Momma’s Old Fashioned Whoopie Pies

Feb 05, 18 Momma’s Old Fashioned Whoopie Pies

momma's old fashioned whoopies pies on a silver cake plate topped with a birthday candle bottle of vanilla extract and flour sifterMomma’s Old Fashioned Whoopie Pies.

Who remembers Whoopie Pies? These are my Momma’s Old Fashioned Whoopie Pies and I could never resist these soft chocolate sandwich cookies filled with a layer of fluffy white frosting.

My Mom would make these for my sister and I for special occasions like our birthdays, sports events celebrations or because I would beg her to make them until she finally caved. Probably just to get me to zip it. Regardless, my eyes would always get as big as the whoopie pie when I saw them.

I came across her recipe while going through my treasured recipe box. All the memories flooded back. The smell, the way they tasted, her raised eyebrow when I would inevitably try to sneak one. It’s so incredible how food is intertwined with memories. I made a new memory when I made these to celebrate her birthday this year. I piled them up and topped the whole thing off with a candle a la a very nontraditional birthday cake. I cried the whole time, not gonna lie, but I’m glad I made them. They were just as delicious as I remembered.

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How To Make Bourbon Chicken

How to Make Bourbon Chicken over Sticky Rice #chicken #bourbon #bourbonchicken #stickyrice

No need to order take out. We’re going to show you How to Make a tangy sticky bourbon chicken meal at home.

I get obsessed with ordering certain foods when I go out. I’ll keep ordering them each time until I’ve eaten it so much I just can’t do it anymore. I know, quirky, but that’s me. When I like something I REALLY like something. In comes bourbon chicken. A few months ago I ordered bourbon chicken at one of my local pick up places. It was absolutely AMAZING the first time I ordered it.

Went back a second time, and eh not as good as I remembered. Was it them or did I build it up in my head? Who knows.  I ordered a third time and though it was pretty good it still wasn’t as I remembered. I decided I could make it as good as my taste buds remembered. After a half dozen goes around the skillet, I’m pretty tickled with my fake out take out bourbon chicken and I think you’ll be too.

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Instant Pot Turtle Cheesecake

Jan 22, 18 Instant Pot Turtle Cheesecake

Instant Pot Turtle Cheesecake #cheesecake #instantpot #instantpotrecipes #desserts #turtlecheesecake

Instant Pot Turtle Cheesecake. You need this in your life. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need a 7″ spring form pan to make this recipe. I tried 4 stores and couldn’t find that size locally so save yourself some time unless you live in a metropolis of bake ware stores and order it online. Gas is expensive. You’re welcome.

I have to admit, I have had my Instant Pot for over a year. I bought it on Black Friday because it was on a super sale and ERRYONE in the blogosphere was talking it up. I’ll admit, I was hesitant. Did I really NEED another gadget that would take up precious counter space. Would I even use it? Not to mention, the whole idea that pressure cooking kinda scared me.

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Momma’s Apple Pie

Dec 19, 17 Momma’s Apple Pie

Momma's Apple PieMomma’s Apple Pie.

For me, this is the end all to apple pie recipes. I’ve been eating this pie my entire life. It was served at just about every holiday get together, and if it wasn’t well you definitely heard about it. It doesn’t get any better than this recipe because as the title implies it’s my Momma’s recipe. It’s taken me almost two years to be able to make this again, it’s still not any easier but it’s helping.

If you like classic, homemade, rustic pies that are piled so high with filling you practically need a bowl to eat them, you’ll love this recipe. Not that eating pie in a bowl is a bad idea, because a la mode is the way to go if you ask me.

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How To Make Bourbon Balls

Dec 11, 17 How To Make Bourbon Balls

Bourbon Balls

Bourbon Balls.

Balls of bourbon-y goodness are what these are. Plain and simple. Depending on where you’re from in the country your version of bourbon balls might look a little different. i think there’s room for all the variations and I’m happy to taste them all. If you’d like to mail me some just drop me a message and I’ll get my address right over. Kidding. Kind of.

There was always some type of boozy ball treat at every holiday dessert table for as long as I can remember. Rum balls, vodka balls, liqueur balls and my favorite – bourbon balls. TThere was also inevitably one relative that over indulged thinking these were harmless. Um, yeah.

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Lemon Cranberry Bars with White Chocolate Drizzle

Dec 07, 17 Lemon Cranberry Bars with White Chocolate Drizzle

Lemon Cranberry Bars with White Chocolate Drizzle
Lemon Cranberry Bars with White Chocolate Drizzle. Brought to you in partnership with Dixie Crystals.

If you’re a fan of all things lemon like I am, you probably already love lemon bars and they don’t need an introduction into your lemon loving world. Well we’ve taken the classic shortbread bottomed treat and topped it with a few twists. Cranberry sauce. Yes, I said cranberry sauce. Just like you served up at Thanksgiving to compliment the turkey.

