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This is a sponsored by America’s Farmers Community Outreach programs, but views and thoughts are my own.

Hometown USA


I live in an extremely small town in North Carolina. I’m talking less than a dozen stop lights small. It exemplifies the term small town USA. Small towns are often portrayed as being full of challenges or being less than let’s say optimal their counterpart cities. I think that every town – city or metropolis is full of challenges. I also think rural communities are full of so many positive attributes that you won’t find in larger cities. I’ve traveled a good portion of the world but I always come home to a small town. I’m proud to say I am and will more than likely always be a small town USA girl. I’m excited to share what I love about my small town.

There’s something about living in a rural area, small town, that you just can’t get in the city with all of it’s bright lights. It’s slower, quieter and you can take in the night sky with all of it’s sounds. There is also such a sense of community and a proud sense of place within my small town. I’ve found that people tend to go above and beyond for each other. Helping their fellow townspeople, which in turn preserves the nature of our community through this social stewardship.

Hometown USA

From someone helping out a Mom with her hands full to get her groceries into the car so she can safely buckle her children in. To other’s stopping on the side of the road to help out a teenager with a flat tire. To people picking up tabs at our local breakfast joint for veterans and the elderly. To food drives at the local churches which give back directly to families in need within the community. I could go on with so many other examples.

It makes me proud to know that my community is willing to help those around us. We all frequent the same few stores in our town. Stop for ice cream at the small downtown creamery while sitting on the benches out front watching “main street” traffic crawl by. We pass each other on the streets and wave. We gas up our vehicles at the same gas stations. It’s kind of hard to miss a girl with a disco ball helmet on a bright orange motorcycle. They may not know my name but they know my bike. We stop and chat at the local farmer’s stands, while picking up produce that we know comes from in and around our community. In turn, helping our farming neighbors.

It’s nice. It’s friendly and it makes me proud to be a part of it.

Hometown USA

The Monsanto Fund also celebrates communities and invests to make them even more vibrant for future generations through its America’s Farmers Community Outreach programs – it puts the farmer in the center of the story. In rural communities throughout America, farmers not only provide food and fuel, but they are also pivotal characters in their communities – often serving as the backbone of the areas in which they reside. Through the Grow Communities, Grow Rural Education and Grow Ag Leaders programs, The Monsanto Fund, with the help of local farmers, celebrates the accomplishments throughout communities with grants to help them continue to grow and thrive.

A new campaign sponsored by the programs called My Town will continue this celebration of the people, places and stories that make small towns great through a series of video content that highlights the innovative and altruistic nature of rural communities.

That’s why I’m #MyTownProud . I’d love to hear why you’re proud of your town.

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