Slow Cooker Mulled Cranberry Punch

Slow Cooker Mulled Cranberry Punch

Slow Cooker Mulled Cranberry Punch.

I absolutely love the smell of mulled spices. There’s just something super comforting about walking into a house and having it hit your senses first thing. It immediately relaxes me and makes me want to sit down, put my feet up and grab a blanket. Maybe that’s just me. We’ve found a little shortcut to making this into a punch that doesn’t involve simmering away stovetop for hours. No stove required, just a slow cooker. And if you’re feeling inspired to take this up a party notch we’ve got you covered too.



Slow Cooker Mulled Cranberry Punch
Slow Cooker Mulled Cranberry Punch

My slow cooker gets prime counter space property during the fall and winter months. I make all the comforting winter dishes that have me dreading bathing suit season but are oh so pleasing right now, and it’s cold so they win. Sigh. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to try making beverages in it before now, but I’m going to more than make up for it now that I’m in the know.

This recipe takes about an hour and a half and then you can simply set it on warm and serve it directly out of the slow cooker. NO need to dirty up a pitcher when it’s supposed to be served hot and you know how much I hate dishes. You simply put everything in, give it a little stir, cover and go on with sitting on the couch with your feet up. Pipe dream I know. If it’s like my typical day it would be more like, clean, reply to 100 emails, start the laundry, remember to put some make up on, figure out what’s for dinner, Yada yada yada.


Slow Cooker Mulled Cranberry Punch
This punch not only smells amazing it tastes like winter thanks to cranberry juice and fresh cranberries, cloves and cinnamon. When you’re ready to pull out your slow cooker and make it, you can find the recipe for our SLOW COOKER MULLED CRANBERRY PUNCH on Dixie Crystals site.

If you’d like to give it an adult kick, add a shot of rum to each glass prior to serving. Because sometimes we can use a little extra something something. If you do, as always, please remember to drink responsibly.


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    This punch looks perfect for this cooler weather we’re finally getting, so delicious!


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