PetArmor Plus – Flea and Tick Prevention

  PetArmor Plus – Flea and Tick Prevention. It’s available for dogs and cats. Because fleas and ticks happen.

german shepherd laying down with toyPost sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

Our pets are part of the family. I’m sure you feel the same way about your pets. No matter how vigilant of a pet parent we are, fleas and ticks can happen. It has definitely happened to my dogs. We’ve got a lot of woods around us and we’re outside A LOT. It’s not fun for us or them but we survived with a little help from PetArmor Plus. While we can all have parental guilt, it’s not a pet parent fail. It’s all part of the joy of pet parenting. Luckily, there’s an easy and affordable option to help prevent future problems – PetArmor Plus and it’s available at Walmart .

You can rest easy because it’s vet quality. Not to mention the sheer convenience of being able to pop over to your local Walmart to purchase the PetArmor Plus product that’s appropriate for your fur baby. The boxes are easily labeled making it a no brainer to pick the one that’s right for your pet. My Tilly, is not quite 7 months and already 50+ plus pounds, so I chose the 45-88 lbs box.

Boxes of Pet Armor ProductPetArmor Plus – Flea and Tick Prevention.

It’s not just for treatment. PetArmor Plus can be used for protection, prevention and/or treatment of fleas and ticks. Used as directed, PetArmor Plus can stop infestations and help prevent re-infestation. It also happens to be a waterproof formula, which is great for those of us with water loving dogs. What a relief right?

Here’s the thing, because fleas and ticks can be present year round (yes even for those of you in colder climates) and can lay dormant for several months before hatching, it’s recommended to treat your pet every month throughout the entire year. Each box contains 3 applications so you’ll be all set for a 3 month period once you’ve purchased your box at WalMart.

I set an alert on my calendar to remind me each month. This way there’s no forgetting.

German Shepherd with Toy box of PetArmor Plus

AND right now, there happens to be a Walmart-specific ibotta offer: $3 off PetArmor Plus for Dogs or Cats, 3ct. (Valid March 28 – September 2018.) Who doesn’t like to save money, amiright?

If you’ve never used Ibotta – it’s a money saving app, check it out in your phone’s app store.

German Shepherd laying down with toy How To Apply?

Because I’m sure you’re wondering, applying PetArmor Plus at home couldn’t be easier. It starts with purchasing the correct product.

Before heading to the store to purchase your product, be sure to weigh your pet. Don’t guess! Yes, this may be a chore (or maybe it’s just my dog that doesn’t want to stand still – ha) but it is important to know the exact weight of your pet so you can get the correct product.

ONLY use this product on dogs over 4 pounds and that are older than 8 weeks. Also sharing isn’t caring in this instance. Don’t split doses between dogs. All of this information is on the product packaging as well.

AND it’s available in four different weight breaks so there’s a break for your pup:

  • 4 to 22 pounds
  • 23 to 44 pounds
  • 45 to 88 pounds
  • 89 to 132 pounds

How’s that for easy peasy?

My dogs are happy when they’re flea and tick free and so am I. They’re inside dogs so it’s equally as important to me too. Besides knowing their not gnawing at themselves (that can’t be pleasant for them) being flea and tick free is a comfort, considering they’re couch and bed hogs : )



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