ALDI 101: Getting to Know ALDI

ALDI 101: Getting to Know ALDI


This post is sponsored by ALDI. I was compensated for my time. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.

To know ALDI is to love ALDI. I’d love to introduce you to (or re-introduce if that’s the case) to ALDI. Think of this post as ALDI 101: Getting to Know ALDI. It’s simply smarter shopping. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot to enjoy quality food, and ALDI believes that too. They’re shaking things up in the food business.

ALDI Products

From the minute you walk into the store you can see that ALDI is different. There are no frills and no fuss. That keeps unnecessary costs out of their stores, which translates into savings for us. I’m all for saving money. From exclusive private label products (that taste as good as national brands), to bagging your own groceries, to cart rentals, they respect our money. I can definitely respect that.

If you have special food needs, they have you covered with food to fit anyone’s lifestyle, and with 1,600 stores in 35 states there’s probably one close to you. Best Price. Guaranteed Quality. They’re so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a double guarantee. What does that mean? That means, if for ANY reason customers don’t like an ALDI exclusive food brand, they’ll give their money back and replace the product. How’s that for confident? I’ve been shopping at ALDI for a while now and both the price and the quality of the food never ceases to amaze me.

ALDI Steak

Some of my favorite ALDI products are:

CHEESE: There’s always a large selection of cheeses. I adore goat cheese, especially the Happy Farms Preferred Plain Goat Cheese. It’s great for spreading on a bagel, snacking or including as part of a cheese board.

WINE: They have award winning and premium wines. Dancing Flame, Ojos del Salado – Red Blend is a favorite and an incredible buy.  It’s big and bold and pairs fantastically with a nice steak. It’s not surprise to me that it’s an award winner. Red not your cup of tea? No worries! They carry white and a selection of sparkling.

CHOCOLATE: Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels. Go ahead and try to eat just one. IF you happen to have any leftover they’re also great baked into the middle of cupcakes for an extra special surprise filling.

BEEF: USDA Choice Ribeye. A little salt and pepper to season. Seared and cooked to perfection on a cast iron skillet is all you really need for a piece of beef this nice.

ALDI has a huge selection of organic options too!

PRODUCE: Baby spinach and asparagus are two of my favorites. They’re so incredibly versatile, from salads to steaming to sautéing and they go with just about anything. Organic options are available as well.

ALDI Steak

I love their no frills, no fuss store layouts and there’s also no marketing games at ALDI. Just remember to bring your shopping bags and a quarter for the cart rental (you’ll get it back when you return the cart) and see for yourself what ALDI is all about

ALDI Asparagus

From all the staples that you use you on a regular basis, to cleaning items, to fun seasonal items. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the selection at ALDI. They have a double guarantee so if you’re not already, what are you waiting for?

ALDI Steak





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    Angie /

    I’ve probably tried everything there but the steaks. I have to try those next week. I love Aldi’s so much, I go at least twice a week and always brag to friends and family that don’t shop there about the amazing selection and great prices!

  2. 2
    Teri /

    I have thought about going but always hesitate, after reading your post I’m going to give Aldi a try this week. Thanks for the tips Paula!

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