Frisco North Carolina – OBX

Frisco North Carolina – OBXFrisco Woods OBX

Last month we packed up the bikes and traveled to Frisco North Carolina in The Outer Banks (OBX) to camp by the sea. Those of you who know me know I’m NOT a camper. I was only convinced to go camping because A. The campground was located at the ocean (specifically The Outer Banks which I adore), B. There would be a cabin with air conditioning and electricity.

I would still be roughing it as the cabins didn’t have any running water, read NO bathroom, which I didn’t find out until after the reservations were made, ehem.

Highway 64 OBXPhoto Credit: Miss Priss

This was the longest (4 hours each way) drive I’ve made on my motorcycle since getting my license (go me).  Everything was cool as a cucumber until the bridges (there were multiple), which freaked me out if I’m honest. I don’t like them in a car and I REALLY don’t like them on a bike.

Going 60 miles an hour, with no windshield, drawbridges and high cross winds. Good times. Not. I made it though humming to myself like a crazed person as I crossed each and every one.

Frisco Woods CabinPhoto Credit: Miss Priss

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. We paid our own way fully.

When we got to the town of Frisco we checked into Frisco Woods Campground. “Located on the Pamlico Sound on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Frisco Woods is your waterfront destination. Whether you’re looking for a great family getaway or a romantic weekend, we can accommodate all your camping and lodging neds. We offer 3-50 amp service for RV camping, secluded campsites for your tent or pop-up and for the not so adventurous, we offer camping cabins with electricity and air conditioning.”

Now since I’m NOT a camper, I consulted with my very experienced camping friend. She took a look at the site and made a few packing recommendations for me. The most important one was taking an inexpensive milk crate for the bed. Our cabin was a two room cabin. The back room contained 2 sets of bunk beds (sleeps 4) and the front room contained a full bed and a table. The cabins are pretty much bare bones with a very THIN mattress on each one. The milk crate definitely came in handy, however, next time I would take a blow up mattress because I need a little more cushion going on when I sleep.


We also packed our ENO Sub 7 Hammock which is the most lightweight wonderful swinging contraption. It holds up to 300 pounds and weighs in at just 6.5 ounces. I would hang this in my bedroom if I could figure out how.

It’s insanely comfortable. When I wasn’t down by the sound or at the pool I was in the hammock, using the wi-fi and stalking Instagram.

Frisco Woods OBX
The campground offered kayak rentals that were really reasonably priced so we took a few paddles around the sound until everyone’s arms hurt and then we packed it in and headed to the pool where I took a few laps and then hung out with my kindle.

I’m wild and crazy like that.

Miss Priss followed behind the bikes with our truck packed with our gear. Sleeping bags, linens (yes you had to bring ALL the things), stadium chairs, food, charcoal, and we even packed up our fire pit and wood. I mean, you can’t camp without s’mores can you? Nope. Each cabin also had a charcoal grill outside so we fine dined on hamburgers and hot dogs.

When in Rome. Luckily the campground had what I referred to as a general store on property. So I could buy things I forgot like s’mores sticks and a brush to clean the grill.

I still have a few bug bites from the trip, apparently the non deet bug spray I purchased didn’t cut it. I hear that comes with camping though. All in all it was a laid back good time and I’d definitely go camping again, especially if we had one of the mega rolling hotel campers or these SUPER COOL TENTS. (seriously have you seen these tents? I mean yeah).

Talk about camping envy.


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    I love camping and this looks like it was a great trip! I’d love to take my dog too, but haven’t yet, he’s a handfuL!

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      They completely allow pets here but mine is the same way. He goes to stay with our pet sitter (who adores and spoils him).

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