Blueberry Thyme Lemonade


Blueberry Thyme Lemonade

Grab your polka dot straws and pucker up princess. We’re serving up a pitcher of luscious lemonade today. Not your classic either. This is not your Grandma’s lemonade. Although I do think my Grandma would have loved this version. Lemonade makes me think of summer time, hot sweltering days, riding bicycles and yes lemonade stands. I hosted many a stand in my time growing up. I’m not sure I ever made much money other than enough to buy a pack of hubba bubba (which was and still is the bomb diggity of bubble gum) but it sure was a good time. I thank my Mom for fostering my entrepreneurial spirit. It’s one I don’t think I’ve ever grown out of.

Blueberry Thyme Lemonade

I hope I never grow out of my love for lemonade. There’s something about squeezing fresh lemons until they give all they can give. That clean smell and tart flavor get me every single time. Yes I was that kid that loved to lick lemons. Weird, maybe. But that’s me. I’ve always marched to my own drum. Which might be why I can’t leave well enough alone. I have to add a little of this and a little of that and see where it goes. Like adding blueberries to simple syrup creating that gorgeous pink hue to this lemonade. It’s a little flirty and a whole lot flavorful with a touch of grown up complexity from thyme.

Blueberry Thyme Lemonade

Now that you’re thirsty, pop over to Dixie Crystals blog and get our BLUEBERRY THYME LEMONADE recipe.



  1. 1

    This lemonade looks like the perfect way to cool off today!

  2. 2

    This lemonade looks absolutely gorgeous, refreshing, and no doubt delicious! Love the colors and flavor combos!

  3. 3

    hahaha the first line of this post made me laugh out loud. I also have a deep love for lemonade!

  4. 4

    Paula these are the prettiest photos Ive seen in a long time, I’m mesmerized!

  5. 5

    This sounds very refreshing! thanks for sharing

  6. 6

    I will have to make this. Full of antioxidants and refreshing too!

  7. 7

    I die for all lemonades. This version looks especially amazing!

  8. 8

    I’m really thirsty and after looking at these photos I need to go make some lemonade, STAT!

  9. 9

    Oh my gosh, you have to let me steal—-Pucker up Princess. That is so rich and so me (too). I love lemonade. Soda just makes me more thirsty.
    Lemonade does the job in a delicious way.

  10. 10

    I think squeezing lemons is very therapeutic! Love your beverage!

  11. 11

    Loving this grown up lemonade with the blueberries and fresh thyme… such a great refreshing idea for the summer.

    I totally will never grow out of lemonade either… soo good! 🙂

  12. 12

    We adore freshly made lemonade in this house! My daughter makes it constantly (see what happens when you have an old fashioned juicer press)! I will set her to trying your version asap, it looks lovely!

  13. 13

    My boys have lemonade stands all the time and they need to change things up a bit, so I am going to help them make this!

  14. 14

    Summer is for lemonade, and this is such an elegant one! I just love how you added blueberries and thyme!

  15. 15

    Looks like the perfect refreshing summer drink!

  16. 16

    So beautiful! Love the flavor combination!

  17. 18
    Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings /

    I would never think to add thyme to lemonade, but this looks amazing!

  18. 19

    Yum! This looks so refreshing.

  19. 20

    Um.. Yeah hubba bubba was the bomb diggity of bubble gum! Nope, this ain’t my grandma’s lemonade, but it sure is something I’d suck down and spike with a wee bit (OK, ok – A LOT) of booze!

  20. 21

    I love herbs in my lemonade. Going to have to give this one a go!

  21. 22

    I love herbs in my drinks!

  22. 23

    I would ADORE this. And I might accidentally drop a shot of vodka into it. 😀

  23. 24

    This is so gorgeous. I love adding herbs to my lemonade, too!

  24. 25

    My grandma would love this lemonade, too. Looks delicious!


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