Sauteed Asparagus with Lemon

One of my absolute favorite vegetables is asparagus. I love it steamed, roasted, grilled or sauteed. I like it cooked just enough so it still has a little bite to it. Al dente if you will (mushy is not a term I’m going for with asparagus). I fell in love with asparagus in Italy. My neighbors grew white asparagus. I watched year after year as they tended to these long mounds of dirt, and then one year, up popped the most beautiful asparagus I have ever seen. It was worth the wait. Most good things are. These days white asparagus is not easy for me to come by so green it is. When it’s fresh and in season I grab as much as I can. I’m not picky I like it: grilled, baked, roasted even sauteed. The smaller, skinnier bunches of asparagus are absolutely perfect for sauteing.

I recently partnered with Land O’Lakes and joined in their Kitchen Conversations webinar series where they talked about food trends (think meatballs and popcorn, not together of course) and their new product Saute Express. The nice folks at Land O’ Lakes sent me a complimentary package of goodies and a few coupons to try out the new product.  Sauté Express® Sauté Starters combines: butter, olive oil, and a variety of herbs and spices into a convenient square that cooks and flavors in one easy step!

It worked perfectly on my simple sauteed asparagus. I popped one of the cubes into my skillet, melted it and added my asparagus. It doesn’t get any simpler than that girls (and boys). This would make a delicious side dish to your Easter table (or for any regular dinner for that matter.)

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  • 1 Anthropologie Serving Bowl
  • 1 Anthropologie Half Stick Butter Dish
  • 1 set Anthropologie Measuring Spoons
  • 1 Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet
  • 1 coupon for Land O’ Lakes® Butter Half Sticks
  • 1 coupon for Land O’ Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starter


1. Leave a comment telling me what food you think is on trend for 2013.

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Disclaimer: This post and sweepstakes is sponsored by Land O’Lakes. I was provided with the gift set pictured above and one reader will be provided the same gift set. I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.


Sauteed Asparagus with Lemon

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    1. Place saute express cube into skillet and melt over low heat. Add asparagus, increase heat to medium and toss until coated.
    2. Cook for approximately 5 minutes until asparagus is tender (if you're substituting larger asparagus it will take longer to cook.)
    3. Garnish with lemon slices if desired.


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    1. 1

      I could eat asparagus all day long…love this!

    2. 2
      sara /

      Food trends? I have never been very trendy, in the kitchen or fashion. I think macarons are the new trend, be gone cupcakes. That and I am seeing a ton more fresh seafood preparations.

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      sara /

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      sara /

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      sara /

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    6. 6

      I think we’ll be seeing more ginger this year.

    7. 7
      sara /

      follow you on instagram @saramama1

    8. 8
      janieh /

      Gluten free seems to be a big trend for 2013.

    9. 9
      Jody /

      I think Low carb foods are the tread!

    10. 10
      Elizabeth /

      Hoping the trend towards unprocessed, local and seasonal continues….

    11. 11

      I love asparagus too. Yes, they are the best when there’s still a bite to it. What a wonderful giveaway package. I think the food trend in 2013 would be French Macarons. I’ve seen them more and more lately. 🙂 Certainly a feast for the eyes and tummies.

      amy [at] utry [dot] it

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    14. 14
      Margot C /

      This is probably old hat to you food biz professionals, but if I see another S’mores flavored thing I will scream. It’s a trend that I just don’t like.

    15. 15

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      amy [at] utry [dot] it

    16. 16
      Margot C /

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    18. 18
      Margot C /

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    19. 19

      I love the simplicity of this recipe, Paula! Asparagus is one of my favorite springtime vegetables.

    20. 20
      Margot C /

      I follow Land O’Lakes on TWITTER as @AnnaZed

    21. 21
      Margot C /

      I follow bell’alimento on INSTAGRAM (here’s me:

    22. 22
      Elisa B /

      Beets! We have been making all sorts of things with beets. Om nom nom!

    23. 23
      Amanda Garnand /

      2013 Trend: Cupcakes! But not in the traditional sense. Individual servings created in a cupcake form. For example, meatloaf cupcakes. Individual meatloaves with mashed potato “icing” piped on top. Yum!

    24. 24

      So far, I haven’t really noticed any kind of trend for 2013, and I kind of hope it stays that way! If there has to be one, I just hope it is somewhat healthy, because then I wouldn’t feel so bad jumping on the bandwagon!

    25. 25

      OOoh asparagus! I miss fresh asparagus from the Cali farmer’s market!
      Hmm…food trend for 2013. I keep hearing it’s the year of quinoa, but I feel like as food bloggers, we made that happen last year.
      Maybe 2013 will be more homemade drinks? Shrubs? Natural carbonation?