While fresh cranberries are still in season it’s the perfect time to mix up more of that tart of a side dish. Cranberry sauce isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore people. Oh no, go ahead and break that mindset. History wasn’t made by well behaved people now was it?

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How to Make Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Dec 04, 17 How to Make Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Dog Treats

How to Make Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats


We’re taking a little detour today and offering up a recipe for our fur friends.  While we have many cookie recipes for us, we didn’t have any posted here for our fur friends. Yes you can make dog treats yourselves right at home. I’m a dog person through and through. I’ve had dogs for as long and as far back as I can remember and I can’t imagine a time I won’t have one. Or two as the case is now.

On Thanksgiving we added another fur baby to the family. Her name is Tilly and she’s a German Shepherd. She’s 12 weeks old. She joins her 5 year old brother a beagle-hound mix that is the laziest lovable dog on the planet until that is, you open the back door. He’s been an only fur baby for the longest time so naturally he wasn’t thrilled at first sniff but he’s come around, as long as she keeps to her own food bowl I suspect they’ll be best buds. Right now I’ll settle for them being in the same room.

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How to Make a Holiday Simmer Pot

Dec 01, 17 How to Make a Holiday Simmer Pot

Simmer Pot

How to Make a Holiday Simmer Pot.

While we’re all thinking about gingerbread cookies, giant mugs of hot chocolate, wrapping presents and chair dancing to blaring holiday music (hello Mariah Carey Christmas – don’t act like that’s not the guilty pleasure holiday album of the century.) don’t overlook the power of scent this season. The nose knows.  There’s a reason that fresh Christmas trees and candles that smell like freshly baked holiday cookies are high on the must have scent list. A lot of those candles though are made using artificial scents.

We’ve got an alternative. A simmer pot is a clever, inexpensive and all-natural way to make your home smell amazing. It’s as easy as putting all of the ingredients into a saucepan, adding water and letting it SIMMER (hence simmer pot). Adding water as necessary (typically every 30 minutes or so). That’s all there is to it.

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Heavenly Hash

Nov 26, 17 Heavenly Hash

Heavenly HashHeavenly Hash. Made and brought to you in partnership with Dixie Crystals.

We’re throwing it way back with this one. Chances are if you had this your Grandma and/or Mom made it for you growing up around the holidays. You could’ve also stumbled across a recipe in an old church cookbook (you know what gems you can find in those.) Maybe your crazy Aunt (insert appropriate family name here) brought it to the holiday potluck.

However you were introduced to this dessert, we can all agree it’s pretty stinking delicious. Did I mention it’s also NO BAKE?

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Pan Fried Risotto Cakes

Nov 06, 17 Pan Fried Risotto Cakes

Pan Fried Risotto Cakes

This post is brought to you by Mirum . All opinions are my own.

Pan Fried Risotto Cakes.

I happen to love risotto in all it’s forms but there’s something incredibly decadent that happens when you take said risotto and turn it into pan fried risotto cakes. I’ve been known to make extra risotto just so I can turn it into risotto cakes or arancini. I like it that much. You’re already making a pot, why not double the recipe and have enough to make these bites of bliss the following day? It’s smart. It will save time. You’re welcome.

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Garlic Shrimp Risotto

Oct 25, 17 Garlic Shrimp Risotto

Garlic Shrimp RisottoThis post is brought to you by Mirum . All opinions are my own.

We’re all busy. Busy could be my middle name actually (that would mean my initials would be PBJ – lol) I’ve been so busy this year I can hardly believe it’s Fall. With Fall comes back to school for many and the beginning of holiday planning for all. Gasp, I just realized Thanksgiving is next month. With everything going on though, it’s important to still find time to enjoy tasty meals with your family. Dinner doesn’t have to be complicated, or mean you have to go through a drive thru. You can create easy weeknight recipes full of delicious flavor and real ingredients with the help of new Knorr Selects—Real ingredients. Real taste. They’re available at your local Food Lion in the rice aisle!

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Brioche Twist

Oct 23, 17 Salted Caramel Chocolate Brioche Twist

Salted Caramel Chocolate Brioche Twist

Salted Caramel Chocolate Brioche Twist. Made in partnership with Dixie Crystals.

I’m not sure if you would consider this breakfast or dessert. I say both. No matter what you categorize it, it’s delicious. This is an impressive loaf of brioche and that’s because of the gorgeous twist. Are you hearing Let’s Do The Twist in your head? Just me? Well if you’re not and you decide to make this it’ll show up then not to worry. The brioche twist isn’t difficult but it’s messy, not gonna lie.

This is a sweetened yeast dough. Yes, yeast. Don’t be nervous. It just means the dough needs to sit around and rise to the occasion.


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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oct 10, 17 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Cookies are going to be the end of my affinity for skinny jeans. They’re so cute and small tempting me. I tend to indulge, losing track of how many I’m actually eating. I don’t have any self control around desserts. Never had. Never will. I choose to focus on balance. Hence why I was having a green smoothie for dinner. It is what it is.

