Saffron Seafood Risotto


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Risotto? I’m sure I have, it’s just so creamy & delicious. What’s not to love?  And it’s insanely versatile. You can put just about anything into it.

I wanted to do an ultra luxurious risotto and I thought what’s more luxurious than saffron? Oh, glorious saffron! I know this isn’t the most budget friendly recipe but we can splurge every now & then! When you’re ready to splurge, this is one of those recipes.

Risotto isn’t hard to make. The hardest part is standing there loving it generously (aka stirring, stirring and more stirring) gently adding liquid (aka chicken stock) when needed and stirring again. All of that love releases it’s creamy goodness. I have to make at least 2 cups of Risotto when I make it, because my family loves it (even my 2 year old can’t get enough). You can certainly reduce it down to one cup of arborio if you don’t want as much. If you need more or less stock, go with that.

To make this dish even more stunning, I simply took a measuring cup, scooped out the rice & garnished with shrimp on top. Voila, a dish you might find in a fanchy schmancy restaurant.

I’m sure this won’t be my last Risotto dish on the site. That would be like saying there won’t be any more pasta dishes! We all know that’s just crazy talk! LOL

If you like Risotto you might also try my Basic Risotto or Risotto con Funghi recipes!

What types of Risotto do you love?

What you’ll need:
2 cups Arborio Rice
1 lb of medium – large shrimp
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 small envelope of Saffron (or a good pinch)
1 Shallot – minced
1 cup of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano
1/4 of a brick of cream cheese
1 large box of Chicken Stock – or of course you can use your own homemade chicken stock
kosher salt

What to do:
In a large sauce pan over medium heat give a few good turns of olive oil. Add your shallots and cook until translucent. Add your arborio rice and stir until coated well with oil & shallot mixture and until it turns slightly translucent. Slowly add in a cup of chicken stock. Add in your saffron & stir well. Season with salt. When stock reduces, add more. Continue this process until your stock is gone and/or until risotto is tender to the taste. When you’re rice is almost done add in your cream cheese stir well until completely incorporated in & is nice and creamy. Add in your parmiggiano reggiano stir well. When your cheeses are mixed in thoroughly, add your shrimp and cook until pink and they form a “c” shape. This will only be a few minutes.

Buon Appetito!

Goes great with:
A big fat steak, nice piece of Salmon and perhaps a side of asparagus (sweet grilled or in a bag). Or if you’re like me, you could just eat it all by it’s lonesome!

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  1. 1

    I love the gorgeous yellow color on this! What’s your take on stirring: I hear mixed advice: stir like mad, or don’t worry so much about the stirring? Just curious!

    • 1.1

      Ciao Sheryl! Thanks. It’s the saffron that makes that glorious color. Stirring is important. I keep a close watch on mine and stir very often but not constantly! I’m usually at the stove (or nearby) cooking multiple dishes so that I can keep on eye on the Risotto.

  2. 2

    Hmm…I don’t think I’ve ever seen cream cheese in risotto. That’s definitely a new one on me.

    Tip: if you steep your saffron in some liquid, like for example 1/2 cup hot milk or stock, that releases the color and flavor much more efficiently than adding it without. This step is unnecessary if you’re using powdered saffron.

    • 2.1

      Hi Stash! Yes, sometimes I like to put cream cheese or mascarpone into my Risotto to up the ante on the creamyness.

  3. 3

    Beautiful presentation! I love making risotto and am always sure to make extra so we can have risotto cakes the next day.

    • 3.1

      Thanks so much! I wish I had Risotto left over to make Risotto Cakes 🙂

  4. 4

    This reminds me of one of my favorite dishes that I had on a beach in Greece. Looks delicious!

  5. 5

    Hello! Found your blog and wanted to let you know the design of this site is awesome!! I haven’t stumbled upon anything this unique before, so I’m highly impressed. And as for this saffron seafood risotto… my oh my! I have saffron in the cupboard and it’s just dying to come out – thanks for the recipe!

    • 5.1

      Thanks Food Addicts! I really appreciate that! Glad you liked the recipe. I hope you love it as much as we did!

  6. 6

    This is delicious! I love that you added saffron to risotto, gorgeous color!

  7. 7


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  8. 8
    N.Burhan /


    I’ve made risotto once, wasn’t the best.”Coz i’m going to be using homemade stock, can you tell me how much quantity in a can of chicken stock?

  9. 9

    Do you have to use cream cheese.. I use mascarpone in my risotto when I make it… Just curious! This looks amazing can’t wait to try it, you now risotto is my favorite!

  10. 10

    Cream cheese? In risotto?

    I was under the impression that any cream, cheese or otherwise, rendered risotto non-risotto

  11. 11
    Dianna /

    I used to enjoy a similar recipe at a local restaurant, but they had clams, bay scallops, and shrimp in it and topped with a small chunk of quickly seared salmon. It was soooo delicious! Since you also love fish/seafood, you might want to add those ingredients when you whip this recipe up again. I can testify that it will be delicious! You have such beautiful photos that I’ve been licking my screen for the last hour!!!!!

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