    26. 26

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    30. 30
      Leona /

      I know that everyone seems to want bolder flavors in your face spices these days.

      But I hope that in the coming days that truer, delicate flavors of foods become the rage. We should think about what we eat. Maybe we wouldn’t eat so much of it. When we savor every bite.

    31. 31
      Leona /

      I did all that you asked, however I have different names under twitter and instagram

    32. 32

      I just bought my first asparagus of the season. So excited!

      This looks beautiful!

    33. 33
      Evelyn R /

      I think local food is a trend….at least in my area

    34. 34
      Evelyn R /

      I pinned & follow you on pinterest.

    35. 35

      I think in season, local food is getting more more (well deserved) attention!

    36. 36
      sara /


    37. 37

      My daughter (and family) loves asparagus, but we haven’t tried it with lemon. Can’t wait to surprise them with this one!

    38. 38
      Anna /

      I’ve been hearing a lot about meatballs lately. Not sure my thighs will like that much more than last year’s bacon!

    39. 39
      Anna /

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      Anna /

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    41. 41
      Anna /

      And @LandOLakesKtchn. Thanks!

    42. 42

      Ok… I just want the butter… Lots of it… And the skillet and the bowl… And the…. Ok… hahaha

      I have this lemon ‘thing’. If ever I would try asparagus, I am guessing lemon would draw me in. YUM!

      Trending??? Popcorn seems to be very popular.

    43. 43

      Love asparagus. Looks amazing Paula. I wish I could grow my own, but I am impatient and could never wait 4 years to harvest it. 🙂 Now I’ll be craving spears all day long. Yum!

    44. 44

      all things coconut!

    45. 45

      I follow you on pinterest.

    46. 46

      I follow you on twitter.

    47. 47
      ashley /

      Savory cupcakes? I have no idea…

    48. 48
      Avery /

      I think that gluten free and animal product free foods will be trending

    49. 49
      Avery /

      I also followed @bellalimento

    50. 50
      Avery /

      And @LandOLakesKtchn

    51. 51
      Liz Blunt /

      I think anything with asparagus will be popular in 2013.

    52. 52
      Maxine R. /

      I think bacon will trend again.

    53. 53

      Asparagus is our absolute favorite veggie and I love the lemon flavor.

    54. 54
      Megan /

      I think cupcakes will continue to trend, even though i prefer cake.

    55. 55
      Babs /

      I am behind on the kale trend, but daresay that some other type of leafy green green will be the front-runner.

    56. 56
      Marcia /

      I’ve been seeing a lot of Brussels sprouts lately… I had a fabulous Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad recently that was fabulous and I’m seeing them all over Pinterest. This is all fine with me…I’ve long thought they had a bad rap (maybe overcooked, mushy ones) but I’m glad to see a resurgence!

    57. 57
      Cindi /

      I know that our family is looking for healthier and
      cheaper ways to eat…
      Many thanks, Cindi

    58. 58
      Marcia /

      I follow you on Pinterest

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      Marcia /

      I follow you on Twitter.

    60. 60
      Cindi /

      I follow you on Pinterest! ( Cindi Hoppes )
      Pinterest Post:
      Again, many thanks to you…Cindi

    61. 61
      Jessie C. /

      Kale is on trend

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      Jessie C. /

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    63. 64
      Cindi /

      Also, I follow you via Twitter. ( cmh512 )
      Merci, Cindi

    64. 65
      Cindi /

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      Thanks bunches, Cindi

    65. 66
      barbara n /

      I think popcorn is going to be a food trend for 2013

    66. 67
      Ashley Addison /

      I think that Aaparagus is trending and also it seems as though desserts of all kinds are making there way into healthy menus which is pretty exciting to me. Healthy but delicious desserts are always a plus.

    67. 68
      Ashley Addison /

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    70. 71
      larry /

      I’m seeing a lot of coarse sea salt. It will probably continue to trend.

    71. 72
      leslie /

      Dark chocolate

    72. 73
      Ashley Addison /

      Sorry, i forgot to add my Pin link

    73. 74
      Patty /

      I think kale and other veggies are going to trend in 2013.

    74. 75
      Patty /

      I follow you on Pinterest and pinned this.

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      Patty /

      I follow you on Twitter.

    76. 77
      Patty /

      I follow LOL on Twitter.

    77. 78
      TrishInFL /

      I think Chia seeds and Quinoa are trending right now.

    78. 79
      TrishInFL /

      I follow you on Pinterest, and also pinned this post 🙂

    79. 80
      MaryB /

      I think healthy foods/veggies will continue to trend.

