DIY Rustic Log Candles

DIY Rustic Log Candles

DIY HOLIDAY FLOATING CANDLES , DIY CINNAMON CANDLES and now Rustic Log Candles. Are you sensing a theme? Am I that obvious? Yes, okay it’s true I happen to love candles. Both of the previous candle posts have been extremely popular posts so I’m guessing y’all like candles as much as I do. Since we’ve established our love of candles, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and stock up on tea lights because I see we’re all going to go through a wagon full.  DIY Rustic Log Candles
I have a very talented local friend AMY who I purchased a few of these candles from (hopefully she’ll have a facebook page set up soon and I can properly introduce you to her). Aren’t they just awesome? Since I know not all of you live nearby good news is they’re easy enough to make yourself. I plan on making a slew of these to give as gifts this season and beyond. We happen to have a large wooded lot with access to lots of dead trees all over the place logs. The boys have already started scavenging and are putting together a pile for me. Next up we’ll pull out some manly tools. According to Mr. bell’alimento we’ll need a saw, a vice grip and a drill. Check, check, check. I am in charge of the tea lights. Team work people. Team work.

DIY Rustic Log Candles

NOTE: (Shaking my finger) Be sure to take safety precautions when working with tools and never leave burning candles unattended.

1. Place your log horizontally into a vice grip to secure it. Saw it to desired length.

2. Reposition log in vice grip so that it’s vertical and once again secure log.

3. Attach a 1 1/2″ wood boring drill bit to your drill and carefully drill into center of cut log. Approximately 3/4 – 1″ deep. Hole needs to be deep enough to accommodate tea light with slight clearance.

4. Dust off excess saw dust and insert tea light. All that’s left to do is set them up and show them off.

The beauty of these is that no two will be alike and that’s really a good thing. If everything was all alike that would be incredibly boring wouldn’t it ; )

If you want to see what the candles look like a night check out my INSTAGRAM feed.

TIPS: Vary the heights and widths of candles for table groupings. Want to personalize your candles? Go a step further and carve initials, shapes or numbers into the wood. How perfect would adding a number be for table settings? During the holidays, arrange candles on your mantle complete with garland.




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    Absolutely LOVE this. We have a big limb that Aaron cut into 2-inch pieces and he’s been thinking about the tea light route. Dig, dig, dig!

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    This is so cute! Love it!


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