing ever comes out right.

  156. 193
    Tina W /

    This week I finally made biscuits from scratch that were edible. heck, they were better than that, they were pretty good. (A huge step up from the hockey pucks that were my previous tries)

  157. 194
    Stephanie Hanson /

    Can’t wait to try this recipe. It sounds so wonderful!

  158. 195
    Stephanie Galbraith /

    My fiance is the cook in our house, and he conquers new recipes every time he cooks.

  159. 196
    Tamar /

    I conquered chicken with the help of a thermometer.

  160. 197
    joni /

    I just made an Italian meat pie and and Italian cheese pie with phyllo dough for the first time and they turned out excellent, although they were a lot of work.

  161. 199
    Ashley C /

    I have recently conquered making a good, old fashion pound cake just like my grandmothers! I have been trying to perfect it for a long time!

  162. 200
    Anita /

    I recently made a white turkey chili that began with me roasting the turkey and then making the stock. It was beyond delicious.

  163. 201
    Farida Mistry /

    I have made Osso Bucco several times. You don’t need to spen $75 to get the meat. You can get it at Shoprite on the East Coast. Its the best dish I ever made. Same recipie as above.

  164. 202
    Pam Jordan /

    I recently learned to do a steak in a skillet on top of the stove that my family likes better than the grill.

  165. 203
    Kathy Pease /

    I was searching online and I would love to make Anne’s Osso Buco Recipe it looks yummy.

  166. 205
    Sonya Morris /

    I have never tried GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO. I recently conquered making pound cakes which now I have to conquer losing the ten extra pounds I gained during the process!

  167. 207
    amy rouse /

    recently taught myself how to make homemade bread!

  168. 209
    Dawn /

    Believe it or not. Cooked greens might be simple to most people. But it’s taken me quite a while to get the seasoning right. I’ve now ventured out to different ways of cooking it, including chips.

  169. 210
    Lauren /

    I love osso buco, but have never tried making it. I did recently make macarons, though!

  170. 211
    Sarah Oswald /

    I have never tried GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO.
    I have conquered fondant on a cake and it came out better than I thought it would.

  171. 212
    joseph gersch /

    i go GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO with a side of rice

  172. 213
    Maryann /

    i have never even heard of osso buco…but i have been perfecting my angel food cakes and lately, got a very tall one!!

  173. 214
    LAMusing /

    I made a perfect chocolate souffle! Don’t know if I could do it again though LOL

  174. 215
    Norma /

    Every day cooking is always a challenge in a tiny kitchen with almost no counter space!

  175. 216
    Ellie W /

    I’ve never had Osso Buco. I have finally conquered making the perfect cream gravy. I’ve been making it for nearly 30 years but it was always hit or miss before.

  176. 218
    Ellie W /

    I messed up tweet. Please delete previous tweet comment. Here is the corrected tweet link.

  177. 219
    Anna Pry /

    that’s not something i’ve ever tried to make but i did conquer the challenge of new york style cheesecake and did pretty well pryfamily5@gmail.com

  178. 221
    Lauren E /

    I conquered a recent cooking challenge with deep dish pizza. It kept getting these giant bubbles. Then the husband told me I had to use a fork to poke TONS of holes in the dough. Oops!

  179. 222
    Christine Mayfield /

    I conquered cooking radishes. I made them so they tasted just like potatoes!

  180. 224
    Tina M /

    i made a full course french dinner for my friends from french

  181. 226
    courtney b /

    i recreated a shrimp pasta i found on pinterest that my husband did NOT think I could make !:) well ha ha i made it and i made it WELL!

  182. 228
    Randy Curran /

    I watch a lot of cooking shows and have heard of Osso buco, but haven’t tried and it sounds good, but I can’t afford to pay $75 for 3lbs. of meat so I’ll dream of eating it.

  183. 230
    amy pugmire /

    I have never made GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO. I recently figured out how to make yummy breakfast crepes and my family loves them!

  184. 232
    maria cantu /

    I’ve been working on making enchiladas my daughter will eat.

  185. 233
    wild orchid /

    I recently mastered my Grandmother’s lasagna recipe!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  186. 234
    Kerry /

    I recently conquered making one of our favorite recipes a little bit lower fat.

  187. 235
    nannypanpan /

    my most recent challenge was making homemade marshmallows

  188. 236
    Samantha Daleo /

    I love Oso Buco! I always order it out to eat though, I have never even attempted to make it. I recently conquered my fear of cooking fish. I make a mean Alaskan Salmon now.

  189. 238

    I’ve recently made my first loaf of successful white bread! I’ve made loaves at least 20 times and they never turn out! I think I figured out it was the type of yeast I was using. Now I’ll be a bread making machine!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  190. 240
    Mihaela Day /

    I recently learnt how to grill chicken 🙂

  191. 241
    Wanda McHenry /

    I finally tackled tamales and I was so proud of myself!

  192. 243
    Neiddy /

    I recently made the Perfect Burger, according to my husband and kids is the best burger Mommy has ever made. They are right! It was pretty good! 🙂

  193. 245
    courtney b /

    i recently finally perfected lemon bars! So tough! 🙂

  194. 247
    Lisa V. /

    I finally got venison right by cooking it in a crock pot.

  195. 248
    amy pugmire /

    I conquered some yummy crepes.

  196. 252
    Julie /

    At the ripe old age of 56, I finally made my first loaf of homemade bread this week 🙂

  197. 253

    I GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO served with served with risotto or polenta

  198. 254
    Nicole Larsen /

    this past Thanksgiving, I cooked my first turkey which was a huge challenge since I’m not a very good cook :p

  199. 255
    Eugenia Hall /

    I’m pretty happy with my award winning spice cake recipe.

