Sticky Dish Challenge

I get a lot of emails with requests for product reviews. A lot. Some are better than others. When this particular request challenge came into my inbox I was intrigued. A sticky dish challenge? You KNOW how much I hate doing dishes so this had my curiosity peaked from the get go. The task? Take the Sticky Dish Challenge and Join the #FinishRevolution! Put Finish to the test and document HONEST results with images & anecdotes. I was so in! 

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Password Protection With Norton Identity Safe

Is it just me, or do you forget your passwords too? It would be simple if we just had ONE password to remember right? BUT having just one “master” password for all your accounts is never a good idea (if one account is compromised they’re all compromised and that is no bueno). Which brings us back to the multiple password problem.

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New Hidden Valley Ranch – For Everything

This post brought to you by Hidden Valley for Everything. All opinions are 100% mine.


My kids absolutely adore Ranch Dressing. I always joke they would put it on anything if I would let them. That’s how much they love it. One of their favorite ways to eat it is as a dipping sauce with carrots. It’s a snack that I definitely don’t mind feeding them.

Guess what? There happens to be a new bottle of Ranch in town. New Hidden Valley for Everything gives you Original Ranch flavor that is thicker and creamier. So squeeze it everywhere you would put ketchup on all your favorite foods and give burgers, fries, wings — basically everything — a definite delectable upgrade! It makes everything ranch-ilicious!

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Carolina Grown – Intuit Love a Local Business

I believe that supporting local businesses is so important. It helps sustain the local economy and supports local community members. One of my favorite local businesses is CAROLINA GROWN. They source from local North Carolina Farmers and Ranchers and deliver their fresh, seasonal LOCAL products to your door! That’s right they even deliver!

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New West KnifeWorks


I have always heard people talk about how a GOOD knife is all they need in the kitchen. I have drooled, lusted and longed for a GOOD kitchen knife for as long as I can remember. Now, I can finally say I understand what they were talking about *swoon* I was recently sent a New West Knives Fusionwood Chef’s Knife 8″ for review. New West KnifeWorks are high quality, high end works of kitchen art. Calling them JUST a knife simply seems disrespectful. You can choose from the Phoenix line or the Fusionwood line. Choosing is not going to be easy. You’ll see!

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Johnsonville Brat Throwdown!


Are you ready for a Throwdown? Why YES I am! My foodie friend Kristy at The Wicked Noodle invited me to join in a “friendly” Johnsonville Brat Throwdown. There was only one rule…we were challenged to come up with a recipe using Johnsonville Brats! Well, never one to shy away from a challenge (I have been known to be banned from board games because of my competitive nature) I threw on my Johnsonville <3’s bell’alimento apron & I jumped right in!


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Gigi’s House Bistro


I’ve always been a foodie and therefore, naturally I appreciate good food. Not sure why – wink wink – but people are always asking me for my restaurant suggestions, so I am starting to add restaurant reviews to the blog. Up first is Gigi’s House Bistro located in Youngsville, North Carolina, my sweet little town boasting a whopping two stoplights. Yes, I know I live in Mayberry – thank goodness for wi-fi!

No seriously, I love my little town and was so HAPPY when a little slice of European goodness came and opened up shop. Stephan, the owner, host with the most and chef, is a Frenchman who has an amazing flair for food & cooking! His food is fresh & creative.

Onto the dinner. Hubs & I started off with a lovely Sangria. It was light & refreshing and was the perfect beginning to the meal. Then it was time for the appetizer.

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Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro Sauce Review



This month I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary sample of pasta sauces from GL Mezzetta . Mezzetta is a Napa Valley specialty food producer, best known for domestic and imported peppers & olives, and now for their foray into the sauce world.

I must admit, when I started my blog earlier this year, I couldn’t have imagined that people would seek me out, send me samples & ask for my opinions! How great is that? I mean who doesn’t like something gratis? And, I’m always especially tickled when they’re FULL size samples.

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Paula’s Buitoni Pasta Review


Buitoni Riserva Wild Mushroom Agnolotti:
I recently received a sample of Buitoni’s new Riserva pasta line compliments of Buitoni & Foodbuzz for review. If you’ve read my blog you know I LOVE pasta. I was anxious to try the new riserva line but also a little skeptical because of my love for authentic Italian food. I’m not normally a fan of pre-packaged pastas but as a busy Mom sometimes prepackaged is a necessity & much better than the fast food alternatives. I love mushrooms and was quite excited that my sample was the wild mushroom Agnolotti!


With that said, I was ready to make my meal. I opened the package and followed the very simple instructions (add to boiling water-haha, doesn’t get any easier than that!). I let it cook for about 4 minutes and could tell they were ready to roll. I drained the pasta well, returned it to my pot & tossed them with extra virgin olive oil. I wanted to experience the pasta to the fullest without drowning it with other flavors, so I opted for a nice grade of extra virgin olive oil & garnished with fresh parmigiano reggiano (of which I just brought back from my trip to Italy).

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