What these cookies are is what we’re here to talk about. They’re soft and chewy just the way I like my cookies. They’ve got just a hint of pumpkin in them with the added oomph of spice.  Pumpkin pie spice, because spice is nice.

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Spaghetti with Roasted Root Vegetables

Oct 09, 17 Spaghetti with Roasted Root Vegetables

This post is sponsored by Dreamfields.

Spaghetti with Roasted Root Vegetables

Spaghetti with Roasted Root Vegetables. It’s a dish you’ll be making all fall/winter long.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Dreamfields to create this dish for Healthy Pasta Month! What is that you ask? Dreamfields is celebrating the “Art of Pasta” with delicious recipes, exciting prizes and special events all month long! This week we’re celebrating nature’s beauty with delicious plant and veggie-based recipes! A botanical theme. The recipes are simple, tasty and nutritious – the perfect way to celebrate week two of #HealthyPastaMonth2017!

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Lobster Ravioli in Browned Butter Sauce

Sep 20, 17 Lobster Ravioli in Browned Butter Sauce

Parla Pasta

This post is brought to you by Parla Pasta. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be.

Lobster Ravioli in Browned Butter Sauce.

Y’all know how much I love pasta. LOVE pasta. When I was asked to partner with Parla to share my personal experience with their pastas it was an easy yes. I’m always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen without sacrificing quality. That is important to me. I was THRILLED to find out that not only are Parla pastas made in the USA from a family owned and operated company (right here in my great state of North Carolina) Parla pastas are made and filled with all-natural ingredients – ingredients that you can actually recognize and pronounce.

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Skillet Strawberry Cobbler

Sep 14, 17 Skillet Strawberry Cobbler

Skillet Strawberry CobblerSkillet Strawberry Cobbler.

I grew up eating cobblers. I am Southern as cheese grits after all. Every time of cobbler: peach, blackberry, cherry, blueberry, pineapple and you guessed it, strawberry. My Momma made the best cobbler I’ve ever had. EVER. As with all my cobblers, this recipe is based on the holy grail of cobblers to me, MOMMA’S PEACH COBBLER. She made her cobblers in cast iron skillets (Two – small/medium skillets or One- large skillet) so being the good Southern girl that I am, I do too. They’ll outlast us all. Mine were proudly passed down to me and are loved and used on a very regular basis.

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French Onion Soup

Sep 11, 17 French Onion Soup


French Onion SoupFrench Onion Soup.

Labor Day has come and gone and with it go the dog days of summer. Ready or not, Fall is here. I have to admit, I’m not thrilled. I’m a spring and summer kinda girl. I don’t like cold weather and I know it’s just around the corner once Fall comes a knockin’. If I could stay in shorts and flip flops all year I would. Other than packing up and moving to a tropical location there’s really not much I can do about that. I do like warm, comforting fall/winter foods so there is a sliver of a silver lining for me.

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Chocolate Bourbon Mousse

Chocolate Bourbon MousseChocolate. Bourbon. Mousse.

I’m all about dessert. I’d be okay eating dessert first and on occasion as my only course. I realize that’s not a great idea but sometimes you just wanna eat the damn dessert. Here’s the thing though, I don’t like to spend a ton of time making said desserts. Something that I can throw together in the morning or early afternoon and let it set up until I’m ready to eat it later in the day is a winner winner mousse jar get in my mouth winner. Clearly I shouldn’t write any songs, but I can make a mean sauced up chocolate mousse.

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No Bake Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake

No Bake Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake
Frands, this is the easiest cheesecake you can possibly make. I know it’s a bold statement, I’m a bold kinda girl after all, but it’s true. It’s NO BAKE. No baking involved. Crushing and mixing. You can do that, right? The hardest part is a toss up between waiting on the cream cheese coming to room temperature OR waiting on the cheesecake to set up. I would argue that you COULD eat it without actually chilling the cheesecake if you’re impatient. I am impatient. I know my weaknesses. So for me, the hardest part would be waiting on the cream cheese. Either way, it’s still easy peasy to pull this baby together and did I mention it’s NO BAKE?

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Pina Colada Sorbet

Jul 01, 17 Pina Colada Sorbet

Pina Colada Sorbet Pina Colada Sorbet.

I’m having all the pineapple feels right now. Have you seen the PINEAPPLE GRANITAS we shared a little while back yet? They’re pretty awesome. Like 3 ingredient awesome. That’s right THREE ingredients. They’re light, refreshing and perfect all summer long. What’s even better than that you ask? Turning them into Pina Colada Sorbet with just a few additional ingredients, including rum, because you can’t have a pina colada without rum can ya.

Y’all thought I was going to say bourbon didn’t you? It’s understandable, but you know you need rum for Pina Coladas. Paper umbrellas are optional. Also optional is singing “If you like Pina Coladas”. It was stuck in my head so it’s only fair it’s stuck in your head now as well. I’m a giver, what can I say. I don’t however like getting caught in the rain, especially if I’m on my motorcycle. That hurts y’all.

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