Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule

Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule

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Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule. Or Cran-Apple Moscow Mule if the first is too much of a tongue twister. If you’re hosting a holiday part or get together and need something that it’s fitting of the season and something that most everybody will love, give this cocktail a shake.

It takes advantage of fresh cranberries which are in season. Yes, yes they’re not just for turning into a delicious CRANBERRY SAUCE for Thanksgiving. They’re good for so much more. Including making a cranberry simple syrup which is part of what makes this cocktail so special.

Moscow Mule vs. Kentucky Mule.


You can make the cranberry simple syrup in advance to save time. Actually I recommend that. This way, your syrup will be ready and chilled when you’re ready to get your party started. Looky there, you’re already in the running for hostess with the mostest.

There are all kinds of variations on the iconic mule cocktails. There’s Moscow Mules, Kentucky Mules and just mules in general but those aren’t the ones you can drink. The difference is basically the type of liquor used as the base.

Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule

You don’t have to serve it in the traditional copper mug, but they’re oh so fun to drink out of. These days you can find them in most stores (like World Market, Target etc.) especially around the holidays or you can always order them online if you have extra time.

When you’re ready to mix up your mules make sure your simple syrup and ginger beers and apple slices are chilled. Cold ingredients into a cold drink bode well. Mix it all up and grab a cute straw and you’re ready to toast to the night, holiday, or just because you feel like a dang mule.

Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule
Ready to mix up your own? Click over to our friends at Dixie Crystal’s website for our  CRANBERRY APPLE MOSCOW MULE RECIPE ! While you’re there check out Dixie’s Give a Friend a Cookie CONTEST !

Oh and if you’re going for that hostess with the mostest award, you could step it up even further and  SUGAR THE CRANBERRIES. That would be so fun and festive.




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    This is such a beautiful cocktail!

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    These are so, so beautiful. Can’t wait to try them!

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    This is a fantastic drink for the holidays!

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    Cheers! One gorgeous cocktail here.

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    A love a holiday drink to celebrate the season! This looks gorgeous!

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    What a beautiful cocktail that’s perfect for the season! I love the apples!

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    Those are so pretty, I love the colors!

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    I love a good Moscow Mule!

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    I LOOOOOOOVE a good moscow mule! can’t wait to try this!

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    This drink sounds perfect for holiday parties! So delicious!

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    Those cranberries seal the deal—such a festive cocktail that’s a must for the holidays!

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    I love Moscow mules…such a great cocktail! And I just purchased my first set of copper mugs the other day!

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    This is the perfect drink for the holidays. I wish I was sipping one right now.

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    These are happening as soon as I can drink again!


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