Mushroom and Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos

It’s pigskin season. You know that game that’s plastered all over the television. The one where guys run around in tight pants, running into each other. The one that has all kinds of amazing fun finger foods served at parties. That one. I’m not a big fan of the actual game (gasp) but, hold on, I’m going to redeem myself. I’m a big fan of the FOOD that goes along with it. Whether you’re off to the actual game and tailgating, or hosting a get together around your sectional you need FOOD. These little babies are bound to become a pigskin party favorite. Promise. Well maybe not promise, but they’re day-um good.

Mushroom and Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos

You can even make these babies in advance and then just pop them into the oven right before your frands come over to trash your house. I mean they won’t do it on purpose (lets hope not, otherwise you might should reconsider said friendship), but let’s face it, after a party it’s a bit of a mess. You should, at least, have a full stomach from consuming these poppers. So, silver lining.

Something to keep in mind: when you’re picking out your jalapenos at your market (or if you’re lucky enough from your own garden), you’ll want to get them as close in size as possible, this way when they’re baking away, bringing all that cheesy, shroom filled goodness to bubbly perfection the peppers will cook at the same rate. You won’t have some more tender than others. No one wants to bite into a hard jalapeno. Well unless they lost a bet. Then, eh, maybe.

Don’t forget the crispy prosciutto on top. Bacon makes everything better ; )

Mushroom Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos


Grab your mushrooms and jalapenos and pop over To The Mushroom Chanel’s Blog for our MUSHROOM & CHEESE STUFFED JALAPENOS RECIPE.



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    I could eat a whole plate of these jalapeƱos! They look so perfect!

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