Tomato Tuna Melt

Tomato Tuna Melt #tuna #tunamelt #glutenfree #lowcarb #tomatoesTomato Tuna Melt.

This is a mash up between a tuna melt and a stuffed tomato. Sometimes mash ups work and sometimes not so much, but this one, it’s a keeper. If you love tuna melts and are looking for a way to cut back on your bread consumption (I know I just gasped typing that – I big puffy heart bread, I just need to eat less of it) we’ve got an alternative for you.

These perfectly plump tomatoes on the vine are stuffed with wild albacore tuna, black pearl rice and a whole lot of gloriously melty Gruyere and mozzarella cheese.

Tomato Tuna Melt #tuna #tunamelt #glutenfree #lowcarb #tomatoesTips & Tricks.



To keep the tomatoes level, we don’t want them falling over once stuffed or during the baking process, we slice a piece off of of the bottom so the tomatoes “sit” pretty. We’re not going to toss that little circle of tomato goodness, no no no. Why not? Glad you asked. The next step is to remove the insides of the tomato. When we’re scooping out the tomato seeds, flesh and juice, sometimes we inadvertently puncture the bottom of the tomato creating a hole.

That’s not good. But it’s an easy fix. We simply insert the reserved tomato circle. Resourceful.

Tomato Tuna Melt #tuna #tunamelt #glutenfree #lowcarb #tomatoes
Next up is the stuffing. We started with Blue Harbor’s Wild Alabacore Tuna in water. It comes in a pouch (no cans to open – happy dance) and is 100% line caught, certified sustainable (holla). We mixed the tuna with Lundberg Black Pearl Rice. It cooks up firm so we knew it would be a good choice. Not to mention it’s shiny black kernels are like the little black dress of rice. Amiright?

That’s all mixed together (with seasonings) then topped with a mozzarella Gruyere mixture and baked to perfection. Nothing bad about that.

Tomato Tuna Melt #tuna #tunamelt #glutenfree #lowcarb #tomatoes

Did I mention that this is GLUTEN FREE and LOW CARB? All kinds of goodness right here. Go ahead and getcha some tomatoes on the vine and stuff ’em real good.

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Thank you to Blue Harbor Fish Co and Lundberg Farms for providing me with samples of their products. Opinions are my own.

Tomato Tuna Melt

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6 on the vine tomatoes
1 cup cooked black pearl rice - prepared according to package directions
3 ounces Blue Harbor Fish Co Wild Albacore tuna
kosher salt/black pepper
1/2 cup grated Gruyere/Mozzarella cheese - divided
olive oil


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a half baking sheet with parchment or a silicon mat. Set aside.

Slice a small piece off the bottom of each tomato so that they're level (careful not to puncture a hole in tomato). Do not discard sliced pieces. Set aside. Slice tops off tomato leaving stems intact for presentation. 

Scoop seeds, pulp and juice from tomatoes. Save ONLY tomato juice in a medium bowl. Invert tomatoes onto a paper towel so that they drain.

Into bowl with tomato juice add: cooked rice, drained tuna and half of cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Mix to combine. 

Place tomatoes on baking sheet. Place cut pieces from bottom of tomatoes inside each tomato. Equally divide tuna mixture between tomatoes.

Top with remaining cheese. Place tomato tops beside each tomato. Drizzle with olive oil. Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Top with tomato tops prior to serving.


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    I love finding awesome low carb recipes like this! Thank you!!

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    What an adorable presentation! Perfect for lunch!

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    Low carb, high flavor!! Love recipes like this!

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    These tomatoes are so adorable!

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    These are absolutely darling. I love the vine on the tops.

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    I like tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad , but this sounds so much better! Gotta love anything with melted cheese!

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    OMG! This is the type of appetizer I would like for my next party!

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    Those are so fun, love this idea!

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    These sound amazingly healthy!

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