Nutella Challenge


Welcome to the Nutella Challenge – 101 things to do with NUTELLA!

Why a Nutella Challenge you ask? Well, as many of you may know (if you’re following my blog), I am participating in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge. This is a bread baking challenge that Nicole of PinchMySalt headed up (She’s an amazing blogger, you should def check out her site). We’re baking our way through Peter Reinhart’s book one recipe at a time. I’m having so much fun doing that that I thought it would be fun to create another group with one of my favorite food items of all time: NUTELLA!

We already have a great bunch of foodies signed up. Check out the Nutella Blogroll to see who else is Nuts about Nutella! If you’re interested in joining us here are the rules (don’t worry they’re easy peasy!):

  1. You’ll need to come up with a monthly post that you’ll place onto your website/blog that includes NUTELLA! It can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like it to be. Have fun, get creative, & step out of the box a little! After all, there is no wrong or right way to eat Nutella!
  2. I’ll post my Nutella Recipe at the beginning of the month. We’ll start in AUGUST. YOU will then post a link to your Nutella post on bell’alimento’s post so everyone can see your amazing creation! Don’t worry you don’t have to have yours up right at the beginning of the month. You will have the entire month to place your comment/link on the bell’alimento post. We’re going to try to be a little flexible here. We want this to be fun after all.
  3. Next, choose one of these snappy Nutella challenge badges & place them on your site. Aren’t they fab?! A big thanks to Christy (@cbroxton) & her mad pc skills! Mwah This way everyone will know that you’re participating in the challenge.

    The Nutella Challenge Badges and Code Snippets:
    Just copy and paste the code into your blog, Facebook, or other social networking page.

If you tweet about this challenge (& we hope you will) will you please use the following hashtags at the end of your tweet so everyone can find our tweets? #TNC and/or #Nutella. It would also be a great idea to follow each other on Twitter if you’re not already! Spread the love!

That’s it! Easy Peasy right? I’m so glad you’re joining us on the journey! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with & who knows maybe even the genius’ at Nutella will even be watching *wink wink*!


Here’s a link our current blogroll! If you’d like to join, email me & I’ll add you to the list.

If you liked this post (& what’s not to like it’s Nutella after all ppl) I’d appreciate a Stumble, Tumble, tweet, some comment log! We’ve made it super easy for you, the buttons are right below! Mwah !



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