How To Make Champagne Jello Shots

When your early 20's jello shots get a makeover - Champagne Jello Shots #jelloshots #champagne #shots #cheers How to Make Champagne Jello Shots.

You know those jello party shots that you were introduced to in college? The ones that were in the small paper cups that you would squeeze into your mouths. Have too many of because you didn’t think they were strong. Until they snuck up on you and you realized they were indeed strong. These are the same ones just with a more grown up appearance because we can’t all stay in college forever. Well there’s that one friend, there’s always that one friend who doesn’t grow up. Sigh.

Also before the champagne police come around I used sparkling wine for this recipe. Don’t think I could bring myself to make these with actual champagne. That’s for sipping on properly, with your pinkies up. Duh.

How to Make Champagne Jello Shots #champagne #jello #jelloshots

You only need 5 ingredients and a couple of hours for these to set up. They couldn’t easier to make though. IF you DON’T want your shots as strong just omit the vodka. You’ll start by pouring the sparkling wine and sugar into your sauce pan. Then you’ll sprinkle the gelatin and let it bloom. Yes, bloom.  As the gelatin absorbs the liquid, it becomes enlarged, which is what blooming means. When the mixture is heated the gelatin will dissolve evenly.

Once everything is mixed up we’ll pour it into the desired vessel. IF you’re cutting them into squares like pictured, you’ll pour it into a square baking dish. IF you want it served in individual containers then you’ll pour it into those.

Champagne Jello Shots #champagne #jello #jelloshots

You could choose any vessel you’d like for serving, depending on what you’re celebrating. Equally as fun, are shot glasses, plastic condiment cups with the lids (perfect when you’re making multiple batches for a large casual type party), or the like.

Champagne Jello Shots #champagne #jello #jelloshots

Please remember to drink responsibly.

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Champagne Jello Shots

Total Time 0:00


1 bottle Champagne or sparkling wine
4 tablespoons sugar
3 packets unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup vodka
gold flake sprinkles


    Into a sauce pan add: 1 1/2 cups of champagne and sugar. Sprinkle gelatin packets on top and allow to bloom for approximately 5 minutes.

    Turn on medium heat and stir until sugar and gelatin are dissolved.

    Add vodka and pour remaining champagne into sauce pan and stir to combine.

    Pour mixture into small square baking pan. Transfer to refrigerator to chill for approximately 4 hours.

    Prior to serving (using a knife run under hot water) slice into cubes. Top with sprinkles.


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      Yes! These look waaaay better than the ones from my days in collage 😉 What a fun way to toast the New Year, or any celebration! So pretty!

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      This is such a great idea for parties! Love it!

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      These are so fun! I love them for entertaining!

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      This is so creative and festive!

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      I made something similar over the holidays and it was soooo not good! I can’t wait to try your improved recipe!

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