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Bourbon Roasted Cherries

Bourbon Roasted Cherries Bourbon Roasted Cherries. Hello lovah. I’m going to go ahead and implore you to double this recipe because for one you’ll already have the oven on so you might as well roast more. Second, you’re going to be eating these with a spoon, or if you’re even remotely like me, you might just pluck them out of the jar and pop them right into your mouth. They’re borderline addictive. I’m okay with that.

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Roasted Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream

Roasted Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream Roasted Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream.

Ice cream is my jam y’all. Specifically homemade ice cream. I give my little Cuisinart ice cream maker a workout all year long but especially in the summer time. I make my ice cream the way my Momma taught me. Custard based. It’s all that and a bag of chips. From her base vanilla ice cream recipe the flavor options are limitless. I’ve made at least a dozen variations here on the blog. Everything from your basic chocolate to a Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce. Something for erryone to throw in a waffle cone and go to town on.

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Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn This post is sponsored by ALDI. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.

We recently shared our ALDI inspired DINNER PARTY where our guests noshed on a Mexican-themed dinner with drinks. TACOS AL PASTOR  was the star of our menu. Everyone loved the tacos but they also couldn’t get enough of one of the side dishes, Mexican inspired street corn. It’s corn on the cob that’s slathered with a creamy chili and lime-based sauce and then sprinkled with cheese. It’s simply amazing and the best part is that it’s incredibly simple to make with the help of a little shortcut.

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Tacos Al Pastor

Celebrate with ALDI! Tacos al Pastor This post is sponsored by ALDI. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be. I recently hosted a Mexican inspired dinner party. A dinner party doesn’t have to be a big giant stressful affair. All you need is good food, good company and a little creativity. My secret is planning and prepping. I do as much work up front as I possibly can so that I can enjoy myself when it’s time to actually sit down for the meal. How did I pull this party together? That’s simple. ALDI. I’m able to get the quality ingredients that I need, at a price I can afford. I’m in and out of the store quickly and efficiently and on my way to party prep.

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Steak Three Ways

ALDI Steak This post is sponsored by ALDI.

We’re continuing our series on Getting to Know ALDI. What do I love about ALDI? That’s easy. Their selection of products and amazing prices, plus the fact that they’re different. They save me time and money every time I shop. From the minute you walk into the store you’re going to realize that they’re different too. Different is definitely a good thing. Good news is, you shouldn’t have to look too hard to find an ALDI near you. With 1600 stores in 35 states there’s bound to be one close to you. If you can’t tell, I’m already an ALDI fangirl and I’m confident y’all will be too. ALDI puts their money where their mouth is with not a single guarantee but a double guarantee. If for ANY reason you don’t like one of their exclusive food brands, they’ll refund your money AND replace the product. How’s that for confident? That’s what I call stress-free shopping.

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Pineapple Granitas

Pineapple Granitas Pineapple Granitas.

It’s getting hot already y’all and it’s not quite June. That tells me it’s going to be a sizzler of a summer. I’ll be looking for all kinds of ways to keep cool all while hoping my air conditioner doesn’t conk out on me. Since I don’t happen to have a pool with water misters, large polka dot umbrellas and giant doughnut floats to lounge around in an sip drinks while being misted (sigh, yes that was super specific) with giant black sunglasses, I’ll be making lots of frozen treats. Like these fresh pineapple granitas.

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