Grain-free Goodness with Supreme Source® Pet Food Results

Grain-free Goodness with Supreme Source® Pet Food Results.

German Shepherd sitting

This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

If you remember, we started the pups on a 10 Day Pet Detox Program. What is that? It’s the opportunity for a little spring-cleaning with our pet’s diet. It was time to tidy up the toxins that had outstayed their welcome from winter. We did it with help from Supreme Source® Pet Food. It helped feed their soul and detox their system with healthy ingredients, plus they provided informational tools to make it easy for you us to switch the pet’s food to something more nutritious.

The detox focuses on digestive, emotional and physical health benefits. In just ten days your pet can be eating better. Because Supreme Source is a premium grain-free diet that’s packed with healthy enzymes and prebiotics to rejuvenate our little best friends, inside and out.


German shepherd Sitting

This spring, you can start your pet’s 10-day detox today – visit to save now on Supreme Source® pet food and to sign up for daily emails with tips & instructions to a better relationship with your pet.  I picked up a bag of Supreme Source Grain Free Turkey Meal & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food at my local Food Lion from the pet food aisle.

While we humans can be picky about the food we put into our bodies, we don’t always think about our pets’ diets – let alone how the icky stuff they might pick up throughout the day affects them. Just think how we feel when we eat poorly. You feel yucky for lack of a better word, and so do they.

German Sheperd eating from dog bowlAt the end of the 10 days I noticed that my pups were for one, a whole lot more regular. Y’all know what I mean. They had more energy and their coats were shiny and soft. It was all I could do not to constantly pet them.

 German Shepherd standing

When you opened the bag of food, you can immediately tell that it’s the best kind of different from others. Supreme Source Pet Food is Grain Free (no corn, no wheat, no soy). Contains no artificial flavors or colors and has a healthy blend of fruits and veggies, which are natural sources of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

All very good things. It’s pretty obvious from the photo that she absolutely loved the food.

German Sheperd eating dog food from bowl

NOTE: While this is a “Pet Detox” Promotion, products and information provided by American Pet Nutrition are not intended to substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is always recommended that you consult your veterinarian or a qualified medical professional for your pets. The information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problems.
I encourage you to take the Super Foods Switch and find out for yourselves how good the 10 Day Pet Detox can be for your pets.

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    I can’t wait to try my Coco on this amazing grain free food!

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