Easter Bread

Easter Bread

Easter Bread.

I’m a fan of all things homemade bread. Especially sweet bread. But not sweetbreads. Let’s just be clear, that’s a WHOLE different thing and really should be called something different because one could easily be fooled into thinking that’s something it’s not. Anywho, I’ll jump out of that rabbit hole and get back to this Easter Bread, you can google it up if you’re not familiar with it.

I came to learn about and love Easter Bread while I was living in Italy. It’s traditionally made for Italian and Greek Easter celebrations, though others have adopted the tradition as well. It can be made into one large loaf (obviously you’ll need to adjust the cooking time for larger loaves) or several smaller loaves. I’ve seen it braided or twisted, and made with or without eggs. I liked the smaller ones even though it’s a little more work.


Easter Bread

This Easter bread is a soft and chewy yeast bread with a hint of sweetness and citrus. I used orange zest but lemon zest would be delicious as well.

To save time, you can dye the eggs in advance of baking the bread. We are NOT using hard boiled eggs. The eggs will cook in the oven while the bread bakes. You’ll want to be extra careful dying them because will be raw. You know what happens if a raw egg cracks. That’s messy and who needs extra mess.

Easter Bread

The eggs do not have to be dyed but I think they’re more festive dyed. Sprinkles are also festive. I had all white on hand but multicolored would be even more festive. Use what you like.

Easter Bread

I’m kind of a rebel and I really enjoy my Easter bread dipped in honey. I’m sure that’s breaking some kind of rule but I can’t help it, it’s GOOD.

Ready to try your hand at Easter Bread? Grab the RECIPE for this EASTER BREAD on DIXIE CRYSTALS WEBSITE.



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    Erin @ The Speckled Palate /

    This bread is just utter Easter perfection! Love the look, the tradition and the taste of it!

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    That honey is pushing this over the edge of amazing!!

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    I LOVE Easter Bread!! This one looks fantastic!!

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    Such a gorgeous bread! This will be a great addition to Easter!

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    I love nothing more than fresh baked bread! This looks delicious!

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    These are so creative! Love these for Easter!

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    LOVE this! So festive for Easter

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    This is just the cutest! LOVE!!!

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