Behind the Scenes at General Mills HQ: Minneapolis, MN

Betty Crocker Test Kitchens

I recently took a trip to Minneapolis Minnesota to visit General Mills HQ. Did you know that people in Minnesota have accents? Yes, quite funny coming from the girl with a BIG OL SOUTHERN accent I know. I absolutely LOVED it though and couldn’t get enough. It’s one of those accents where it just pops in and out on certain words (like ohhhhhhhhh and nooooooooooo) and just made me smile when I heard it! Oh here’s a tip, if you plan on ordering a soda be sure to ask for POP. My PSA of the day (because I’m always looking out for y’all).

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California Dreamin’: Dole Summit

I had the pleasure of spending last Wednesday- Friday in Monterey, California. I’d never been to this part of the country.  I was expecting beautiful and it certainly delivered beauty. I was the guest of DOLE and there to attend their Dole Summit. Did you think of bananas first? Most people do but Dole happens to be the largest produce of fruits and VEGETABLES in the world. Their mission? To get more people to eat more fruits, vegetables and yes salads (something I know I need to do more of). I learned so much about their company and even fancy myself a lettuce connoisseur now. 

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