DIY Edible Holiday Gifts

DIY Edible Holiday GiftsDIY VANILLA EXTRACT – The baker on your list will appreciate this gift. I use my extract almost daily and make several bottles at a time so I never run out.

It’s almost here. Christmas is just a few days away. I still haven’t finished my shopping. I know. I know. Maybe some of y’all are in the same boat? Maybe. In comes DIY EDIBLE HOLIDAY GIFTS to rescue us. For not a lot of money and very little time involved you can make gifts that are sure to please the culinary enthusiasts on your lists. From Homemade Vanilla Extract to Homemade Amaretto to Infused Olive Oil we’ve got something to choose from to help you cross some names off your list. If you wanted to go even further you could even create gift baskets using your Edible Gift and create a theme around that gift.
DIY Edible Holiday Gifts
HOMEMADE BAKING MIX – No need for a boxed mix. This makes the perfect fluffy pancakes, with no added ingredients that you can’ t pronounce.

DIY Edible Holiday Gifts

HOMEMADE ITALIAN SEASONING MIX – You can tailor this spice blend to your taste buds. You’ll be surprised how often you grab this blend when cooking.

DIY Edible Holiday GiftsWHISKEY CARAMEL SAUCE – One of the most popular recipes on our site. You’ll want to eat this directly from a spoon, and drizzle it on all the things.

DIY Edible Holiday Gifts
HOMEMADE AMARETTO – For the cocktail connoisseur on your list. Although it gets better the longer it sits, you can make this and enjoy it the same day.

DIY Edible Holiday Gifts


DOU Edible Holiday Gifts
ROSEMARY INFUSED OLIVE OIL – great as a finishing oil or to quickly infuse flavor while you’re sauteing.

DIY Edible Holiday Gifts


DIY Edible Holiday Gifts
HOMEMADE VANILLA BEAN COFFEE CREAMER – For the coffee lover on your list. You could easily add a bag of their favorite coffee, and a mug for a thoughtful gift basket.

DIY Edible Holiday Gifts

SPICY DARK CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO ROASTED ALMONDS – Because you can never have enough snacks.

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