  200. 256

    A recent cooking challenge I had was finally learning how to make a decent loaf of bread from scratch.

    It took a lot of trial and error — and a lot of bad bread along the way — but I finally have figured out how to “read” the bread to know if it needs a little more time to rise etc.

  201. 257
    Elle /

    For the longest time I could not make fish – usually salmon in a pan on the stove. It would always end up completely overdone and dry or done on the outside but raw on the inside. Now I make it perfectly every time after lots of trial and error!

  202. 258
    Cynthia G /

    This looks so good! I want to cook this ASAP.

  203. 259
    Erica C. /

    I have made crab cakes for the first time recently.

  204. 260
    Robin /

    I recently made my first apple pie from scratch.

  205. 261
    Georgia /

    Not sure what GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO is but I love fish and this looks so GOOOOOOOOD! I got to give it a try!

    gmissycat at gmail dot com

  206. 263
    DanielM /

    conquered a recent cooking challenge by making a layer cake, still need more practice

  207. 264
    tina reynolds /

    I finally got an omelet to turn out for some reason I always had trouble

  208. 265
    Lorena Keech /

    I feel badly about this, but I don’t like veal or risotto. But I am making an effort to learn to make and like quinoa.

  209. 266
    Lee /

    Osso Buco is my all time favorite Italian dish to order in a restaurant. I’ve never made it but recently I made beef short ribs in wine sauce in a dutch oven, cooked for four hours. Heavenly.

  210. 268
    Eugenie /

    my recent challenge: I made puff pastry to make a fruit tart.

  211. 269
    Karen Drake /

    I recently conquered the challenge of making homemade lasagna, that might not sound that tough but I am not much for cooking.

  212. 270
    April V. /

    I can’t say that I’ll go coo coo for Osso Buco because I don’t eat red meat (and never at veal) but I can definitely relate to a slow cooked, braised meal – letting all of those flavors combine and turn into something more than the sum of its parts.

  213. 271
    s riches /

    I just learned how to make a crepe suzette

  214. 272
    Erica Best /

    i leaned to make homemade rolls

  215. 274
    Allison S. /

    I’ve never had osso buco!

  216. 275
    Francine Anchondo /

    I have been tackling more seafood recipes.

  217. 276
    Lee Hughes /

    Not a fan of osso buco, even though I like veal. Recently someone who was trying to be helpful scrubbed (with steel wool!) my perfectly-seasoned cast iron skillet. After a few days, I got over the mad and was able to re-season my skillet.

  218. 277
    Kimberly snyder /

    I have seen this prepared by a friend, who is a chef, and it is such an impressive presentation. I recently conquered risotto for the first time and certainly not the last.

  219. 278
    Melodie Young /

    I love some osso buco and so does my family!!!

  220. 279
    Betty C /

    I’m still working on perfecting my mom’s fried fish. It’s getting better every time I try.

  221. 281
    Jodie Rosenblum /

    I recently made cookies from scratch.

  222. 282
    Teresa /

    I can’t believe I’ve never had Osso Buco but that’s the sad truth. My next challenge is to make your recipe. My previous challenge was to make delicious homemade bread and I accomplished that goal with help of fantastic people such as yourself who share their knowledge and talent. Thanks!

  223. 284

    I halved a cornish hen and thought that was pretty cool…

  224. 285
    sky evans /

    I recently made an omelet

  225. 287
    mariem /

    i made orange chicken- on the stove- not my microwave!

  226. 288
    Diana C /

    Since getting married I have been trying to find the best pasta Alfredo sauce. I made many fresh from scratch recipes. My husband ended up liking the jar stuff. So funny! Anyway, I learned so many techniques while learning different recipes. I love trying new recipes and have often had successes, just not with Alfredo sauce I guess.

  227. 289
    Julie /

    I am 56 years old and made homemade bread for the first time this week 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway

  228. 290
    MARIA simon /

    if I can make a gumbo without it going all over I am good.. it never turns out but I sure try 🙂

  229. 291
    Kayla /

    I made my first apple pie from scratch!

  230. 292
    Sylvie W /

    My challenge is a day at the farm for others. I never baked a whole chicken, yep, never. Only chicken thighs and boneless, skinless chicken breast so a WHOLE chicken was a big deal for me. I did it. Golden skin and not dry (I restrained myself from overcooking it).

  231. 293
    Carolyn Daley /

    Honestly, I am not a fan of veal. I would replace it with chicken if that is remotely possible. My biggest challenge lately was getting chili just right.

  232. 294

    I go “GO COO COO FOR OSSO BUCO” on a cool, rainy evening.

  233. 296
    Amanda Sakovitz /

    I recently cooked lambchops for the first time!

  234. 298
    Kat Emerick /

    Making my first nut rolls from my families recipe.

  235. 299
    Shannon /

    I conquered making my own icing! 🙂

  236. 301
    Christian Alejandro /

    It looks excellent!!

  237. 303
    susan smoaks /

    I recently conquered the cooking challenge of cooking with brown rice. i had the hardest time getting it to the correct consistency.

  238. 305
    Thomas Murphy /

    I just made lasagna for the first time.

  239. 307
    Becky Richied /

    I have taken on an internet challenge to try new recipes that I find changing the menu at our house.

  240. 308
    Jimmy /

    I recently made a lasagna. It’s my favorite meal and I’ve always wanted to make it myself. It turned out pretty good.

  241. 309
    Sarah L /

    I’ve never tried Osso Buco. I’m not big on challenges. I like roasted veggies and salmon with a balsamic glaze.
    Thanks for the contest.

  242. 311
    Bruce /

    My wife helped me make it

  243. 312
    Rust /

    I tackled homemade crust for chicken pot pie.

  244. 314
    Gianna /

    A cooking challenge recently was an old peanut butter cookie recipe from the 60s.

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