Steak, Potato and Mushroom Kebabs

Steak Potato and Mushroom Kebabs #kebabs #steak #beef #kebob #mushrooms #grilling Soak up the summer with these mouth-watering steak, potato and mushroom kebabs.

Who doesn’t love food on sticks? I mean come on. It’s child like yet totally acceptable for adults. Win. Win. What’s even better? When you take your favorite meat and potatoes meal and put it on a stick. Steak Mushrooms and Potatoes. All on one glorious skewer.

Of course you won’t be able to eat just one, so you’ll need two or three glorious skewers. Don’t act like you’ll eat just one. It’s like a potato chip. Impossible to eat just one.

Steak Potato and Mushroom Kebabs #kebabs #steak #beef #kebob #mushrooms #grilling

There’s a few important things to remember when you’re skewering. Is that even a word? Since auto correct didn’t underline it I’m going with yes. IF you’re using wooden skewers, you’ll need to soak them. They’re wood, they will catch on fire. Soaking them, water logs them and helps avoid that little snafu. If you’re using metal skewers then go ahead and disregard all that.

Since we’re using potatoes here they’ll need to be par boiled. Why? Well you don’t want to end up with hard and crunchy potatoes do you? Nope. No one wants that. So par boil them. I know it’s an extra step but it’s so necessary. If you’re not feeling getting the pot out, you could actually pop them into the microwave and semi cook them. There you go. Tips galore. Why? Because I love y’all. Really I do.

Steak Potato and Mushroom Kebabs #kebabs #steak #beef #kebob #mushrooms #grilling

There’s still plenty of time to enjoy kebabs (or kebobs) whichever way you prefer to say them, just make them. You’ll thank me, your meat and potato loving family and friends will thank you. And we could all use a little extra thanks yeah?

Keep the Kebab fun going with:



Disclaimer: I am a recipe developer for The Mushroom Channel. I was compensated for my time. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.

Steak Potato and Mushroom Kebabs

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1 pound strip steak, cubed
1/2 cup olive oil and vinegar salad dressing
24 white button mushrooms
24 small new potatoes


    Place steak in a large zip top bag, add salad dressing. Transfer to refrigerator and allow to marinate for 30 minutes.

    While steak is marinating, soak wooden skewers.

    Place a medium pot with water onto boil. Add potatoes and par boil.

    Assemble skewers: mushroom, steak, potato; 3 of each on each skewer.

    Grill skewers on grill or stove top on grill pan until meat is to desired done-ness, mushrooms have softened and potatoes have cooked through.


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      These look amazing! I’d love to make these for the grill today, so good!


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