Upcycled Outdoor Herb Garden

DIY Palette Herb Organizer www.bellalimento.com

As one who cooks a great deal (okay a boat load) it’s important to me that I ALWAYS have fresh herbs nearby. In the spring and summer I typically grow them in containers on my deck which is right off my kitchen. It’s convenient and I’m able to make a mad dash mid cooking to snip exactly what I need. What’s not convenient are the oh say 18 or so containers that I have around every square inch of the perimeter of my deck. It’s kinda out of control. Until I discovered I could turn a palette into an awesome vertical outdoor herb garden.

DIY Palette Herb Organizer www.bellalimento.com

1 palette takes up the space of 1 rectangular planter and doesn’t hold anywhere near the herbs I can fit into a palette. Have I mentioned this is an easy DIY project that even those who say they’re not crafty can do. Really. And affordable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve coerced asked my husband to stop and pick up palettes from stores or off the side of the road. Recycling, it’s a good thing.

DIY Palette Herb Organizer www.bellalimento.com

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project: You can find most everything you need for this project at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

  • 1 palette
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • landscape cloth
  • staple gun/staples
  • potting soil
  • herbs

Garden Cloth www.bellalimento.com

STEP 1: Flip the palette over to the side with the most planks facing you. Measure the palette. Cut enough landscape fabric to cover that measurement plus an extra 3″ for the overhand

STEP 2: Pull the fabric taught and then staple it all the way around. You want the fabric to be as taut as possible because it will be holding the soil in. Don’t be stingy with the staples.

Miracle Gro

STEP 3: Flip the palette over. Place palette in it’s final position.

STEP 4: Fill palette slots with potting soil.

DIY Palette Herb Organizer www.bellalimento.com

STEP 5: Place herbs in desired location within palette. Add additional potting soil if needed.

DIY Palette Herb Organizer www.bellalimento.com

STEP 6: Water herbs.

Basil www.bellalimento.com

STEP 7: Sit back and enjoy your hard work and go ahead and pick off a few leaves of basil and put it in your lemonade. It’s the bomb diggity.


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  1. 1

    Love this idea, Paula! I cannot wait to grow my herbs outside again!

  2. 2

    Every year I say I’m going to start a herb garden. I did it a few years ago and love it but I planted so much mint that I was drinking mojitos for days….haha.

  3. 3

    Oh I have been wanting to grow my own herbs, but I am so uncrafty…Love this idea!

  4. 4

    My herb garden is my favorite thing about my backyard and its only steps from my door. Love your upcycled garden!

  5. 5

    This is such a cute idea for an herb garden! I love it!

  6. 6

    How cool is that! I’ll bet my husband can bring me home a palette or two so I can plant a garden like this. And, we even have a Lowe’s close by. Looks like I’ll be making a trip.

  7. 7
    joy /

    Hi, I love your idea for the herb garden, I love fresh herbs. but I have read that pallets are treated with chemicals, is this safe for the herbs? Thanks J

    • 7.1
      Love Mercy /

      Regarding pallets – some are treated, some are not. I’m not sure how to tell the difference, but yes it does matter for the edibles. Strawberries are fun to plant in pallets too. If you accidently get a treated pallet, just fill it with both draping and upright flowers for a beautiful cascade of flowers. 🙂

      And no, I haven’t done this, I’ve seen it a lot, and it’s on my to-do list. 🙂

  8. 8

    What a clever way to grow a lot of herbs without taking up tons of space.

  9. 9

    Great project, I love gardening. And DIY. So this is on my to do list.

  10. 10

    This is both brilliant and beautiful. I love this idea!

  11. 11
    Victoria /

    That is a great, space saving idea, not to mention that is it soooo cute! I will mention that if you plant anything edible in palettes that have been treated, it will leach chemicals into the food. Just make sure that there is a stamp on the palette that says HT, that way you will know it has been heat treated and is safe for food!

  12. 12

    genius! you can even grow herbs for corn dogs!

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