    80. 81
      MaryB /

      I follow you on Pinterest and pinned the asparagus post.

      • 81.1
        Rachel83706 /

        @MaryB – friendly reminder, she needs seperate replies for it to count 😉

    81. 82
      Sharon Farrelly /

      Local and fresh, will continue to be the best.
      Farmers markets, local bakeries.

    82. 83

      Looks amazing, Paula!!

    83. 84
      Stefanie /

      I think that donuts are going to be a big trend!

    84. 85
      jan /

      Family at the dinner table will be the trend for the coming year.

    85. 86
      jan /

      I follow by email

    86. 87
      jan /

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      jan /

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    88. 89
      Elena /

      Gluten free food

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      Elena /

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      Elena /

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    92. 93
      Marcela /

      I think in this day and age, people are more aware of what they are eating. I will say local, organic ingredients, are big contributors for today`s trend. Plant based meals are also in the rise with so many people talking about the poor/unhealthy conditions stock is raised.

    93. 95
      Marcela /

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      Marcela /

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      Marcela /

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    96. 98
      Jim Kottke /

      I think with the latest news that more people are dying from obesity than any other disease the newest trend will be reduced salt in processed food

    97. 99

      I think that Kale and other dark leafy greens will be trending.

    98. 100
      Rachel83706 /

      I HOPE it is brussel sprouts!! (I have ALWAYS been a fan)

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      Rachel83706 /

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    103. 105
      Charlette /

      I think Kale and white beans will be big in 2013. I am seeing a lot of recipes on these two! I like them both,

    104. 106
      Charlette /

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    105. 107
      Sarah H.P. /

      I think goat cheese is trending this year!

    106. 108
      Amanda Thompson /

      Anything Coconut or Chia, especially drinks.

    107. 109
      SHannon S.. /

      Chia seeds they seem to be in everything

    108. 110
      Amanda Thompson /

      I follow you on Pinterest and here is the asparagus pin:

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      Amanda Thompson /

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    110. 112

      Cooking with vegetables: main dishes, side dishes, desserts, too.

    111. 114

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    112. 115

      I follow Land o’ Lakes on Twitter. I am @BoonieSooze.

    113. 116
      Natalie J Vandenberghe /

      I think the trend I’ve heard the most about recently is Chia…
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    114. 117
      Natalie J Vandenberghe /
    115. 118
      Natalie J Vandenberghe /

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    117. 120
      Jan /

      I think organic will get bigger and more available

    118. 121
      Jan /

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    119. 122
      Jan /

      and I pinned your asparagus

    120. 123
      Sara D /

      I think the lemon will be the food trend of the year! Atleast it is so far in my house 🙂 This recipe is next!

    121. 124
      Sara D /

      I am following you on Pinterest and Pinned the lemon asparagus onto Foodie Love!

    122. 125
      Randi Lynne /

      More ethnic hybrids.

    123. 126
      Randi Lynne /

      I follow you on Twitter.

    124. 127
      Angie Gibb /

      Whole food continues to become more and more important to everyone, and my hope is that processed foods become less and less used by everyone.

    125. 128

      I feel like green smoothies and juicing are def still a trend

    126. 129

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    130. 133
      Stephen Weinberg /

      Food trend = frying in lard

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    132. 135
      Kristen /

      I think organic foods will continue to gain popularity this year!

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      Kristen /

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    138. 141

      LOVE asparagus, too! And I totally want that cute bowl in the giveaway package

    139. 142
      Kenny /

      I think meats will increase in popularity in 2013

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      Kenny /

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      Kenny /

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    142. 145
      Dana D. /

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      Dana D. /

      Chia is trending the most in my circles this year

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    148. 151
      Adria R. /

      Veggies are the trending food of 2013!!!

    149. 152

      I think whole foods will continue to be a trend, but I think super grains like chia seeds or wheatberries will take off even more!!

    150. 153

      I think simple is on trend. Like that gorgeous asparagus.

    151. 154
      Meighan /

      Farm to table food is super trendy here!

    152. 155
      Amber /

      Ooh that looks so flavorful and delicious! I think green foods, and green smoothies are big trends right now, and rightfully so, they should always be a trend! 🙂

    153. 156
      Amber /

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    156. 159
      Karen Lynch /

      I think using avocado, and hemp oils will be a new trend.

    157. 160
      Karen Lynch /

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      Karen Lynch /

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    160. 163
      Jules /

      Fresh, local, whole foods will continue on trend.

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      Jules /

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    164. 167
      Teri /

      Great giveaway…I think the food trend is farm fresh ( CSA)!

