How To Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs in The Instant Pot

How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs in an Instant Pot #instantpot #eggs #hardboiledeggs

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I’m a giant EGG fan. Besides cooking with eggs on practically a daily basis, I make at least a dozen hard boiled eggs once a week because they’re a great source of protein, beneficial vitamins and nutrients. What do I do with all those hard boiled eggs? They’re great for (on the go) snacking (after a workout), for slicing up for salads, to make egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs and so much more. We’re all so busy these days, taking a little time in advance so that you have have hard boiled eggs already on hand in the fridge is such a convenience.

But, here’s the thing, all eggs are not created equal. I know it can be confusing to understand the different types of egg labeling. How do you know which eggs are right for you? I’m going to give you the cliff notes.


How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs in an Instant Pot #instantpot #eggs #hardboiledeggs

Certified pasture raised eggs means the hens are raised on grassy pastures with room to roam free, forage and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Sounds like a great environment right? Don’t take my word for it, studies show that these eggs are more nutritious than any other type of eggs.

  • In fact, pasture raised eggs, like Handsome Brook Farm eggs, can contain 2 times more Omega 3’s, 38% more vitamin A and 23% vitamin E than conventionally raised eggs – making them a super nutritious option at any meal.
  • Handsome Brook Farm eggs are pasture raised and organic, which is not the case with all pasture raised eggs. Not to mention, you can definitely taste the difference between Handsome Brook and all other eggs. Go ahead and taste the difference yourself! Handsome Brook Farm Eggs are available nationally at select retailers. I found mine, here locally at Sprouts.

How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs in an Instant Pot #instantpot #eggs #hardboiledeggs

  • Handsome Brook Farm Eggs are pasture-raised organic eggs that come from organic-fed, pasture raised hens. An all-natural diet and freedom forage outdoors gives Handsome Brook Farm eggs their trademark golden-orange yolk and rich, delicious flavor that will take your custards, omelets, and more to the next level.
  • Handsome Brook Farm has built a revolutionary network of small family farms with smaller flocks – so they can ensure farmers get the fair wage they deserve and their hens have the space, attention and love they need to produce the best quality eggs.


How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs in an Instant Pot #instantpot #eggs #hardboiledeggs

Better eggs. Better everything else. Now that you know, I’m going to share how I make my cooking process even easier for the hard boiled eggs I like to keep on hand in the fridge. I hard boil my Handsome Brook Farm eggs in just 5 minutes in my Instant Pot. That’s right, the Instant Pot.

It makes the perfect hard boiled egg in just 5 minutes. For soft boiled just 3 minutes. It’s a game changer. The shells peel right off. They’re perfectly cooked, every time.

I’d love to know what do you like to do with your hard boiled eggs?



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Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Total Time 0:00


Handsome Brook Farm eggs
1 cup water


Place included tray inside of Instant Pot. Place desired amount of eggs into the tray of your Instant Pot.

Add water. Seal lid.

Set Instant Pot at 5 minutes under high pressure. When time is complete, carefully release pressure.

Transfer eggs to a bowl of cold water and allow to sit to stop the cooking process.

Peel and enjoy. Store any uneaten eggs in refrigerator.


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    I’ve got to get an instant pot! Great idea!

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    Love how easy it is to make hard boiled eggs in the IP! These look perfect!

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    I can’t wait to try this! We love egg salad and deviled eggs weekly so this will be so much easier for us!!

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    The first time I tried it was not successful. I see where I went wrong! I did a NR and didn’t do the ice bath. Trying a new batch now using your method!

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    This is my all time favorite way to make hard boiled eggs now!

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