    165. 168
      Kim C. /

      That looks delicious, I love asparagus. I think greens, like kale and grains like quinoa are just two examples of the food on trend this year.

    166. 169
      Kim C. /

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      Kim C. /

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      Kim C. /

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    169. 172
      Tammy /

      Eating local = fresh

    170. 173
      Kirsty /

      I think whole foods are going to trend in 2013.

    171. 174
      Kirsty /

      I follow on Interest.

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      Kirsty /

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      Kirsty /

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    174. 177
      andie /

      Growing your own food whether it be in a community garden plot or backyard is going to keep growing/trending!

    175. 178
      Jessica /

      I am ALL about grapefruit this year!

    176. 179
      Jessica /

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      Jessica /

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      Malerie /

      I hope more people will cook with a sous vide in 2013

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    183. 188

      more Veggies! Especially In Spring When They Start To Be In season

    184. 189

      I Follow You On twitter

    185. 190

      I agree with many other readers: homesteading – that is, growing your own produce and raising your own livestock at home – is going to become the largest food trend of 2013.

    186. 191
      Khanh /

      I hear cauliflower is the newest trendy vegetable, which is great because I love it!!!

      Thanks for the opportunity =)

    187. 192
      Khanh /

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    190. 195

      I think farm to table will continue to be big.

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    195. 200

      I think foods prepared with real butter is trending
      I also follow tou on pinterest Twitter and Facebook you are awesome :o)

    196. 201
      Cecilia /

      Garden to table trend will continue to thrive.

    197. 202
      Deborah /

      I think grain-free foods will continue to be big as more and more folks are GF.

    198. 203
      Deborah /

      I follow you on Pinterest and I pinned the asparagus

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      Deborah /

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    201. 206
      Deborah /

      Fresh, unprocessed is the trend I’m going for.

    202. 207
      Deborah /

      I follow you on Pinterest, and I’ve pinned the asparagus picture. Yum!

    203. 208
      Deborah /

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    204. 209
      Audrey /

      Maybe amaranth? I’ve seen it multiple times recently.

    205. 210
      Audrey /

      Followed on pinterest! and pinned the asparagus.

    206. 211
      Steph /

      I love that home baking is on trend. That and fresh produce.

    207. 212
      Steph /

      I also follow you on pinterest.

    208. 213

      Fresh veggies and lemons are always on trend to me! xo

    209. 214
      C.j. /

      I see a lot more egg and avocado type dishes!

    210. 215
      Megan /

      I think different forms of squash will be where it’s at this year. There are so many different possibilities with the different ones such as spaghetti, zucchini, acorn, butternut, etc.

    211. 216
      Megan /

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    215. 220
      Denise /

      Loving the fresh veggies and seeing a rise in home cooked meal, so I am hoping that is the new trend for 2013.

    216. 221
      Adriann /

      Raw food trend will come back in as it gets warmer and we have more local produce options!

    217. 222
      Kelly /

      quinoa is going to get evwn more mainstream… maybe even in quick-cook packaging

    218. 223

      Wow, what a fabulous giveaway Paula! I love your asparagus recipe, too. Such a beautiful yet simple dish. Hmmm… on trend food for 2013? I’d have to say spaghetti squash. It’s making the rounds on Pinterest for sure!

    219. 224
      Marie Muckey /

      Organic is the new rising trend

    220. 225
      Marie Muckey /

      Following on Pinterest

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    223. 229

      mmm my husband loves asparagus and we do love land O lake! hummm… I think that …. humm I don’t know what foods are trendy. Health foods maybe

    224. 230

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    228. 234

      I think the trend will be quinoa of 2013

    229. 235

      I follow you on Pinterest

    230. 236
      TL /

      I think we will be seeing more root vegetables and squashes taking center stage. Love the give away! Thank you for the opportunity.

    231. 237
      TL /

      TL is following bell’alimento on Pinterest. 🙂 Glad I found you.

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    234. 240
      TL /

      I follow bell’alimento on Twitter too. Almost forgot that one.

    235. 241
      Christy S /

      Simpler foods in their natural form.

    236. 242
      MariaV /

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    237. 243
      MariaV /

      Lemons and other citrus is the trend I’m seeing.

    238. 244
      MariaV /

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    239. 245
      MariaV /

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    240. 246
      Annette Jarboe /

      I think brussel sprouts will continue to be popular. Also the artichoke.

    241. 247
      Annette J /

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    245. 251
      Dee West /

      Cauliflower! With so many watching their calories there are lots of new dishes to be made with it!! Anything with asparagus, yummy!! Pinned it and following you on Pinterest!! Looking forward to more recipes!

    246. 252

      Thank you so much! Just sent my info 🙂


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